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The Weeknd Where You Belong

  • Where You Belong - The Weeknd
    "I feel the blood rushin' throughout your body You see the scars painted over my skin I'm always numb to the topic of loving I fell in love with the subject of sin I don't have to remind you, It's my need"
  • Where You Belong - The Summer Obsession
    "Don't say another word, Put my finger to your lips and press (and press) God is not watching us, (watching us) we can do whatever we want so let's, so let's. It's been so long, so long It's been so"
  • Where You Belong - Huckapoo
    "You stand apart Alone you are Working on your masterpiece They laugh, they stare No one would dare Invite you to hang out with them Look around, no where to go They get you down cause you just like to"
  • Where You Belong - Malese Jow
    "Standing in the rain Tears falling with the drops Like my broken heart When's it gonna stop Hope I hear your name Will I get to see your face Living with the pain But in the meantime Darlin' I'll wait"
  • Where you belong - Newboys
    "When youre dull from all that glitters,when youre thoughts have a hollow ring,when you cant escape from the feeling youre getting it wrong...All your fool proof plans seem foolish,All your status is status"
  • Belong - Cold
    "My mind takes you to where you need to be Cure for your heartbreak to take away the pain I could describe each mistake for you Tattoo it on my tainted heart well I won't ever tell the world that"
  • Belong - Shawn Mullins
    "I've got a suitcase packed full of memories and evening's drawing near The mountain smiles upon me now it's all down hill from here an Anchorage of silence, a port of serenity I had to bow and kneel before"
  • The Place Where You Belong - Shai
    "Dis Is The Place Where You Belong Right Here In My Arms Without You Something Is Wrong Misery Such A Fool To Let You Walk Away From Me,Now It Seems Its Just Nobody There For Me Girl I'm In Agony For"
  • Where I Belong - Sia
    "Without rules We lose Yet we want to spare the feelings of those we love Don't cry We've all lied But there is always room for forgiveness my friend So don't treat me bad just be glad I am strong I know"
  • Where We Belong - Westlife
    "Being interviewed by somebody, In the hotel lobby, She says where do you come from, Now i really like to talk about it, But if you write it, Please don't get it wrong, Mum said you should always"
  • Where We Belong - Chapman Steven Curtis
    "Chapman Steven Curtis The Great Adventure Where We Belong A gentle breeze was blowing The air was heavenly sweet - life was so complete In a picture perfect garden While the sun went down you could hear"
  • Where I Belong - Sofie
    "seven days before i die six days before i try to survive five days before i grew four days before i knew three days now don't have space if this is my living place two days before i speak one day before"
  • Where I Belong - Motion City Soundtrack
    "Hello there how you doing I've got all these thoughts just floating through my brain They bump and they collide and cause a flurry of confusion And it's getting on my nerves I try to hold myself together fighting"
  • Where I Belong - Mims
    "(Where I belong) Is in a place with no racial barriers And we all ride high in chariots Where love means love When we all have the finer things So we don't gotta buy you diamond rings just to marry us Instead"
  • Where I Belong - Gotthard
    "I've been lost and found, run out of grace Felt the city's cold embrace And I learned the hard way How it feels to be lonely I've seen perfect skies, turn into grey Had my dreams all washed away And I"
  • Where I Belong - MercyMe
    "Everybody hopes That maybe somewhere down this road We'd finally find that place where we belong That place where we're complete The one that occupies our dreams That place we're lucky to call our"
  • Where We Belong - Jamie O'Neal
    "Say goodbye maybe that's one way to go Walk away and say it's over call it history Do I believe we'd better off apart Can I see my world without you in it Baby, not for a single minute Let the moon give"
  • Where We Belong - Life Long Tragedy
    "Again Ive lost myself in the morning rush. I am going on few hours of sleep, its not enough. Its never enough for me. But the night before I had my fists in the air. With my feet on the floor, I didnt"
  • Where i belong - Asia
    "We loseYet we want to spare the feelings of those we loveDon`t cryWe`ve all liedBut there is always room for forgiveness my friendSo don`t treat me bad just be glad I am strongI know where I belongAnd"
  • Where I Belong - Jaci Velasquez
    "Sometimes I'm sadden by the choices I make So many tears I have cried Got what I wanted but the dream seemed to fade Still feeling unsatisfied But you saved me Forgave me, how you've shown You'd never"

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