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The Who Dont Look Away

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The Who Dont Look Away

  • Dont Turn Away - Face To Face
    "FACE TO FACE FAT WRECK (Time wasted by : Don't Turn Away CHORDS -YOU'VE DONE NOTHING / You don't know what you want to be/you don't know what you want to do/never going to amount to"
  • Dont look back - Chris De Burgh
    "Oh, there is a place where the wild men go,When it's late at night and on the radio,They're telling everybody, stay at home,It's no time for you to be alone,It is a place on the edge of town,Just shining"
  • Look Away - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
    "(PIANO & GUITAR INTRO) well, babe, you could be a standing in my kitchen or floating on your back in a deep blue sea a wiser is the man who seeks new visions and tries to keep his heart and mind toll-free look"
  • Look Away - Stephen Puth
    "i dont wanna think about think about oyu with nobody else i don;t wanna jump to this jump tu this conclusion maybe, i;m paranoid got these thoughts ya in my head ya that I can’t avoid no I was looking"
  • Look Away - Enchant
    "Standing looking in the mirror Wondering who it is I see The face seems so familiar But it doesn't look like me Something is changing ,something's different A foreign look behind my stare I feel frantic,"
  • Dont look back - Teenage Fanclub
    "If I could find the words to sayThe sun shines in your eyesSo brighten up my city skyBreak out the news, it's back againThe voice that tried to singShe don't hang onAnd hope's never going to teach meWake"
  • Dont Go - Keith Urban
    "I've seen it happen too many times And just where it starts I don't know You're travelling steady but you don't see the signs That tell you there's a fork in the road And you don't think it's right but"
  • Dont Rush - K-Ci & JoJo
    "The look within your eys, baby It makes me wonder why, lady You want to be with me, darlin When I thought we were just friends Then you made your move on me You started moving on met strongly Even though"
  • Dont Work U Dont Eat - Mike Jones
    "If you don't work you don't eat, you don't grind you don't shine No if's and's or but's, bottom line That's why I'm on a mission, to keep the paper flipping I got's to get a house, before I start wood"
  • Look Away Lucifer - Madrugada
    "You don't know where you going and you don't know where you've been There's a billion lights of shining and you're somewhere in between look away look away look away Lucifer look away look away ooh"
  • Please Look Away - Dance Hall Crashers
    "Remember that day when you said to me there would never be another Another hand like mine You could not think of a day without me in it I thought you were so kind So painfully kind And I thought to myself"
  • Don't Look Away - Joshua Radin
    "My eye's reflection, A window's perfection, Look and you'll see, The things I can be, The graves have passed, The moments don't last, Like your gods of old days, That don't see my way, What I want"
  • Look Who - Don Gibson
    "LOOK WHO'S BLUE Writer Don Gibson (Look, look, look-a, look who's blue) (Look, look, look-a, look who's blue) Please, please, have pity on me Oh, can't you see that I'm in misery Please, please, I'm beggin'"
  • Look - Boyz N Da Hood
    "Look, Look, Look, Look You can catch me in the middle of Atlanta nigga (Look) In the cracks and the crevises of the ghetto nigga (look) Gone rep you is gonna catch you on a stretcher nigga (look) Gotta"
  • Dont Walk Away - Jade
    "I got all this love, waiting just for you I just gotta know, that your love is true Can't keep runnning boy, in and out of my life Wanna be your girl, not coz the mood is right... BRIDGE If i let you come"
  • Dont walk away - Romeo
    "For so long I've been walking aroundtrying to make a change for once in my lifeall the things I've said and the things I've doneI know apologies are not enoughThere've been some ups andthere've been some"
  • Look Who You Are - Pennywise
    "Asleep at the wheel You didn't know till it's too late 'Til now you're blinded by the things you could not see The land of the free, is no safe haven now Because you don't want to try - you don't want"
  • Look Away - The Shirelles
    "(Look away, look away, look away, look away) Turn your head & walk on (don't stop) when you see me alone Don't you bother to say "Good day" 'Cause I do believe I'm makin' out OK Don't stare at the"
  • Who - The Five O-Clock Heroes feat. Agyness Deyn
    "Well there's nothing I truly desire There's nothing that I really want But the times I find myself in the fire You choose between the right and the wrong I wish I could control all my judgements Understand"
  • Look Away - The Spencer Davis Group
    "All alone Standing here by myself And my girl is walking right down the street with someone else There's not a place that I can run in a town this size So I just better look away I said I better look"

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