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The Orb Hymns To The Sun ft. David Gilmour

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The Orb Hymns To The Sun ft. David Gilmour

  • Battle Hymns - The Nightwatchman
    "Battle hymns for the broken Battle hymns for the misled Battle hymns for the wretched The forgotten and the dead Battle hymns of redemption Of solidarity and pride Battle hymns we will be singing At the"
  • Bedroom Hymns - Florence & The Machine
    "This is as good a place to fall as any We'll build our alter here Make me your Maria I'm already on my knees You had Jesus on your breath And I caught him in mine Sweating our confessions The undone and"
  • Old Church Hymns - Waylon Jennings
    "Verse 1: A D A E A Blow on you restless wind, up to your old tricks again. A E A E A "
  • Battle Hymns - Manowar
    "By moonlight we ride ten thousands side by side With swords drawn held high our whips and armour shine Hail to thee our infantry still brave beyond the grave All sworn the eternal vow the time to strike"
  • Transformation Hymns - Pale Forest
    "Peeling off her coat again winter turns and goes to rest Birds encircle treetops green summer brings the final test Sunshine bring me transformation Shedding skin you live my friend plunged into"
  • Orb Of Man - Keep Of Kalessin
    "Walking the dying orb of man An empty path , blinded: fear Unable to speak the tongue of wrath Deaf to words not spoken in crowd Nameless centuries Still underneath I am so alien to you Shut were those"
  • The Orb Of Uncreation - Kataklysm
    "The Orb Of Uncreation!... For light years, the sphere of beauty travels the lives, in it=B9s = void drained behind for unknown spaces the sphere. I=B9m coming to fulfill your needs, I=B9m here to satisfy"
  • Inner Ninja (ft. David Myles) - Classified
    "Ninja? You're a ninja? Get out of here, you're a ninja! Yes, I am a ninja. I read the rules before I broke 'em I broke the chains before they choked me out Now I pay close attention Really learn"
  • David - Nellie McKay
    "look at you you're young havin' so much fun gonna be a star blah blah blah and click there goes the phone I don't wanna know what my horoscope's predicting just pour me a drink cuz I need a kick I"
  • David - Noah Gundersen
    "I keep kicking at the curb with my worn out shoes I keep running into strangers that say i know you I don't want to be a proud man, I just want to be a man a little less like my father and more like"
  • David - Russell Crowe & 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts
    "(Crowe/Cochran/Adam/Kelly) How many people have the same name? How many Davids do you know? What's the measurement on thinking the same thing What's the chance they'd ever know What's the chance they'd"
  • Hymns To The Silence - Van Morrison
    "Oh my dear, oh my dear sweet love Oh my dear, oh my dear sweet love When I'm away from you, when I'm away from you Well I feel, yeah, well I feel so sad and blue Well I feel, well I feel so sad and blue Oh"
  • Hymns To The Stone - Acrimony
    "Goddess, she brought from afar A race of proud people from a blue star. They came to this planet a long time ago, and on their new world they worshipped the stone Hear the chants of the Celts Drifting"
  • Fat Old Sun - David Gilmour
    "(Gilmour) When that fat old sun in the sky is falling, Summer evening birds are calling. Summer's thunder time of year, The sound of music in my ears. Distant bells, New mown grass smells so sweet. By"
  • David Courtney - Rancid
    "Yeeeeeah, all you motherfuckers, criminals will be suckers, If you don't step aside for David Courtney, Well, all you motherfuckers, criminals will be suckers, If you don't step aside for David Courtney!"
  • David Rose - Clutch
    "Old John Brown left Kansas before the blood had dried And as he rode his head did shine like the sun in mid-July. In a tiny farm house by Brunswick piano He warmed his boots by the fireplace and read"
  • Hymns Of Misery - 122 Stab Wounds
    "Chant The Hymns of Misery Violence Reach Out of Your Hand Arousing Feelings In My Head Innocence Amongst The Dead In A Fraction of A Second I Desolve The Serpent Lover Conform To Violence On your Knees,"
  • Hymns Of Conquest - Arghoslent
    "Subversion of the wild and Wicked ways of the untamed Legendary providence of breeding warriors Chests bedecked in metals Looted from savage lands Our eyes squint; we sail into the sun I exalt my creed"
  • Hymns For The Heathen - Cursive
    "Night has draped its cape of stars Over our small town From the campus to the tavern To the chapel and infirmary We've seen their dreams We've found the guilt the fables, and folly of residents residing"
  • Ghetto Hymns (The Introduction) - Dave Hollister
    "*dj scratches* La-la-la-la-ladies La-la-la-la-ladies La-la-la-la-ladies and... La-la-la-la-ladies and gentlemen La-la-la-la-ladies La-la-la-la-ladies and gentlemen La-la-la-la-ladies (ladies), ha! La-la-la-la-ladies"

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