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The Roots Birthday Girl

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The Roots Birthday Girl

  • Birthday Girl - The Roots
    "What is it we want to do Now that Im allowed to be alone with you Birthday girl, its your birthday. Wherever you want to go Now youre old enough to go and see the R rated show now, R rated show Yo she"
  • Birthday Girl - Trembling Blue Stars
    "You're far from me Somewhere I can't reach I'm hearing words From a lonely galaxy Faced with your sorrow I'm feeling, I feel so Helpless for I don't know How to make you happy How to make you happy You're"
  • Birthday - Katy Perry
    "I hurt your feeling, nothing's going bright Why don't you let me stop the vibe The clock is ticking, running out of time So we should party, all night So cover your eyes, I have a surprise I hope you got"
  • Birthday - Timbaland & Magoo
    "(feat. Playa) Oahahohhhhhhhh Happy birthday baby Baby, baby, baby Girl when you're with me, you know we ball For sure And baby every time I have a ball With you So I made reservations for, this special"
  • Birthday - Timbaland
    "(Playa) Oahahohhhhhhhh Happy birthday baby Baby, baby, baby Girl when you're with me, you know we ball For sure And baby every time I have a ball With you So I made reservations for, this special day Baby Baby"
  • Roots radicals - Rancid
    "Took the 60 bus out of downtown Cambell Ben Zandito he was on there he was waitin' for me All the punk rockers and the moon stompers are out on the corners Where they sparing for change I started thinkin'"
  • Happy Birthday Girl - Sondre Lerche
    "Looking for something to pass on through Searching for something to say to you Even though everything has been said Somehow there's still something left to add And while the satellite's asleep Somewhere"
  • Roots - Bob Marley & The Wailers
    "Root, natty, roots; dread, kinky, dread IandI are the roots Some are leaf (shoo-be-doo) Some are branches (shoo-be-doo) IandI are the roots Some are dry wood (shoo-be-doo) For the fire (shoo-be-doo) Whyo,"
  • Roots - Bob Marley
    "Roots Natty roots Dread Binghi dread I and I are the roots Some are the dry wood Fe catch up the fire Whoa, Lo ok at that They need some dry wood To cook up the raw food Whoa, look at that I got to survive Inna"
  • Roots - Imagine Dragons
    "Don’t throw stones at me Don’t tell anybody Trouble finds me, All the noise of this Has made me lose my belief I’m going back to my roots Another day, another door Another high, another low Rock bottom,"
  • Roots - Perkele
    "I remember when i was a kid and all the fun that we had also the days of sorrow also the days of pain it has formed me to the one i am it gave me a lot of strength try to remember look back in time don't"
  • Roots - Incognito
    "(J.P. Maunick) Living in a world, where everything demands understanding We try and find a way, through the places and spaces in the game We spend a long time running from ourselves Before we can discover"
  • Roots - Nathan Hamilton
    "I first saw her on a Sunday at a picnic after church She offered me a Sarsaparilla The sweetest drink to quench my thirst We were to wed down by the water Where I planned to pledge her my love I had a"
  • Roots - Spunge
    "Hey!!!! You're the kid from down the street The one we used to greet And we're glad that it turned out good We're pleased that you've done well But maybe you could tell Us, in person, like real"
  • Roots - Devendra Banhart
    "When the roots of the tree are as cold as can be When the wind and the sea are the moth and the bee When the rays of the sun lick your skin with its tongue, And the grass with its green And the grass with"
  • Roots - UVERworld
    "itsu datte aide sukuwa re ta jijitsu o hito wa wasure rare nainda Spiral galaxy yo outou seyo hito wa kako o ikiru mono de wa naku sugosu jikan ga mijikaku tomo gyoushuku no toki no naka manabu beki koto"
  • Birthday Gal - The Replacements
    "Wax is dripping from the frosting on the cake Come on girl, buckle up, and don't hesitate Take a deep breath and blow 'em all away We sang off-key and all the dishes china-blue Remember, don't tell a"
  • Birthday Special - Peter Hammill
    "I've got something to say, and it ain't the usual sort of sob-story that you hear every day. I've got something to ask, and I know that now's the time, now all the rooms of the party are dark. Proffer"
  • Roots Of Creation - Sublime
    "One two three four! Pull up here honey, if ya got a pussy Shake your ass like your ready to sing Something muy high Something muy low When me ready limo then they follow me home like a Roots of creation I"
  • Birthday Sex - Jeremih
    "It's yo birthday so I kno you want to ri-I-ide out Even if we only go to my-I-I house Sip moeezey as we sit up on my-I-I couch Feels good but I know you want to cry-I-I out You say you want passion I think"

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