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The Offspring Gone Away

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The Offspring Gone Away

  • Eviscerated Offspring - Dying Fetus
    "Immortal Gods Of Life, Cast Into Waves, Bleed For The Maker, Drowning In His Faith, No Ressurection, Crush The Lifeless Spawn, Preview Of Tomorrow, Dying Dead, Already Gone, Without Face Or Features, The"
  • Offspring - Del The Funky Homosapien
    "(Del) Aiyyo whattup El-P? (El) Yo whattup Del-phonic? (Del) Nuthin man; I was on the bus the other day man tryin to listen to my Walkman This motherf**ker all in my face Tryin to holla at me and shit I'm"
  • Offspring - Company Flow
    "(del) aiyyo whattup el-p? (el) yo whattup del-phonic? (del) nuthin man; I was on the bus the other day man Tryin to listen to my walkman This motherf**ker all in my face Tryin to holla at me and shit I'm"
  • Gone Away - The Offspring
    "Maybe in another life I could find you there Pulled away before your time I can't deal it's so unfair And it feels And it feels like Heaven's so far away And it feels Yeah it feels like The world has"
  • Beheaded- Offspring - Polaris
    "Mommy doesn't have a head any more Keep it underneath my bed on the floor Well that's alright, that's OK She never really used her head anyway Daddy called me a silly bore Bet he won't say that any more Because"
  • The Quiet Offspring - Green Carnation
    "A choice were made and it came clear to me The quiet offspring fucked it up again So I was brought up on the sunny side Got into fake from day one But I knew better then the rest of them Don't count the"
  • Gone Away - Social Code
    "Today's another day Not missing you Now I see it From a different point of view It's over now You're just a face in the crowd (Chorus) Gone gone away I've wasted so much time on you Good bye it's time"
  • Gone Away - Binocular
    "i step outside and take the cold in like a pill then i wake up and dream it was a dream i dreamt that old house stuck up on a hill somewhere makes me cry out loud and wipe away the tears again how"
  • Gone Away - Cold
    "Do you pray In the night Can you appreciate the wind And I won't care I won't fight I need you close to sing It's the same beginning Gone away It's the same old, same old song Gone away It's my whole life In"
  • Gone Away - Ziggy Marley
    "Our existence today Mean so much for tomorrow I'll always be there for you Share your joys on top of your sorrows But I will no longer live this life in the flesh To the lust of man but to the will of"
  • Gone Away - July For Kings
    "Tell me why you're so blind I've given everything to her take a minute to losen the line of your tiresome sting of this tiresome sting Don't be so quick to judge my ways cause everything will gel with"
  • Gone Away - Edna's Goldfish
    "Where did my friends go? They went so far away I asked them why but they said they could not stay But when they came back I noticed that my friends had changed I was up so high with my feelings but"
  • Gone Away - My Brightest Diamond
    "Far away you've gone, and left me here So cold without you, so lonely dear May June July I count the time Every minute I go takes the smell of your clothes further away 'Cause you've gone away Where there"
  • Gone Away - Hilary Duff
    "hes gone gone away, hes up in heaven and he's gonna stay hes not coming back not even to say hello look up in the sky and he will show. he's the one that made me strong and hes the one that made me belong. now"
  • Gone Away - AM
    "I sit around Nothing's the same I'm looking for answers But I'm already late You say you need me One more night Then you're packing your bags Saying it's alright I don't know why I wait and I wait I'm"
  • Gone Away - SafetySuit
    "I think about life, and oh how it changes so fast And oh how it's so hard to last here waiting for something to give I think about time, a luxury so hard to find And I just can't figure out why I wasted"
  • Gone away - Massari
    "Its on my mind to sit around and think about it you know i like you so i'm gonna sing about it i put my love inside you and you dream about it and now i need your loving dont wanna be without it day and"
  • Gone Away - Seven Mary Three
    "It's not the clothes that she borrows just call me out - you know I'll follow Back thru the backdoor into June Luck will sleep the October June Sometimes in deep thought I'm 31 she's wanting kids sounds"
  • Gone Away - Adem
    "Wherever you've gone it's the same to me Be it ocean or London - wherever you call home. All dressed up in your finery You'll take what you can again And every love I've ever had With envy and vanity Has"
  • All Gone Away - The Style Council
    "The wind blows whispers down the street, Having free reign with the town so bleak - Like everything else it's - all gone away. The Town Hall clock gives forth its chime, For no-one there to ask the time"

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