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The end where we start

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The end where we start

  • Where We Start - David Gilmour
    "(Gilmour) Where we start is where we end We step out sweetly, nothing planned Along by the river we feed bread to the swans And then over the footbridge to the woods beyond We walk ourselves weary, you"
  • Where To Start - Houston Calls
    "So one night she phones me - I'm cornered in the living room we're speaking of impending doom. We exchange sad goodbyes - where did all the feelings go? Couldn't we have just said no? Why can't we have,"
  • Start To End - Sons And Daughters
    "There is nothing left to prove We'll stand on our heads And shake out the news Silently we go down Never hand in hand It's my design And when words are failing I'm useless yet I continue in What has passed Can"
  • Miss The Start, Miss The End - Sparks
    "(Ron Mael) Neither has a predilection, Neither has an afterthought and neither chair gets warm at all and Neither takes their jacket off For this they'll pay the same money to see the event as you and"
  • Start The End Again - Flee The Seen
    "And you said, you said now this is it I'm so sick, so sick and reluctant constant collisions never ending indecisions and I said, I said now this is it I'm so sick, so sick of redundant constant"
  • Start Living - Alabama
    "He just can't wait to graduate, he's marking time and counting days He'll toss that cap and watch that tassel fly So he can start living, yeah, finally start living 'Cause he's got big plans and he'll"
  • Before We Start - McGruff
    "Chorus (mary brown singing) Before we start f**kin', I wanna know if this is right, or is it only For one night Tell me, before I get open, I wanna know what's on your mind, baby don't Waste my time Verse"
  • End - Korn
    "(Mike) Hi it okay if I come over and look at your exhaust manifold on yourdodge dart I got a piece of missing somewhere on mine and I'm not sure whatit is I want to see what you got on yours...Throttle"
  • Start Angry... End Mad - Moneen
    "Screw you and die I hope you burn. You think your worth more that you earned. Your nothing your worthless excpet for these verses. Out with the new in with the old (die die die die....... ) Honestly"
  • Where Did It Start - Hanson
    "Where did it start? Why? What does it matter? We're far beyond The place that we started No time of mind To chase after fault We know that time is so Much of what's lost To a child born With something"
  • Where We Begin And Where I End - Showbread
    "Is it time that I said some things that I've been meaning to say? I gather up the words, and I can't seem to gather up a way it's just that I hoped there would be something more when I think of us, and"
  • The Way We Were/Where Do You Start? - Maureen McGovern
    "...Can it be that it was all so simple then Or has time rewritten every line? If we had the chance to do it all again, Tell me, would we, Could we... Where do you start? How do you separate the present"
  • Where You End - Moby
    "Some things fall apart Some things makes you hold Something that you find Are beyond your control I love you and you're beautiful You write your own songs But if the right part is leaving Turned out to"
  • Between The End And Where We Lie - Thrice
    "Is this everything, I've dreamed of so much more between the end and where we lie here all our hopes and dreams are scavenged from the floor and fed into machines that feed on vacant eyes all of my dreams,"
  • The End Where I Begin - The Script
    "Sometimes tears say all There is to say Sometime your first Scars wont ever fade, away Tried to break my heart Well it's broke Tried to hang me high Well I'm choked Wanted rain on me Well I'm soaked Soaked"
  • Can We Start Again - Bane
    "Can we start again Go back to what it meant back then Open minds and open hearts The things that set us apart Was it more than words And do they still apply Do you still believe Well so do I I was a"
  • The End - McFly
    "Kicking off is the hardest part Nothings certain at the start Letting go, so something can begin Figure out how to get our life Leave tomorrow, live tonight Gotta throw, throw your heart right in Cause"
  • Where The Streets End - Your Hero
    "Just let yourself be embraced by a brighter light 'n leave the only road you have walked you won't believe your eyes I'm not where you can find me 'cause I walked through that door 'n now I've just met"
  • Start Of The Day - Ocean Colour Scene
    "I want to know how it feels to be Alone as it appears to me As the start of the day is the end of the night So the end of the night is the start of the day I know that its true because everybody knew Before"
  • WHERE TO START - Lou Doillon
    "I wouldn’t know Where to start If you ever asked me If I ever be kind to say So it’s than Your proposal to me The front seat … To It’s seams pointless to explain I just give a start If only you’ve noticed If"

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