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The Who Im A Boy

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The Who Im A Boy

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The Who Im A Boy
  • Chamillionaire Im A Balla
    "Chorus - Chamillionaire] I'm A Balla, I walk the walk bruh I'm not a talker I keep it pimpin' so these women 'll pay me If you a balla, and bout ya dollars Then throw ya hands up if you gettin' it daily Don't"
  • Pierce The Veil The Boy Who Could Fly
    "Freeze! It's time to take you home, it feels so early but I promised I would bring you to your door. Now our lips are numb! As we walk, sharing warm alcohol That kiss tastes like summer. I hope you like"
  • Steve Earle & The Dukes The Boy Who Never Cried
    "Long ago and far away In a land no map can find There lived in long forgotten days A boy who never cried He was his mother's only child So she never wondered why Until the news spread far and wide Of a"
  • Joy Electric The Boy Who Never Forgot
    "Time takes me further Down here a well Old springs turn bitter Where dear ones fell A written page reads, "we have lost" Come back, the boy who never forgot Cannot you hear? The boy who never forgot"
  • Steve Earle The Boy Who Never Cried
    "Long ago and far away In a land no map can find There lived in long forgotten days A boy who never cried He was his mother's only child So she never wondered why Until the news spread far and wide"
  • Val Emmich The Boy Who Cried Wolf
    "Listen up... Real close this time it isn't a joke this is a real emergency believe me now my luck has run out I have very little to laugh about oh please for the sake of humanity hear me out 'Cause I"
  • Mystery Jets The Boy Who Ran Away
    "There was a boy who ran away from what he didn't know And whom he wouldn't say he just had to go Something it snapped inside of him as he fled from a nameless threat Crowds of people stand aloof in"
  • Marc Almond The Boy Who Came Back
    "He woke to the sound of the birds in the morning Felt charged with a new lease of life Time to break out of his present surroundings A mother, a child and a wife He'd not said good-bye to his last thread"
  • The Style Council Boy Who Cried Wolf
    "As the rain comes down, upon this sad sweet earth I lie awake at nights and - think about me All those usual things like what a fool I've been I curse the awful way - that I let you slip away For what"
  • The Who Bell Boy
    "The beach is a place where a man can feel He's the only soul in the world that's real, Well I see a face coming through the haze, I remember him from those crazy days. Ain't you the guy who used to set"
  • The Game Im Looking
    "(The Game) I'm from Compton where them guns bust, watch Poppa George pop Cats tellin jokes at them car games Seen big face hundreds, handle the rock like Nate Archibald What? This nigga only sixteen And"
  • Roll Deep Wen Im Ere
    "(SCTRACTHY) *chorus* rest in the game, it was bate who was gonna be ere? (eeee heeee) roll deep is the name n were up for awards all year (eeee heeee) wen u get here, haterz wanna end your career but"
  • Fly To The Sky Im Gonna
    "Feel my breath and my heart This night is passing but this is a time where I dont want to easily let you go Will you hold me tight so that you can feel me more? I want to give only to you, my careful heart *Even"
  • Sugababes Who
    "Every minute passes by You're always talking Makes me cry Finding out the reasons why I'm needing space get out my ride Talking about what I do, where I go, who I'm with and why I don't bring you Think"
  • 50 Cent Im So Sorry
    "50 cent 50 cent, uh Llod banks,uh Young Buck, uh Game Nigga~ G-UNIT haha its easy man, its easy man Ay yo i swith my hustle, no more dice games or limosuine you see blood in the snow after the shots in"
  • Jackson 5 Im Losing You
    "2,4,6,8,who do you appriciate please say that boy is me2,4,6,8,who do you appriciate i'm the one who wants to be your babyget up early to see you in the morning but you just past me by havin a quarter"
  • Shane Ritchie Im Your Man
    "Baby, I'm your man (don't you know that?) Baby, I'm your man You bet! If you're gonna do it, do it right - right? Do it with me So good... You're divine Wanna take you, wanna make you But they tell me"
  • Various Im Not Scared
    "Let's get down to business- to defeat the Huns Did they send me daughters when I asked for sons? You're the saddest bunch I ever met But you can bet before we're through Mister, I'll make a man out of"
  • Triple Image Im Yours
    "I went away for a while I could hear your voice And see the way you smile Oh you know what i like Cuz you make me feel rite When im w/ you everything around me Is like a dream come true And i've been waiting"
  • Lil Wayne Thank god im famous
    "(Oohhh Boy) Okay I Spit That, Get Back, Im Entact, In Fact The Authors Authentic- R U Slck Like Syntec, Inject Even The Paralyzed Feel My Impact-Cuz --I Skim Back Over My Words Thats On The Page N Line"

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