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The Who Love Is Coming Down

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The Who Love Is Coming Down

  • Love Is Coming Down - The Who
    "Surrounded by people A real heavy crowd But inside I still feel lonely now Should I get away From the high heels so proud Is there something different life can show me now First chance - I blew it, I"
  • Coming Down - Skillet
    "Things are coming down Things are coming down I can tell you Beautiful the sound Of things coming 'cause I heard him say Division is coming down I saw peace on a white horse riding Love is spreading"
  • Coming Down - Dum Dum Girls
    "I take as much as I can get I don't take any regret I close my eyes to conjure up something But it's just a faint taste in my mouth I think I'm coming down I think I'm coming down By tomorrow I'll be"
  • The Ball Is Coming Down - Ellis Paul
    "In the city by the river a man is standing on a bridge his eyes to Heaven to the Forgiver who flips the coins on who should live a naked lightbulb in the corner naked Mary's in an unmade bed spilling"
  • Is coming - Nas
    "The golden child chop that ass up you was holding out let the streets be the court and the corners hold the trial fatal not fictitious, I rock the cable 86 shit, foreign cars with crazy bitches, mad smoke"
  • Coming - Evah Uryga
    "From unending source - you made me oh Lord I'm here, I belong to you I've got some news. You gave me the chance to live choose a good vessel for me you've showed the way of love from the fountain of your"
  • World Coming Down - Ashbury Heights
    "Who would've thought it all could end Make believe was to defend Another day, another year Against the multitudes of fear As heaven lost its will to kill Since the day our earth stood still Another dance,"
  • Karma's Coming Down - Beckett
    "Growing and learning and letting go Everyday I'm getting better you know It's something we don't like to talk about It's something you know we need to let out So come on, can you feel it in this song? Look"
  • World Coming Down - Type O Negative
    "She thinks I'm iron man that I don't feel pain I don't understand why joy must be feigned I'm so fortunate yet filled with self hate That the mirror shows me an ingrate I could easily start pointing fingers Since"
  • Who is right - P.O.D.
    "I'm just a locked out brother coming straight from S.D. Just another islander, beaner, wop, minority. Taught to love one another, all races. All types of colors, different skin, different faces. Can you"
  • Love Coming Down - Elvis Presley
    "I remember how your eyes used to light up Over promises that I made But for the first time in my life I know now how it feels to be afraid I don't know what I'd do if you go away This would sure be one"
  • Love coming down - George Jones
    "I remember how your eyes used to light upOver promises that I madeBut for the first time in my lifeI know now how it feels to be afraidI don't know what Id do if you go awayThis would sure be one lonely"
  • Coming Down - Lost Witness feat. Tiff Lacey
    "When I'm dreaming I am running to your arms I feel safe inside This dream of mine I don't know where I'm heading in this life The thing I'm certain of Is you by my side Open your eyes Theres no need to"
  • Coming Down - Pacifier / Shihad
    "give me a place to shed my skin there's no point waiting around to begin cos the more it takes the more you feel ain't got much but i know it's real ain't got time to waste your life away all the people"
  • Coming Down - Keri Hilson
    "There comes a time in your life when you gotta make decisions You just cant let your whole life pass by, gotta chase your visions But now I go anywhere, going and never coming back Back, back, Im never"
  • Coming Down - Starsailor
    "If you don't mind Could we not fight? I see you're close woman In the night I'm sober Still Alive Waste your days On your own Getting drunk getting stoned I'm sober Still alone Must I always take a back"
  • Coming Down - Arab Strap
    "Make me reflective, introspective Make me the violence, and explain my silence. Cause its never too late to fill me with hate... So pull away, go, make me look cool. And she looks best, Sunday mornings,"
  • Coming Down - Pacifier
    "give me a place to shed my skin there's no point waiting round to begin cause the more it takes, the more you feel ain't got much but I know it's real ain't got time for waste life away all the people"
  • Coming Down - David Gray
    "Tears falling slow From the bridge Into the river below In your eyes, I start to see A starry veil, The ocean of infinity Moon and stars above me Mingle with the blood Inside my vein These empty arms"
  • Coming Down - Harem Scarem
    "I've been there I don't wanna do it again In the end I always pay And I don't know how I do it But I do it Even though The ground was kinda sinking again I thought I knew where I stand And I don't know"

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