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The book of heavy metal dream evil

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The book of heavy metal dream evil

  • The Book Of Heavy Metal - Dream Evil
    "I'd sign - a contract with the devil I've tried - for so very long I'd die - to become immortal that's why I sing this song Am I a wannabe? - have I no dignity. Who'd give up all my life.. to be In the"
  • The Book Of Heavy Metal (March Of The Metallians) - Dream Evil
    "Metaaaaaaaal. I'd sign - a contract with the devil I've tried - for so very long I'd die - to become immortal that's why I sing this song Am I a wannabe? - have I no dignity. Who'd give up all my life.."
  • Heavy metal - Chinchilla
    "Since I was a young boy , I saw metal bands in big halls They came down to play in town, I went to see their shows Metal Heroes on stage, they've come to bring us rock Well, it's more than a religion and"
  • Heavy Metal In The Night - Dream Evil
    "I'm gonna fight, in the Metal night My guardian angel is my sword I hear the call, I see the light I'm gonna give my life for my lord The quest is long and the end is near I sail away in seas of doom My"
  • Heavy Metal God - Steel Attack
    "You better have an easy living to show them So waste your time with peace and love You better run if the evil is near you He shows no mercy don't show no fear Heaven can wait if the god is waiting for"
  • Heavy Metal Fire - Zak Belica
    "I've been naughty lately All kinds of thoughts in my head It seems that I have a notion I just wanna see red It's time so show 'em the heavy metal way I'm gonna kick your ass five ways to Friday You cross"
  • Heavy Metal Power - Elm Street
    "Running for years now with only one dream, make metal! Our chance finally rose, to make the earth shake. We ride, We rock, We scream, Warriors 'round the world have chosen right, hit the battlefront. Raise"
  • Heavy Metal - Sammy Hagar
    "Head bangers in leather Sparks fly in the dead of the night It all comes together When they shoot out the lights 50,000 watts of power And it's pushin' overload The beast is ready to devour All"
  • Heavy Metal - Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
    "Can you feel the power of this song The energy it is giving you Brothers united in mind Cause Metal is our law. HEAVY METAL is our law HEAVY METAL we are proud and standing tall / we'll never fall HEAVY"
  • Heavy metal - Judas Priest
    "When the power chords come crashing down go tearing through my senses It's for strong, not for the weak In light and dark dimension It stimulates, regenerates It's therapeutic healing It lifts our feet"
  • Heavy Metal - Majesty
    "Pounding hearts calling, like a storm from the north. I will obey to my sworn oath. Like warriors are waiting for the Battle, True Heroes play Heavy Metal! Coming out of darkness, powerfull like a"
  • Heavy Metal - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    "Now all the secrets of old age They tell us we should really stop Now they implore us oh They should adore us oh It's been a year and now we find We're lost behind enemy lines They're gunning for us oh They"
  • Heavy Metal - Helloween
    "Fight hard Live fast Play loud Step out of the crowd Iron Rulin' Steel bent Forever the faith will live on in our hearts There's nothing else in all the world That will bring it down We will play our"
  • Heavy Metal - Guy Clark
    "Somedays I think this old machine is out to get me Somedays she does what I tell her It's like dancing with a widow-maker forty hours a week You know I'm talkin' 'bout a big ol' D-10 caterpiller Chorus"
  • Heavy Metal Battle Cry - Majesty
    "The Battlefield is set, we're here for attack. Sworn to fulfil our dream. When the lightning strikes down and the falcon comes out My heart feels strong as steel. Our union is strong but our crusade is"
  • Heavy Metal Kibbles - Nanowar Of Steel
    "Crispy! Tasty! Nasty! Spicy and dry Nutritious! Delicious! Nectarous! Sweet delight Salty! Ethnic! Proteinic! With phenylalanine Mellow! Feeding! Refreshing! Enhancing your feline Chicken power pet’s"
  • Heavy metal universe - Gamma Ray
    "We're the masters of the windWe're demons left in howlwe're the undefeated warriorswe have heard the callWe're the keepers and the leadersof the only thing we lovewe're the savioursand protectors from"
  • Heavy Metal Hamsters - Helloween
    "There are some fellows soft and mellow Sitting in the field and play like hell No one knows the way it goes But all the songs they play they sound so well Tonight we go to see the Heavy Metal Hamsters It"
  • Heavy metal mania - Gamma Ray
    "Inside the power cage, I can feel the music of my ageIt's paranoid first degree, It's telling me that I'm not freeI've got Heavy Metal Music in my blood,And I'd like to get it to you if I could.As I lie"
  • Heavy Metal Pirates - Alestorm
    "Sailing the seven seas of metal We thirst for blood, your ship is in our sights Taste a broadside from our cannons of steel Before our cutlasses of metal you shall kneel We are Heavy Metal Pirates We"

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