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The devil's

  • Devil's deal - The Zutons
    "I was sold a story with a new beginningI missed out the middle and came into an endThat was told by a man with a different postureTurn around and I'll meet you at the endI walk along think nothing can"
  • Devil's Advocate - The Neighbourhood
    "Trade the whip out for a bike Designer for soem nikes Switch the stripper for a wifr Black tie for a white T I’ve been moving lightspeed I don;t want to try Keep it cool like ice tea If i seem shy Cause"
  • Devil's Daughter - Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show
    "(R. Shulman/D. Goodman/M. Paul/B. Reneau) Her flaming eyes, cast an evil spell Her burning lips are the gates to hell Conceived out of fire Her daddy named her Desire Ain't no water, cool the fire of the"
  • Devil's Dime - Black Label Society
    "Fly so high Never, ain't never gonna die Hellbent, blitzkrieged Take what you want at will Hellbent, blitzkrieged Can't live unless you kill When you're living On the Devil's Dime Devil's Dime Everything's"
  • Devil's Nurse - J.J. Cale
    "(J.J. Cale) Down along the palm trees, in a south kind of bay There was a young woman, walked the beach every day She had long dark hair and a high heeled size She was full in the bosom, with dark brown"
  • Devil's haircut - Beck
    "Somethings wrong 'cause my mind is fading And everywhere I look there's a dead end waiting Temperatures dropping at the rotten qasis Stealing kisses from the leperous faces Heads are hanging from the garbage"
  • Devil's gate - Angel City
    "Red light, black street, dead man, still people I swear that I just heard my number Too late, no chance, last breath, cold panic Call the ambulance, somebody's falling The devil's calling Hear the hurricane,"
  • Devil's dice - U.D.O.
    "Jesus Christ was born like me in a stable His mom and dad did all that they were able How did they know which way he'd turn Didn't want to get their fingers burned To take which path from right or wrong"
  • Devil's food - Alice Cooper
    "Get ready for the lady She's gonna be a treat Simmer slightly 'til ready Make her soft too Make her sweet I kiss the tears off from your chest I felt the poison fright that's in your breath I knew your"
  • Devil's radio - George Harrison
    "Gossip, gossip Gossip, gossip I heard it in the night Words that thoughtless speak Like vultures swooping down below On the devil's radio I hear it through the day Airwaves gettin' filled With gossip broadcast"
  • Devil's Queen - Black Stone Cherry
    "Down on the muddy Banks of the bayou At Magdalen's moonlit cabaret Captain Creole's in all his glory Sipping whiskey and telling stories Let's hear the one about The Devil's Queen Welcome aboard The"
  • Devil's Island - Megadeth
    "The light that fill my lonely cell, Is blocked out by the key, That locks the door to this hell, The place they wanted me. Time's racing like the wind, Execution's near. Oh Lord, I wait for death, And"
  • Devil's River - Sinner
    "(Sinner, Naumann) I'm diving deep in devil's river I will find out if this curse is true About the storyteller's nightmare All these visions about youth Don't expect any mercy ... like Mary who died As"
  • Devil's Party - INXS
    "At the devil's party nothing's a sin At the devil's party we know where you've been If we're all right then tell me who's wrong The love in a war, where do we belong? I might believe it's love, you might"
  • Devil's Gate - Angels
    "(Brewster-Neeson-Brewster) Red light, black street, dead man, still people I swear that I just heard my number too late, no chance, last breath, cold panic call the ambulance, somebody's falling the devil's"
  • Devil's Candy - Gary Allan
    "(Harley Allen - Carson Chamberlain) Smoky old bars, bright neon lights Good ole boys and girls of the night An ice cold beer and a good shot of brandy I've always had a sweet tooth for the devil's candy. And"
  • Devil's Triangle - Primitive Radio Gods
    "One more animal One more vegetable One more loss of motor One more falling for One more silent shows Swimming in the devil's triangle One more wad of it, well Now we're getting close to the heart of it! One"
  • Devil's Daughter - Ozzy Osbourne
    "(Castillo - Daisley - Osbourne - Sinclair - Wylde) Well, I know where you live I know you live alone I'll pay a visit in your darkest hour I've got a treat in store Won't be the same no more And I will"
  • Devil's Rejects - Rob Zombie
    "I am the bad one, Distant and cruel one, I am the dream that, Keeps you running down, With distraction, Violent reaction, Scars of my actions, Watch me running out, Hell doesn't want them. Hell doesn't"
  • Devil's Son - DevilDriver
    "- Fire - - I am the one, I am the one that you need - I am the one, I am the one that you need - I am the one, I am the one - - The Devil's son has just begun - To shine, to shine - - I am the one to do"

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