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The Offspring No Brakes

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The Offspring No Brakes

  • Offspring - Del The Funky Homosapien
    "(Del) Aiyyo whattup El-P? (El) Yo whattup Del-phonic? (Del) Nuthin man; I was on the bus the other day man tryin to listen to my Walkman This motherf**ker all in my face Tryin to holla at me and shit I'm"
  • Offspring - Company Flow
    "(del) aiyyo whattup el-p? (el) yo whattup del-phonic? (del) nuthin man; I was on the bus the other day man Tryin to listen to my walkman This motherf**ker all in my face Tryin to holla at me and shit I'm"
  • No Brakes - The Offspring
    "Lay awake I don't give a shit If I even ever wake up in the morning Down below There's a pile of sin Always waiting for a Waiting for a warning Burned at the stake Inside I'm blistering Not a whisper Looking"
  • Brakes - De La Soul
    "There's a lot of people out here Who just don't know What plays a factor In movin' heads and toes It be them hits Hangin' out of them stereo kits Whether cassette radio or cd bits Mix tapes from the best Going"
  • Eviscerated Offspring - Dying Fetus
    "Immortal Gods Of Life, Cast Into Waves, Bleed For The Maker, Drowning In His Faith, No Ressurection, Crush The Lifeless Spawn, Preview Of Tomorrow, Dying Dead, Already Gone, Without Face Or Features, The"
  • No Brakes - The Bravery
    "No brakes this time I slit the line But if you want me, it's cool You can take me for a fool I could slow down if you want me to But just for you Carry me home, put me to bed Leave me alone, it's all"
  • No Brakes - John Waite
    "I can't take you to the movies And I can't tell the real thing From a fake But I'm curled up tight In your Chevrolet And baby you got wow You've got what it takes You've got no brakes I can't take you"
  • No Brakes - Ty Herndon
    "We won't know where we're going til we get there But baby you can dream while I drive Just tell me you'd go with me anywhere Take my hand and we'll wave goodbye Chorus As this engine whines across"
  • The Brakes - Agnes Carlsson
    "we're driving 90 miles an hour (i think it's, gone too far) and i don't see any light (at the end, of the road) and all the windows are coming down (let it go) no one's around right now but it's alright,"
  • Bad Brakes - Cat Stevens
    "Bad brakes whole car shakes Looks like i'm heading for a breakdown Black smoke engine beginning to choke I must be heading for a breakdown I pulled up for a mouth of coca-cola Down at Samuel's cafe Saw"
  • Brakes - Royworld
    "RAKES. When I was a boy, I saw the light, sold it to you. and all, I wanted to say, I wish you were here, I wish you would rain down. I'm hearing alarms, ring in my ears, I'm calling the sound out. The"
  • Pump The Brakes - Refused
    "Genocide on genocide - destroyed knowledge crushed pride. Lost culture to civilization - reduced, abused beyond dignity. Contemptation, exploitation - ring the bell of information. Blocked the truth convincing,"
  • Pump The Brakes - Randy
    "genocide on genocide - destroyed knowledge crushed pride lost culture to civilization - reduced abused beyond dignity contemplation exploitation - ring the bell of information blocked the truth convincing,"
  • Riding The Brakes - Aslyn
    "Forgive me, I didn't give you the benefit You gave me no reason not to believe you Well I don't and I don't know why Why I did what I did Something in that must have moved me I tried real hard to figure"
  • Broke The Brakes - Vaux
    "I made the field and the wall And I will watch it grow. Till towers crumble and fall And waters no longer flow. It's always now, and time can't be cheated. Condemned to the past just to repeat it. It's"
  • Beheaded- Offspring - Polaris
    "Mommy doesn't have a head any more Keep it underneath my bed on the floor Well that's alright, that's OK She never really used her head anyway Daddy called me a silly bore Bet he won't say that any more Because"
  • Pump Ya Brakes - Snoop Dogg
    "Snoop Dogg, Big Will Ay lil' homey you need to {*"pump ya brakes"*} Real talk, we came to have a good time We ain't got all that time for all that Man homey look {*"pump ya brakes"*} Now slide right, and"
  • Pump Ya Brakes - Will Smith
    "All this excess stress I can't take it Slow that thing down, pump ya brakes kid Why you gotta be all up in her face kid? The ABS will get you numbers & the name kid I mean really, houndin' ol' girl, was"
  • The Quiet Offspring - Green Carnation
    "A choice were made and it came clear to me The quiet offspring fucked it up again So I was brought up on the sunny side Got into fake from day one But I knew better then the rest of them Don't count the"
  • When I Hit The Brakes - Admiral Twin
    "(lyrics: Becker) I should have known by the look on your face when you climbed in the car where you wanted to go. Rumors I'd heard no longer ignored You opened your mouth but before you could speak I"

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