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The Song of the SwordDancer

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The Song of the SwordDancer

  • The Song - School Of Rock
    "Baby we was makin' straight A's but we was stuck in a dumb days Don't take much to memorize your lies, feels like i've been hypnotised, and then that magic man, he came to town, whoo wee, he done spun"
  • Song of the ocean - The Brothers
    "You, in the ocean you're changing my devotion with the silence of your waves You , you in the ocean you 're taking my emotion with the darkness of your eyes You, riding on the sun I wouldn't change you"
  • Song Of The Corn - The Coral
    "Out in the field when the first has been born Folks sing a song, song of the corn Late in the day when the secrets are sworn Folks tell a tale, tale of the corn I heard a commotion one late afternoon Someone"
  • Song Of The Sun - The Hollies
    "Head into the sun you ain't the only one To miss the last train back to your life Head into the sun all that the night has done Will fade if you hang on really tight There's always reasons for runnin'"
  • Song Of The Flesh - The Black Crowes
    "Written by: R. Robinson & C. Robinson Curse the wicked whisper here in this ear Make my honey Grind that salt before the rains come this year Make it all muddy So now you have called And now you want"
  • Turkish Song Of The Damned - The Pogues
    "(Shane MacGowan / Jem Finer) I come old friend from hell tonight Across the rotting sea Nor the nails of the Cross Nor the blood of Christ Can bring you help this eve The dead have come to Claim a debt"
  • Battle Of The Bands Song - School Of Rock
    "Baby we were makin straight A's, but we were stuck in a dumb daze, Don't take much to memorise your lies, Feel like I've been hypnoticised. And then that magic man, he came to town, Woo-wee! he done spun"
  • The Pez Song - The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches
    "I've had a bad week, its a bad bad world. No friends, cash, success, still no girl. New life's what I think I need. Made a mistake that I can't change or fix it up. Life's bad and strange. I know just"
  • The Song Of The Tomb - Primordial
    "From the north to the south From the east to the west All that waits for me is the grave I have been where my brothers lay fallen And my kind are as slaves Bloodied yet unbowed I sing a song of the tomb Of"
  • The Song Of The Swords - Domine
    "Beyond the magical Shade Gate, they arrive Elric, the Pale King, Yyrkon the Tyrant, to fight Ther in a chamber, hanging in midair, two swords Dreadful and fine, forged in a time no man can recall They"
  • The Song Of The Heart - Prince
    "U might make a different song, yes that's right it's true That don't make anybody more or less as good as u If u can't feel the music that's all u really need Then turn this party all the way out Good"
  • The Song Of The Sabia - Frank Sinatra
    "(A.C. Jobin, N. Gimbel, C. Baurque) I'll go back, I know now that I'll go back, that my place is there, And there it will always be, there where I can hear the Song of the Sabia. I'll go back, I know"
  • The Song Of The Cebu - VeggieTales
    "And now it's time for Silly Songs With Larry, the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls Larry the Cucumber presents, in a sequential image,"
  • The Song - Craig Morgan
    "Barry Tolbert, Lookout Lane He was white knuckling a diamond ring And fumbling for the dome light Sherry Lynn knows something's up 'Cause Berry ain't ever been stuck For words like he is tonight Since"
  • The Song Of The Sybil - Dead Can Dance
    "English translation of original Catalan version An eternal king will come Dressed in our mortal flesh: He will come from heaven certainly To pass judgment on the century. Before judgment is passed A great"
  • Song Of The Silent Crew - Trance To The Sun
    "The briny smell of tears runs through the ship That moves unseen through streets Like a charcoal smudge in moonlight shadow Creaking salt oars row thin air Oblivious to the streets not seas Green mossed Slick"
  • The Song Of The Martyrs - Art Bears
    "All our lives, all of us Whose bones you have Climbed on were all our lives wasted? were we martyred to Finish with all forms Of slavery forever only To witness our offspring Complacent and bought off With"
  • The Song - Witness
    "This is the song I wish I never had to write This here is the buried moment coming back to life These internal journals scribble out "I told you so's" And return to sender envelopes that had a soul enclosed I"
  • The song - Ultravox
    "CHORUS :Welcome to ...Welcome to ...Welcome to the songHear the sound of the syncopated rhythmsWelcome to the songAnd when it calls youTime to move onWe go !CHORUSFeel the strength of a hundred thousand"
  • The Song - Second Coming
    "And when she hurts herself How she'll be hurting me My Constantine Tonight the sky's on fire And spills its grief for you Cries out for you I always shamed the bleeding heart I used to incantate my hate"

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