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The black keys walk across

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The black keys walk across

  • Black Keys - Jonas Brothers
    "She walks away The colors to fade to gray Every precious moment's now erased She hits the gas Hopeing it would pass But the red light starts to flash It's time to wait And the black keys Never looked"
  • Walk Across The Water - Spoons
    "I watch the ceiling for an answer I lie in bed and in open cars Im checking heaven oh so human Im holding out for a miracle Things like aurora borealis Tidal waves and falling stars Make me wonder what"
  • Keys - Heavy Trevy
    "His eyes are open but he just wont see It's all around him but it's not where he wants to be He drives me crazy when he bitches and yells Sometimes I wish that he would fuck off and go to hell He"
  • Keys - Golden Smog
    "she had a Nova that was tinted green he took a Greyhound that was a bus from the city of New Orleans the only light that shined in their eyes was that of a simple screen In a one Bal Harbour bedroom"
  • DNA (The Keys) - Walk The Moon
    "Sometimes i need to forget where i came from Just to remember that i’m here at all Well, I believe that it takes one to know one Guessing the fire by the shapes on the wall There ain’t no running away Ain’t"
  • Bridge Across Forever - Transatlantic
    "There's a bridge made of light That crosses between death and life Where shadows walk in the sun And desperate lovers run One day a child and an angel Stood on either side Of a magic river That there was"
  • Dance Across The Centuries - Johnny Clegg & Savuka
    "It's a world of "hang on to what you've got" It's a world of "do or die" I know you never take it serious And you keep your head up high I know you'd like to speak to the manager Oh baby, so would I I"
  • The Black Keys Work (Phonique Rmx) - Erlend Oye
    "What a little mouth you have, kissing you is nice, but hard. Sit down in your chair, and play. I'll stretch on your back and wait and wait... You asked me if I have I said no. Neither do you, but still."
  • Black - Aftershock
    "Shallow footsteps echo across the floor. All that once was, I can see no more. With the eyes of a child, you offer us the world. With the wounds of the overlooked, I trust in you no more. Bitter(sweet),"
  • Sets Of Keys - Denison Witmer
    "I believe when we were younger We thought that we deserved the sun I met you when you were 18 I was pushing 21 The sentiment, the twists and turns begun Living close to Philadelphia We would go there"
  • Across The Lines - Chapman Tracy
    "Chapman Tracy Tracy Chapman Across The Lines Across the lines Who would dare to go Under the bridge Over the tracks That seperates whites from blacks Choose sides Or run for your life Tonight"
  • Across the border - Bruce Springsteen
    "Tonight my bag is packed Tomorrow I'll walk these tracks That will lead me across the border Tomorrow my love and I Will sleep 'neath auburn skies Somewhere across the border We'll leave behind my dear"
  • Across The Border - Linda Ronstadt
    "written by Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen (ASCAP) Tonight my bag is packed Tomorrow I'll walk these tracks That will lead me 'cross the border Tomorrow my love and I We'll sleep 'neath auburn skies Somewhere"
  • Across The Lines - Tracy Chapman
    "Across the lines Who would dare to go Under the bridge Over the tracks That seperates whites from blacks Choose sides Or run for your life Tonight the riots begin On the back streets of America"
  • Across The Line - Robert Cray
    "There's so many reasons A man will commit a crime Frustration's gnawin' at him Twisting up his mind He's tickin' like a bomb That may go off at any time I'm not here to make excuses I didn't walk"
  • Across The Land - Everon
    "We're born wild and free And everything seems to make sense But the trouble starts As soon as man tries to make amends From times of hardship to times of bliss We ponder over the same old questions Until"
  • I'll Always Walk Beside You (ft. Alicia Keys) - Richie Sambora
    "Sometimes we live inside the madness We have to make it through the sadness, What's worse, a blessing or a curse, It's gonna take a little practice We gotta keep on keepin' at this Live and learn, can't"
  • Last Chance To Lose Your Keys - Brand New
    "I cashed in all my chips tonight, and combed my hair till it was just right. 'Cause I've been thinking about you and me girl, and we got something going on. You told me you can't wait to see me and then"
  • Across The River - Bruce Hornsby
    "Well, she moved back around here Thirty-five weeks ago today Oh, down the lane Well, at night she walks on the banks And remembers how she dreamed of rowing away And how she left one day She left with"
  • Walk The Walk - Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand
    "Noah said let's build an ark and the people they just laughed Wait and see you better believe you're gonna need yourself a raft Then it started rainin' and the people were complainin' Sink or swim I can't"

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