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The Sound Of Arrows Conquest

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The Sound Of Arrows Conquest

  • Conquest - The Sound Of Arrows
    "Take a look at us now the tide has turned We're gonna take it over Everything that once was lost is soon going to be won So this is our moment of truth I can almost feel it, touch it And when I've got"
  • Conquest - Judas Priest
    "The night of reckoning The days of old His might is menacing Sword and shield made of gold Conquest and fire The age of desire When man will be free once more Like rays from the sun That heal everyone Living"
  • Conquest - Tapes 'N Tapes
    "A Million Miles Of common sense Can't hide the reader Can't fill the trench And what you hide Is what I sold And when you're next to me The feeling's cold Don't tread lightly In the book At the age of"
  • Conquest - Backandtotheleft
    "Unleash the dogs of war tonight Underneath the red moonlight the stars above us tumble from our might We see our enemy at a glace There will be no second chance We hear our rally cry and make our final"
  • Several Arrows Later - Matt Pond PA
    "Orange streetlight picks up when the summer sun goes on tops of buildings red remains it's the differences in light that gets our minds, that gets our minds give waking up for never fading and i walked"
  • Failure's Conquest - Arsis
    "Your lowering breath reeks of penance, with blinded eyes and severed tongue. Your foulest words greet the knowledge, with Denial's only son. We are the ones who've chosen silence, Whose blinded eyes can"
  • Vision Conquest - Napalm Death
    "Witness torment in its purest form Impossible definition of infinite pain Look into my eyes What do you think you see? What you see is not me But a dormant stage of what I'm expected to be Realities"
  • Visual Conquest - Abominant
    "I gaze through the waters to see another reality To a place beyond hope and fear Seen visions of an unspoken paradise When will I drift into my own reality Oh, the beauty of images seen through fire"
  • Urko's conquest - Cathedral
    "Urko rides his troops into the flames Sirens of doom - the earth it shakes Wars and plagues have fueled beast of rage Mutated humans pay the price Space - ship year warped Crash lands ahead of time Apes"
  • Conquest Demise - Hollenthon
    "Fearless fury battered and torn Hoist thy head to the turbulent clouds in the sky Where banshees play with solemn chord Ballads to beckon the end But through the mist blinding the ward Thy sword wild to"
  • Conquest : Writhe - Burst
    "Shifting eyes turn with shade Slave, a false entity I saw their hearts flood with ashen dusk Liars, scorn of foul delight Forgive me father, for I am sin I rejoiced triumphantly As goodness turned away"
  • Conquest - The White Stripes
    "Conquest- He was out to make a conquest Didn't care what harm was done Just as long as he won The prize Conquest- She was just another conquest Didn't care whose heart was broke Love to him was a joke 'til"
  • Rising Arrows - Gods Tower
    "Sunrise here we go To start the show Arrows let them rise The springtime comes Leda now you rule We hail to you Sunrise spirit comes It's born by you Rising Arrows Master here you are The Radiant We"
  • Little Arrows - Skeeter Davis
    "There's a boy a little boy shooting arrows in the blue And he's aiming them at someone but the question is at who Is it me or is it you it's hard to tell until you're hit But you'll know it when they hit"
  • Poison Arrows - Mike Oldfield
    "(feat. Barry Palmer) Silence In The Air Is Anybody There? Searching Every Sound Walking On Quiet Ground (Chorus) Somebody's Out To Get You! Hiding In Shadows - Poison Arrows Somebody's Out To"
  • Broken Arrows - Jos
    "Broken arrows along the shore Seems you intended to come back for more It was summerlove leave this town It's too cold to bathe and the leaves are brown Summerlove left this town It was too cold to bathe"
  • Broken Arrows - Weezer
    "Every hour every day since youve gone far away its a rough canopy of dreams and broken arrows and broken arrows baby dont you know,know get in the car just before we go we go we go every hour every day though"
  • Broken Arrows - Avicii
    "You stripped your love down to the wire Fire shy and cold alone outside You stripped it right down to the wire But I see you behind those tired eyes Now as you wade through shadows that live in your heart You’ll"
  • The dark conquest - The Kovenant
    "A visitor appears before my eyes A vision where I am king...eternal And in the blackness of night I shall conquer...I shall rise My eyes they gleam with triumph and glory Many battles I have fought...and"
  • Hymns Of Conquest - Arghoslent
    "Subversion of the wild and Wicked ways of the untamed Legendary providence of breeding warriors Chests bedecked in metals Looted from savage lands Our eyes squint; we sail into the sun I exalt my creed"

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