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The chtistmas on me

  • It's On Me - Show Me The Skyline
    "She speaks a tongue I don't understand Likes me and what I'm all about. I don't know what I'm gettin my self into But I know for sure that I don't want out. I watch the clock and I wait for her Watch her"
  • On the train - TV On The Radio
    "Today, TodayI was on the train todayAnd I was looking at youLooking, Looking, Looking.Today (I was on the) And I was looking at youLooking (oh) I was on the train today (looking) And I was looking at me"
  • On Me - Lil Fizz
    "He He He Yall Aint Ready 4 This One It Yo Favorite A Fizzo A Fizzo Thats Right Im Here Convict Music 4 Reel Yall Ready Ladies Lets Go (Chours: Akon) The Way That You Walkin The Way That You Talkin"
  • On Me - Dru Hill
    "(feat. N.O.R.E.) Yo, I can't even make a ghetto joint without even thinkin about a chick This is hot right here ILL combination, Dru Hill, N.O.R.E, Thugged out Millitainment we gonna get it poppin "
  • Don't Give Up On Me - New Kids On The Block
    "Baby don't you give up on me You got to know you're my insperation Baby don't you give up on me Don't you know you're my only sensation? And baby, when you hold me like this It feels so nice Girl,"
  • Later On - Permanent Me
    "Later on Later on i'll sing for you and so it is your parents tell you what to do all day and every night you are ripping appart at the seems im telling you every one wants what you leave its eventual"
  • On The Line - On The Line All Star
    "I'm laying it on the line to show you I'll never let you go, On the line for your love There's nothing I want more. Another dead-end street, another love gone wrong, Another shattered dream, Always the"
  • Borne On The FM Waves - Against Me!
    "No, it's not what we meant to say. We dont really love each other. What happens when the summers over? How long before distance becomes a chore? I'm approaching with great, great trepidation. I hope youll"
  • Put the blame on me - The Bates
    "Last night I woke up from my sleep I heard a voice Take it home with me He asked me once, he asked me twice Do you.... Have you requalized..... PUT THE BLAME ON ME PUT THE BLAME ON ME Have you met people"
  • Kiss Me On The Bus - The Replacements
    "On the bus, that's where we're riding On the bus, okay, don't say "hi" then Your tongue, your transfer Your hand, your answer On the bus, everyone's looking for it On the bus, I am looking for it And"
  • Take Me On The Floor - The Veronicas
    "The lights are out, and I barely know you We're going up, and the place is slowing down I knew you'd come around You captivate me, so you've almost got me I was lonely, now you make me feel alive will"
  • Put The Blame On Me - The Waiting
    "Another day with you I'm getting fitted for a millstone It would have been better Had I left you alone So if Jesus finds you begging unbelief Put the blame on me I never failed to cry for you I never failed"
  • Turn Me On - The Tubes
    "(Spooner/Steen/Prince/Welnick/Cotten/Anderson/Waybill) Turn me on 'cause I need it now Turn me on 'cause I don't know how Pick me up and shake me Tune me in and take me Lights are bright and the music's"
  • Lean On Me - The Housemartins
    "Heavy burden on your shoulder Lean on me Heavy burden on your shoulder Lean on me Heavy burden on your shoulder Everyday just a little bit harder Heavy burden on your shoulder Lean on me Down and out without"
  • Smile On Me - The Yardbirds
    "(Chris Dreja / Keith Relf / Jim McCarty / Jimmy Page) Smile on me baby, Make me feel like summer's here. Smile on me baby, Make me feel good when you're near. Prove it to me baby, That our love is in the"
  • Turn Me On - The Fray
    "There's a sentence on my father On my sister, on my brother There's a terror in the corner That will make your blood run cold And it goes back to my blood line When we tried to walk away But I want you"
  • Call On Me - Bangles, The
    "Bangles, The Doll Revolution Call On Me Well, if you're feeling down You know I'll be round And you know that you can call on me You'll wish you were dead Take a breath instead Yeah, take a piece of everything"
  • Take Me On - The Hellacopters
    "Come on, I want you, take me on Take me in, we should be long gone Been long looking, where have you been I'll kick down the door, if you don't let me in Take me on, take me in Roll up your sleeves and"
  • Call On Me - THE BANGLES
    "Well, if you're feeling down You know I'll be round And you know that you can call on me You'll wish you were dead Take a breath instead Yeah, take a piece of everything you see And you know that the world"
  • Growing On Me - The Darkness
    "I can't get rid of you I don't know what to do I don't even know who is growing on who 'Cos everywhere I go your there Can't get you out of my hair Can't pretend that I don't care - it's not fair I'm"

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