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The elk tribe

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The elk tribe

  • Tribe - Soulfly
    "Zumbi e o senhor das guerras Zumbi e o senhor das demandas Quando zumbi chega E zumbi quem manda Zumbi e o senhor das guerras Zumbi e o senhor das demandas Quando zumbi chega E zumbi quem manda Zumbi e"
  • Tribe - Queensryche
    "(Jackson/Rockenfield/Tate/Wilton) Taken to a place underground, a cavern, ten thousand steps down. The only light was fire fly glow, reflecting in the blue crystal show. Feeling in the darkness surrounding"
  • Tribe - Sadist
    "treachery's years years of obscure death here comes the man that brings unknown disease, hate & deceit and noone's the owner of his own life anymore one life? it's war! one man. his war this scalp is"
  • The Silent Elk of Yesterday - Estradasphere
    "Guns, Scent destroyers, Chainsaw, Timber... And here I am destined north from here to colder climes, where a few might stand Beyond this ridge I go In search for fertile land. Soon you'll feel"
  • Strangest Tribe - Pearl Jam
    "It's five below in evidence. The winded eves and sideways snow. His eminence has yet to show. Follow the ageless tide. Follow the angled light. Follow the strangest tribe. I... I... I... It's 6:00 AM."
  • Chemical Tribe - Jerry Cantrell
    "Should I live so long To see 'em dropping bombs Hope I have you near Check out what comes after here...what comes after here Generation turned a chemical tribe Don't really care if we live or die Generation"
  • Peppermint Tribe - Saigon Kick
    "Yes, I come from the Peppermint Tribe where people come and then they die. To hail me. To hail me. With tomahawks of candy cane we split their heads and eat the brains. Hail me. Oh, hail me. All the while"
  • One Tribe - Black Eyed Peas
    "Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh! Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! Woah-oh-oh-oh-ooooh! Oh-woah-oh! One Tri... One Tri... One Tribe, One Time, One Planet, One Race Its all one blood, don't care about your face The color of your eye Or"
  • Noizy tribe - Initial D
    "Yo, yo, yo, yo, yoNow listen ya'll, what you waitin' for is the Noizy TribeWe're back!furi hodo kitakute hazusu mune SEEFUTII*yureru omoi wo tsukamaete sou KISS wo shitesou itsumo PURESSHAA gyuugyuu ni"
  • Dire Tribe - Gomez
    "Hello Feel much better on hashish or ephedrine Feel much better when I'm smoking a lot Feel much better on acid or mescaline Feel much better though somebody's not In their kitchens and ballrooms And"
  • Another Tribe - Robert Plant
    "Another tribe... another brother Torn between his lover and the gun Another god... another mother Weeps to justify the damage done I wonder through the lies and dirt I wonder, will the meek inherit all"
  • Violent Tribe - Pretty Maids
    "Join the crowd of leaches Outcast of the world Gathered are the species All the misfits of the earth The subhuman nation Terrifying scene Second hand civilisation Violent in extreme All are we covered"
  • My Tribe - Spleen United
    "It's an order that you can't let go It's an order that you trust too deeply now You put your head in the sea You put your head in the sea To see if the sea's bigger than me It's a company you can't let"
  • Unknown Tribe - Babylon Sad
    "Chained up all speeches and eeds A book, a god, that's all their needs Baptized under the voke of the ten Do you dare to destroy them I have decided and I think I should become a homosexual Murder and"
  • One Tribe - W.A.S.P.
    "Gimme peace, gimme hope Gimme love, love Just one life to be free Just one world live in peace One love, love Cause in a sea, feed my soul Save one world, save us all One love, love Lift my hands,"
  • Leave The Tribe - Stratovarius
    "Listen to what I have to say We could get out of here today I'll take you with me if you want to go New kid of place, just let me know I am a man, I'm not a child And I am free, 'cause I can feel We just"
  • Far Eastern Tribe - Rize
    "JAH! Give me the power START! Shine the tower TRIBE from the Far East! We are the tribe from the Far East TRIBE TRIBE from the Far East! JAH! Give me the power STAR! Shine the tower We came far from"
  • Tribe Of Eternity - Catamenia
    "Shallow is the talent to see the future Where waiting silently to your own murder We tear down your memory as ruler Cold winds run with us to new dawn We came from north, The Tribe of Eternity Our blood"
  • Among His Tribe - Ween
    "He would step out of the night and light a fire among his tribe Carving from a bear's tooth, he used the flesh to feed the youth He'd salt it down... Sails were made from darkened hide, fish were caught"
  • The tribe of love - Xuxa

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