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The Omen

Wykonawcy (2037)

The Omen

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The Omen
  • The Prodigy Omen
    "Its an OmenNow!Now!The writings on the wallIt wont go awayIts an OmenIts an OmenIts an OmenNow!The writings on the wallIt wont go awayIts an OmenYou just run on automationNow! Now!Now!The writings on the"
  • Prodigy Omen
    "It's an Omen Now! Now! The writing's on a wall It won't go away It's an Omen It's an Omen It's an Omen Now! The writing's on a wall It won't go away It's an Omen You just run out of automation Now! Now! Now! The"
  • Nightrage Omen
    "Every day, every hour, every moment. Why don't you say something? The surface politeness, these are the faults that can't be remedied. Is it joy or sorrow? Human beings are made to destroy each other. "
  • Lead Weight Omen
    "Red Slayer think he slays Or the Slain think he's slain They know well the subtle ways I keep and pass...... Strong Gods pine for me Pine in vain the sacred Seven But thou, lover of good Find me and"
  • Kaja Czulewicz Omen
    "You can watch me stack mine all the way to the ceiling/ I don’t always get it legally, but I don’t ever get it stealing/ That’s for the government and the corporate criminal/ They see ya getting paper"
  • Atrocity Omen
    ""... When the divine portion began to fade away, and became diluted too often and too much with the mortal admixture, and the human nature got the upper hand, they then, being unable to bear their fortune,"
  • Norther Omen
    "Remember you used to stand by my side But since you've been gone I've been lost inside I feel I've lost the light of my life It feels so empty and cold inside And tonight my head is filled with memories Broken"
  • DMX The Omen
    "(You, right here shorty, told you, I got you Like the way I scooped you, when those fagget niggaz shot you? I'ma hold you down, and I mean that, for real) But everytime you beef with a nigga, I end"
  • Ben Harper Amen Omen
    "What started as a whisper, Slowly turned in to a scream. Searching for an answer Where the question is unseen. I don't know where you came from And I dont know where you've gone. Old friends become old"
  • Mysterious Art Das Omen
    "You get eternity Tremendous extasy That's what you get from me You will call me when you fear It's just a simple deal That you won't even feel With blood you seal this easy and simple deal"
  • Dj Valium Omen 3
    "Show me the light show me the light show me the light and make it right show me the light show me the light just make it right right by my sideon and on the time we had on and on the sing you said on and"
  • Magic Affair Omen Iii
    "Show you where Show you where Show you where Do what you want, but think about the omen A vision in your mind will lead your way Go where you want, but don't forget the omen A light at your side will"
  • Abrasive Wheels Sonic Omen
    "The kids have the power in their hands To venture out across the lands Guitars loud and voices proud No-one can crush the wall of sound Rebels armed with song and verse Their destiny to scour the earth Communicating"
  • Megadeth Bad Omen
    "Down fell the stars, as they Splashed into the sea. "Mi nomine Baphomet", Come dance with me. Sacrifice the virgins, Spiritual rites. Their master's time has come, The moon is full tonight. Drinking,"
  • Skinny Puppy Tin omen
    "Every truncheon hit misguided the peoples army divided united stance amped out war dance what a ride inner thought of non violent rebellion outside dare to die stand and fight show faith return all the"
  • Dysrider Bury the Omen
    "Bury, bury, bury the omen Confront, confront your burden Never, never, never stay silent We are one and we can’t – fall down A dark belief will always feed the silence Suffer life behind your fence Die"
  • Zonaria The Black Omen
    "When the world is descending I can feel their hatred growing stronger The pain is rising in my soul The never-ending pain Feels like I've been here before I can hear a whisper Something is about to begin But"
  • Fairyland A Dark Omen
    "Death followed his path when first he came the coldness of his mind was that of steel desease was his fortune, chaos his name his words disillusions, for blood he came The world was in terror, plague"
  • Cadaveria Omen Of Delirium
    "Disciples of obsolete and unthinkable commerce scrawled in Etruscan language Dependents on not yet synthesized drugs People of the black market of the third world war Practicing absurd telepathic sensitivities Obstetricians"
  • King Krule Alone, Omen 3
    "take a dip dear love take your time take a ticket take the train to the end of the lne see where you can go expend it it’s plastic do or die but flip it think about it you’ll do just fine, girl these"

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