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The Soft Boys

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The Soft Boys

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The Soft Boys
  • Soft Boys Give It To The Soft Boys
    "Feel like asking a tree for an autograph And I feel like making love to a photograph Photographs don't smell Yeah - Give it to the Soft Boys Soft Boys Well I told you baby I was the only one Then I left"
  • Moby Soft
    "I know whats in me I know what goes on in me Know it's time to stop I alone for ever I feel it soft In my hands So soft So soft And I can sit through the door Watching mine Watching the sign I know it's"
  • Refused Soft
    "To much degredations, I'm going to tell the truth I'm going to spit it out, bring it out, twist the chords to much bullshit inflicted, to many stories told I'm fed up with lies, I'm just so fed up,"
  • Sense Field Soft
    "it wouldn't be anything to me if you want it to want it to take apart the picture and the end go ahead now I cannot see how it all relates to me if you want it to take apart the picture and the end"
  • Kings Of Leon Soft
    "I used to see you every day used to see you every day I danced around your folk and soul i danced to all your fucking soul i left you with your nose a bleedin' and your toes a creepin' around ahhh so mundane"
  • Second Coming Soft
    "I live to fly on a natural high My love is growing softly to the sky The lovers hors'audourves for the Evening to come The camera still runs and we see you I was soft for the first time Now content to"
  • Lemon Jelly Soft
    "Lemon Jelly - Soft Hello again, On another monday morning, I have come to realize in recent years, That there are times, Where there is only one word, In which I can express my faith... Oooh Oooh"
  • Robots In Disguise Boys
    "Let us celebrate the foreign glamour of boys Their allure is left unexplained Their features and form alien to girls as described by girls Scant chance for us to consume the beauty of the male body for"
  • Farmer's Boys Soft Drink
    "I'm in need of something refreshing Think I need a soft drink Think I need something to calm me down, I get in a state Can't seem to cope with mixing my drink and work these days I'm going down, drown"
  • Saint Etienne Soft Like Me
    "'''Wildflower''' Soft like wildflowers by rivers and streams Thoughts washing over me like the stuff of my dreams And I see it coming true We'll be soft like you We'll be soft like you '''Sarah''' Hey Do"
  • The Killers Soft Surrender
    "A police car was outside your house today I havent seen you in a couple of days They knocked on your door and then they went away Your mother looked scared, but she didnt cry She didnt cry On one"
  • Mott The Hoople Soft Ground
    "(Verden Allen) Too many people about Telling me what to do with myself It's hard to get around Walking on soft soft ground Well they can say what they feel Cause I'm completely foreign I know it's clear It's"
  • The Pink Spiders Soft Smoke
    "Caught the green line down at Bleeker and Broad And now it's dropping down to thirty below I can't feel my toes, but baby I'm on fire We'll sleep in subways, we'll spend time in cafes These pretty girls"
  • The Jesus Lizard Soft Damage
    "She was eager but a bit afraid Like a fish she squirmed around She had to tell herself to try to settle down But as the crowd poured in She was overwhelmed by them She asked herself which one of these"
  • The Legendary Pink Dots Soft Toy
    "I'll not let them touch you dear, it's a wicked world out there Crawl inside my pocket, dear, we'll hide behind the chair The tinfoil's up, the chain is strung The phone's unplugged, the TV's on and blasting If"
  • Everything But The Girl Soft Touch
    "There's a brown shirt swapped for a thin blue tie There's a black truth swapped for a thin blue lie There's a slim man sporting a clean cut dream There's a slim man courting a wide extreme There's a fly-blown"
  • Hank Thompson Soft Lips
    "Soft lips that feel so divine soft lips pressed close to mine The thrill of your kiss is heavenly blessed Your tender caress I could never express Soft lips I love you so soft lips don't ever go My heart"
  • Paul Simon Soft Parachutes
    "Soft parachutes Fourth of July Villages burning Returning The bodies all laid in a line Like soft parachutes Last year as a senior In Emerson High school I had me a girlfriend We used to get high Now"
  • Kate Bush So Soft
    "Held in your arms in the back seat, Cruising down the main street, How can anyone have such little defense? You're soft. In between the sheets, left in limbo, Covered me like the pillow I can hardly"
  • Color Me Badd Soft N
    "oh~ Soft N' Easy Smooth and mellow baby, Is the way were gunna' go. ( I am talkin' to you sweetheart) I'm gonnin' give you all you need sugar. Coz' I know... I know... You can have your way Sweet baby while"

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