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The Tiger Lillies

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The Tiger Lillies

  • Lillies Dying - Curve
    "Eyes in me see Nobody is perfect Not even you Not even you Crawl for me like a child Just go back to what you were 'Cause I don't like you, anymore I've got no problem with you You can come in I just don't"
  • Tiger Lillie Line - The Tiger Lillies
    "Things are getting hard now, getting hard to find. Your livers piccalilli, your kidneys are unkind. Wake up every morning, you'd lie if you felt fine, Stick you fingers down your throat now, nihilistically"
  • Tiger - Abba
    "The city is a jungle you better take care never walk alone after midnight if you don't believe it you better beware of me I am behind you I always find you I am the tiger people who fear me never go near"
  • Tiger - Fabian
    "Hey, lumpa sugar, you look kinda sweet Cuter than a baby walkin' down the street When I look into your eyes, I wanna leap I can't conceal that you make me feel Like a tiger, ooh, ooh, ooh, like a tiger Ooh,"
  • Tiger - Paula Cole
    "where do i put this fire this bright red feeling this tiger lily down my mouth he wants to grow to twenty feet tall CHORUS: i've left bethlehem i feel free i've left the girl i was supposed to be and someday"
  • Tiger - R3hab vs Skytech & Fafaq
    "Burn the fuck house down! Burn the fuck house down!"
  • Tiger - Hurriganes
    "Gonna tell you a story That you know darn well Baby its happy The kind i like to tell Well a honky woman Put a spell on you Hey hey hey woman Got my eye on you Hey now , pretty woman I can dig what you"
  • Tiger - Hollowblue
    "I like to play with you where stars are closer I like to play with you where trees are painted blue Everything's gone to a different safe new world Everything's gone to a different place I like to"
  • Lillies Grow High - Faron Young
    "(Stan Jones) Boots and Stetson and six guns And the lilies grow high They grow for a man with a gunslingin' hand Who before his time must die. They grow in the trail he has traveled A trail well spattered"
  • When The Lillies Bloom - Once Blue
    "He closes his eyes And loses his sight Fingers the writings That bring her delight And he knows that he'll see her But scared that it's soon Thinking of her when the lillies bloom The first glimpse of"
  • Of lillies and remains - Bauhaus
    "In the marbled reception hall i received a three band gold ring, from mark. a token of esteem. running through ghost closet locker rooms, to hide from peter, who has fallen to the old cold stone wheezing"
  • The Tiger - NoNe
    "Tiger tiger! burning bright In the forest of the night. What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symetry? In what distant deeps or skies Burnt the fire of thine eyes? On what wings dare he"
  • Neon Tiger - The Killers
    "Far from the evergreen of old Assam Far from the rain fall on the trails of old Saigon Straight from the poster town of scorn and Ritz To bring you the wilder side of gold and glitz Run, neon tiger there's"
  • Tiger Bomb - The Presidents of the United States of America
    "Ooo, she plays the drums like a queen Got the prettiest high-hat cymbal I've ever seen I could fix a broken bass drum beater If I had the courage to go up to her and meet her She gives off sucha soothing"
  • Tiger Woman - Claude King
    "Tiger woman I heard that you were back in town (tiger woman) Tiger woman I heard that you were back in town (tiger woman) Just like a tiger woman girl you're still puttin' puttin' around Tiger woman I"
  • Tiger Bay - Golden Earring
    "From the Album: * No promises no debts Tiger tiger bay watch the shadow play Tiger tiger bay what's on the menu today You got hungry again Gotta make some plans every tiger needs a naked prey Antilope"
  • Tiger Woods - Dan Bern
    "I got big balls Big ol' balls Big as grapefruits Big as pumpkins Yes sir, yes sir And on my really good days They swell to the size of small dogs My balls are as big as small dogs Well, it ain't braggin'"
  • Tiger Feet - MUD
    "AII night long you've been lookin' at me well you know you're the dance hall cutie that you love to be oh well now you've been layin' it down you got your hips swingin' out of bounds. And I like the"
  • Circus tiger - System Of A Down
    ""A circus tiger wounded and killed his trainer. I wonder what set him off ",said the commentator. I don't know.How would you feel if separated from your family,you were skipped to the different cities"
  • Paper Tiger - Beck
    "Just like a paper tiger Torn apart by idle hands Through the helter skelter morning Fix yourself while you still can No more ashes to ashes No more cinders from the sky All the laws of creation Tell"

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