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The Who Black Widows Eyes

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The Who Black Widows Eyes

  • Black Widows - Grave Digger
    "Out of the cold, they are rising up Nameless creatures, bent on revenge They follow blind, a senseless idol Their religion is black and suicidal Black is the colour Black is their mind BRINGER OF CHAOS OF"
  • Against Widows - Amorphis
    "The Devil weds a widow Death another's leftovers Better to lie on a willows Rest on alder boughs Than upon a widow's bed On a used woman's pillow Sweeter the side of a fence Than a widow's flank Softer"
  • Black Widow's Eyes - The Who
    "You jumped out of an alley With surprise in your black widow's eyes I was prepared to be unprepared Been preparing for lights I fell right in love with you Into a thousand parts I blew I fell right in"
  • Widows Peak - Dashboard Confessional
    "You will wait in the widows peak And while you watch the ships come in I will take the early train And I will take the back streets Down to New Orleans Before the avenues are swallowed By the morning"
  • Widows' Wead - Laika
    "Waitin" til my dyin' day That's when I pack these tired blues away That's when I go to lay down in my grave That'll be my flyin' day Wondering what I'm workin' for Ain't gonna be your lowdown dog no more Ain't"
  • Black Eyes Blue - Corey Taylor
    "I stood alone in Trafalgar Squer I looked around i didn’’t see you there Before they closed the roads i made it down to Hyde I just need you now I need you by my side I know that there’s no other Way I"
  • Black Hair Black Eyes Black Suit - Hugh Cornwell
    "Another missing person another mystery Another marriage on the rocks that's ending in misery Another strike and another plague Another mad dog held at bay It comes as no surprise when I hear all the victims"
  • Black Eyes - Candlemass
    "Every night outside my window, she is there A frozen shadow in the street Surrounded by silence and unspoken terror Hell on high heels Demonic hunger, a mistress from the grave "Welcome", she smiles The"
  • Black Eyes - Gallows
    "I keep a fresh razor blade in the sole of my shoe It helps when I get stuck thinking of you. Hands and knees Head on the floor. Doubled up. So sore. Everything is falling apart. I stopped living when I"
  • Black Eyes - Lagwagon
    "He knows no shame and takes no blame this simpleton sees everything he's only satisfied to point out other's mistakes never afraid to use his pride his tradition is old his faith a hand-me-down the family he"
  • Widows And Orphans - Seven Witches
    "Alone... When it's all good on your horizon Seems you could never lose your tomorrows Born into this world the same as you are now Alone and crying Squirming and sorrow For you I grieve Widows and orphans I"
  • Seven Widows Weep - Sirenia
    "Seven sailors from the North Set their sails for the isle of Rott Then their heading turns southwest For adventure and conquest Seven sailors head southwest as the wind Fills their sails On a journey"
  • Flirting With Widows - Kids In Glass Houses
    "Leave the drunks to the crown please dont leave me on my own wait for crossed fingers some day to afford sad girls crossed legs another teenage bore sad girls please don't leave me on my own wait for I"
  • Black Eyes Susans - Danger To The System
    "I came home last night and found a note next to your picture it said you were going to be away for a while it said you needed to be alone for a while you've been away for so long when are you, when are"
  • Two Black Eyes - Tyla
    "I've got two black eyes Got a broken nose And I can't go down the Spaniards No no more Well I was fit and able I was out there on the table And I shouted will you look, let's have some more CHORUS: That's"
  • Blue Black Eyes - Good Riddance
    "Outlived a wasted life Too soon to say goodbye One plot to call your own Now it's our turn to cry I've been through this before These things are hard to take Was it too much to live for Once choice you"
  • Who Painted The Moon Black - Steve Winwood
    "Did you see the shining moon turn into a black balloon just as you walked away from me And did you see how hard I've tried not to show the pain inside just as you walked away from me Who painted the"
  • Who Painted The Moon Black? - Hayley Westenra
    "Did you see the shiny moon? Turned into a black balloon Just as you walked away from me Did you see how hard I've tried? Not to show the pain inside Just as you walked away from me Who painted the moon"
  • Who? - Outlawz
    "Yo yo What up One luv One thug Know what y'all mutha fuckas need? What we need nigga? Know what America need? What do America need? A Outlaw as a president Outlaw Yeah, you might be right What"
  • Who? - Crashdog
    "American justice Is a contrary phrase When a criminal is sentenced But the innocent pays The guilty are pampered Their rights protected While the victim gets life And is left neglected Who makes the laws? Who"

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