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The exit is near

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The exit is near

  • Exit - Nuno Bettencourt
    "Can't find the way to stop the pain Wracking my brain is working overtime Why am I sleep inside your lap you drain my blood and watch it overflow again You're not my friend You're a wicked enemy of who"
  • Exit - Faye Wong
    "Heard that doomsday will arrive in 1999 When that time comes we must get married and have a child Let God take him to heaven before he commits too many sins Perhaps we could take some credit for it I have"
  • Exit - And One
    "Living under artifical light Living in the past Too many promises every night Who's the first and who's the last Your time has come That's the destiny The damage is done How should it be Can't you see"
  • Exit - Longwave
    "Little thing little thing What are you goning to do i'm drawn into your big black pool it comes in waves it comes in waves the waves could pull me in im blocked inside your ghost again and here's"
  • Exit - Limp
    "Seen it all before Not like this Not my trip This is what I saw Saw the lot of you Doing things Saying things And in front of me You didn't seem to care who was there What was heard it affected"
  • Exit - Boy Kill Boy
    "Teacher fool me now Tell me something I don't know Give me warning signs It's a lie I already know Yeah yeah yeah Tell me stories of old About the kings and queens so bold Teach me lullabies And"
  • Near - Embrace
    "You would be wrongs for a tale so sadTo end upon a note just like thatHappy lost and still unawareThrow your worries down with your caresAll I've got to show me I'm goodIs the fight I've got what i do"
  • Emergency Exit - Beck
    "14 miles away from a landfill grave Never pawned my watch and chain To the landlord living inside my head Never paid my rent till the lights went dead Then I saw my sign comin up the road A dead ditch"
  • The Exit - Forgive Durden
    "''Adakias'' Look at that which surrounds me I'm supposed to call this home? The Dark has become so overwhelming So why don't I just go? ''Sangara'' Why can't you just be more like your brother? Together"
  • Exit Wounds - The Script
    "My hands are cold, my body's numb Im still in shock, what have you done? My head is pounding, my visions blurred Your mouth is moving, I don't hear a word And I hurt so bad, that I search my skin For"
  • Hope is near - Carpe Tenebrum
    "Burning across the plainsAlways before, riding for the seaAbzu we callSatan there's a way a way for us allWe fight today, natures call revive Revive the sea for not we are bornWe shall be free, our service"
  • Exit Only - Fugazi
    "Exuent. This is three minute axcess, So pop the question. Will we leave the last place burning? Or do we just get leaving? Red-light, red-light my mind moves to refuse that filter, Are you still"
  • Exit Signs - Autopilot Off
    "She knows how to tidy up She keeps it picture perfect You won't find one thing out of place She knows how to stay hush-hush She can keep a secret Locked up and hidden far away Something inside is bleeding I"
  • Another Exit - Secret Discovery
    "my heart beats faster, the world is turning round and round, the edge comes closer, another exit to be found, my voice sounds weaker, I call your name but you don't hear, feel like an angel, I'm flying... high,"
  • Exit Paradise - Epidemic
    "Day of exit, forever stained The final choice to pass the pain Racing heartbeat, panicked breath To trade useless life for death Passage out, strength caves in Dismal flame flickers from the din Thread"
  • Last Exit - Pearl Jam
    "lives opened and trashed..."look ma, watch me crash"... no time to question...why'd nothing last... grasp and hold on...we're dyin' fast... soon be over...and i will relent... let the ocean swell, dissolve"
  • The end is near - The Unseen
    "IntroLet us not feel an ounce of remorseWhen the time comes and the brainsBehind the muscle get what they fucking deserve!!!!!News broadcasts ratings grow.War and scandal do you wannaknow. How many people"
  • Exit Wound - Royal Hunt
    "It's been around for a while... that sign of a new beginning I tried to let it all slide - no way, my mind keeps spinning Some of the choices I've made's been haunting me forever as trying hard to persuade"
  • Winnetka exit - Styles Of Beyond
    "Ayo, I got no cash, no money, funds, no dividendsHow come all these people got so much money to spendWhile I'm cruisin inside of my broken down Honda AccordWishin I had a dollar bill to throw in the tankbut"
  • No Exit - Akinyele
    "I wanna get out this relationship But I'm scared that my man will flip He always swears how he's gonna kill me And fill me with the bullets from his clip I met her in Queens her personality was"

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