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The Sensual World

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The Sensual World

  • The Sensual World - Kate Bush
    "Mmh, yes, Then I'd taken the kiss of seedcake back from his mouth Going deep South, go down, mmh, yes, Took six big wheels and rolled our bodies Off of Howth Head and into the flesh, mmh, yes, He said"
  • Sensual Sickness - Decapitated
    "Blind is the euphoria of the crowd Staring at themselves from inside And observing the succeeding patterns Of the world that spirals downwards. I sense! Tangible phantasm It causes human pride to swell"
  • Sensual Seduction - Snoop Dogg
    "Im gonna take my time! She gon' get hers before I... Im gonna take it slow... ow... oo... ow Im not gonna rush to stroll, so she can get a... Sensual seduction-duction so I can get a... Sensual seduction-duction"
  • Sensual Seduction - Snoop Doggy Dogg
    "Im gonna take my time! She gon' get hers before I... Im gonna take it slow... ow... oo... ow Im not gonna rush to stroll, so she can get a... Sensual seduction-duction so I can get a... Sensual seduction-duction"
  • My Sensual Love - Andru Donalds
    "SPOKEN : Hey, listen - You gotta have sensuality Before you have sexuality You think you got it? C'mon and show me (ad lib) Love you in the morning, morning (2 times) I thought I'd keep you guessing"
  • Sensual warrior - Amiel
    "Sex appeal ooh we are sensual warriors (come together now. come together now) Exotic, wild a heart that's broke wrapped in ecstasy in darkness, in hope no guilt for dreaming i've found it here earthly"
  • Beyond Sensual - Dies Irae
    "The inexorable aim Aim of illumination Veryfication of theories On different levels Engaged Entirely beyond sensual Without consolation In half way Mode is direct Uncertain of significance Lost amongst Gaping"
  • Sensual Nothing - Ashbury Heights
    "They say we'd be an awkward fit I'd talk too much and you'd get sick of it Inside you're quite a whiz And that's really not my biz But they'll see I've been watching you for so long There's no way my love"
  • Sensual man - Eternal
    "One more day Too much headache Oh no more wait This life's no party baby Never too late For new beginnings I can't stay nobody winning baby I can't accept the way you treatin' me lately Got no respect"
  • Cuerpo sensual - Rakim y Ken Y
    "The Royalty Pina Records (la realeza , el rey) Cuerpo sensual dulce mirada Que me invita a pecar (Rakim y Ken y) y yo me dejo llevar No aguanto ms (la realeza) Estoy loco por sentir tu cuerpo (No te confundas"
  • My Sensual Mind - Anggun
    "Am I looking? Merging, emerging was so lonely sometimes Completely inside Am I living? Breath in, breath out, the fever rises From my feet to my eyes Do I see you? So clear, tonight, slowly but sure Shadows"
  • Liso, Sensual - RBD
    "Dulce} Lo v llegar, jams v un nińo tan ms cuero, {Mayte} lo vi pasar, ante mis ojos como un sueńo {Anahi} pero lo perdi al instante, entre tanto despapaye, solo puedo recordar su pelo liso y sensual."
  • Estrela Sensual - Guilherme Arantes
    "Eu me apaixonei Sem sequer pensar Em me guardar De voc Foi tudo sem querer Como sempre Ningum pode prever Eu nem buscava algum Afim de repartir Uma iluso Ansiedade Só um pouquinho de paz E agora Viver"
  • Rock The World - Third World
    "(chorus) Lets rock the world with music give Jah creation this love When I Iook around oh Jah the world is up side down; if tears could fill your eyes we'd be drowning, so many Questions"
  • Dead World - Dead World
    "A world of lies In the shadow of ignorance Veil of darkness Mankind shall fall Putrid decay Of a slowly dying world (death/the) sentence Known between from nature Humanity will crumble Death becomes"
  • Mad World - Mad World
    "All around me are familiar faces, Worn out places, Worn out faces, Bright and early for the daily races, Going nowhere, Going nowhere, Their tears are filling up their glasses, No expression, No expression, Hide"
  • World - The Pharcyde
    "(Hispanic Woman) What the world needs is true expression From the soul and the heart What the world needs is you and me What the world needs is the universe and love Please remain seated (Slimkid3) People"
  • Tell The World - World Wide Message Tribe
    "I will not be afraid to tell the world about Jesus Christ For it was Him who died, shed his blood for me So I could have eternal life, Because I love him I'll tell everybody that he's coming back again"
  • Mad at the World - Mad At The World
    "All the children that we used to know Holding knives at their wrists and their throats "Holy Savior, can You still be found?" Is there hope for the human race left to be found? Human passion is all we"
  • World - Ministry
    "The time is right for decision The time is right for those with something to say This is the world I envision The type of world where people aren't afraid What in the world have we done What in the world... The"

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