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The age off revolution

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The age off revolution

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The age off revolution
  • Yngwie Malmsteen Revolution
    "And now the end begins. The world is dying from within. But the game is still the same. Just different players. To fuel the flames. Now is the time to shed our skin. And we must repent our sins. It's"
  • Crematory Revolution
    "They'll never stop our will to live free from pain and fear they cannot bring us down all your gird go out and justify the revolution The beginning of the age - to start revolution now break and leave"
  • Krayzie Bone Revolution
    "Within 2000 years Christ shall return And when I return I goin' to be king of kings This one, this one, this one, this one (Krayzie - 2X) Get up, get up, get up, get up, get up, get up, my soldier ride"
  • Blazin' Squad Revolution
    "You Try To Put Wool Over My Eyes No It Was Cumnin Why Coz You Made It Bait And I See Mistakes Do You Dare Temp Fate This Games Here To Be Played Not Arranged Not Voted For On Stage My Age Got Me Caged"
  • Bang Camaro Revolution
    "We're takin' over We've got the last line We're goin' full time Our little sisters Put your heels on And grab your (...) Rise up Revolution (whoa whoa) Yeah! (whoa whoa) Oh! One last big solution They"
  • Primal Fear Revolution
    "Riding The Electric Storm I Am A Widowmaker Taking My Revenge, I'm A Soulbreaker Howling Through The Space My Heart's On Fire The Lust To Kill'em All Is Rising Higher I'll Take My Right Hand - Let'em"
  • Stefanie Heinzmann Revolution
    "Imagine a world where every city is clean no poor on the streets and thhe people free imagine a life where you can do as you please nothing to stop you from living your dream they say you can accomplish"
  • Slayers Revolution
    "jap. Owari ha shinai! /ang./ /It won't come to an end!/ Harewataru sora kara ochiru toori ame Nagarete yuku kumo ni oitsukenakutte /Tears fall like rain from the clear skies Even if I can't overtake"
  • Nina Simone Revolution
    "And now we got a revolutionCause i see the face of things to come Yeah, your ConstitutionWell, my friend, its gonna have to bend Im here to tell you about destructionOf all the evil that will have to end.Some"
  • 30 Seconds to Mars Revolution
    "Tonight, it's a revolution Tonight, we're going to war Tonight, you better make a decision Tonight, we're going to war I'm not a patriot I'm not illegal I'm not a fugitive I'm an American I'm an American I"
  • Public Enemy Revolution
    "We was raised in these streets on pork and poison meat Now i recognize the beast and bare the mark of the gold teeth Puff on the rolled leaf and bust on the police While yall playas are fakin bacon we"
  • Dizmas Revolution
    "On a search in America to find a place I can feel To just find some answers and rest beneath broken wings Now everyone's so busy and they say I'm deep and fine I guess I am but I just wish sometimes we"
  • Lil' Kim (feat. Grace Jones and Lil' Cease) Revolution
    "S-W nine millimeter, check Long-nose double barreled rifle, check Semi-automatic infrared laser beam shot, check Alright Puff, I'm ready to go Threw the clips around the shoulders, toasters in the holster (Kim"
  • Lil Kim Revolution
    "S-W nine millimeter, check Long-nose double barreled rifle, check Semi-automatic infrared laser beam shot, check Alright Puff, I'm ready to go Threw the clips around the shoulders, toasters in the holster"
  • Fight Revolution Calling
    "this is the time that things will change a brand new day we'll re-arrange you'll let us through this is the revolution you know it'll never end this is the new solution you know you can't pretend we're"
  • Chris De Burgh The Revolution
    "Wake up boys, there's a light at the window, I can hear someone knocking on the door, There are voices in the street, And the sound of running feet, And they whisper the word - "Revolution!" There are"
  • UK Subs Violent revolution
    "Violent revolution is here alright it's real Sometimes I'm violent sometimes I loot and steal You don't need excuses there's just one thing you know Well there's so much depression one day it's bound to"
  • The Cult Revolution
    "Pictures of never ending dreams I can't see what these images mean Locked inside me Can't set the rainbows free Like perishing flowers They sag and twist and die There's a revolution There's a revolution,"
  • Macy Gray Sexual Revolution
    "everybody shake it time to be free amongst yourselves your mama told you to be discreet and keep your freak to yourself but your mama lied to you all this time she knows as well as you and i youve got"
  • Lovin' Spoonful Revolution 69
    "And no one dares to ask them what they do after dark And the prize they give to men who kill is a statue in the park Dont let them cut your wings dear ones before you learn to fly Too soon the game will"

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