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The fall og jake pail

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The fall og jake pail

  • Jake Jeckel - ICP
    "Boom shaka boom (Ha ha ha!)Boom boom boomBoom shaka boom (Ha ha ha!)Boom boom boomLlllladys and gentlemen meet your guardianYour keepers of morals...hahaha kindnessThe path to Shangri-La is led by heeeee"
  • Jake - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    "The boy gets crazy when he's sittin' at the bar Don't you mess with Jake don't you push him to far Rot gut whiskey and home made wine Make a good country boy just lose his mind Like a run away train rollin'"
  • Og - Argyle Park
    "Ricky, I've got the dog food for ya, and ahh, your a good kid, so stay out of trouble. The rain man is coming. I'm on the train. I'm on the train. There are three people on the train. ..... Where are you?"
  • Jake - Lisa Loeb
    "i'm going as far as i can go, away from here, away from you, jake, and the hole you've sunk me into. i wish that i could belong here, with you, and just be, but that's not all that i'm about. your life"
  • Garbage Pail Kids - Benefit
    "Cranky Franky, Fat Head Fred, Little Ed Saliva Susie's head was an incredible red Spit dripping down her chin, I wanted to hit it I grabbed her tit, she was too slow, she didn't get it But in a minute"
  • Blue Pail Fever - Woven Hand
    "Thy will be done Here on this highway In every house and field I pray All in meekness yield Aided by want Among stranger people To disgrace so soon I've come Drift like sleep Into the hotel montana Lay"
  • OG Honeymoon Ave - Ariana Grande
    "Looked in my rear view mirror and It’s seemed to make a lot more sense Than what I see ahead of us, ahead of us I'm ready to make that turn Before we both crash and burn Coz that could be the death of"
  • Feed Jake - Pirates Of The Mississippi
    "I'm standing at the crossroads in life, and I don't know where to go. You know you've got my heart babe, but my music's got my soul. Let me play it one more time, I'll tell the truth and make it rhyme, And"
  • Old Jake - Chris LeDoux
    "Now old Jake was a cowboy he'd worked his whole life on the range And he could rope, and he could ride with any man just half his age Old Jake was my hero and me I was just a green kid And I prayed that"
  • Jake Summers - Fight Like Apes
    "Bought a present for my guy I bought him a pair of second hand boots Those boots were white not pink He liked to think, that he wore them well He took them to the park, he wore them out And played with"
  • OG Bitch - Esthero
    "I am the original bitch I am the original whore I am the girl that you just won't admit you adore I am the original witch I am the original whore I am the girl that you just won't admit you adore I suppose"
  • The Garbage Pail Kid Gang Bang - Jonny Craig
    "All that's left is my heavy breathing, a place where my head spins, Everything in between has come out, it's calling me up, it's calling me, Do you think I ever cared? Let me prove you all wrong. Before"
  • Jake The Peg - Rolf Harris
    "I'm Jake the Peg, deedle eedle eedle um, With my extra leg, deedle eedle eedle um. Wherever I go through rain and snow, The people always let me know: There's Jake the Peg, deedle eedle eedle um, With"
  • Get up, Jake - The Band
    "Get up, Jake, t's late in the mornin'The rain is pourin' and we got work to doGet up, Jake, there's no need a-lyin'You tell me that you're dyin', but I know it's not trueNow, me and JakeWe work down on"
  • Get Up, Jake - Band, The
    "Band, The The Band Get Up, Jake (chorus:) A bm Get up, jake, it's late in the mornin' D a The rain is pourin' and we got work to do. Bm Get up, jake, there's no need a-lyin', D a You tell"
  • Land Of Youth (Tir Nan Og) - Tuatha De Danann
    "Different colours, wonderful flowers standing on my way... A briliant music sounding form the grass yeah... I fell the embrace of land, the birds are singing on my back What marvellous road I'm walking"
  • Gubben og gamla - M2M
    "VERSE 1 Gubben og Gamla l og dro, og ikke fikk opp rota Men hadde de hatt han Enball her, s hadde de ftt opp rota Og Enball kom og Enball dro, Enball og Gubben og Gamla l og dro, og ikke fikk opp rota"
  • Born An O.G. - Ace Hood
    "I wake up and got 4 or 5 bitches in the bed Smokin weed, Drinkin liquor by da keg I was born an O.G. if yaint heard about me I put 4 or 5 bullets in ya head Yea, Luda! As if the gilatene chopped off"
  • Bonnie og Clyde - Nordstr?m
    "Vinden i dit hr Vores vingesus Over stok og sten I en lykkerus Lugten af benzin Et gammelt blandet bnd Fra midten af 90 Med Always on the run Baby ta min hnd Intet ka stoppe os nu Vi fuldstndig fri Intet"
  • My brother Jake - Free
    "My brother Jake,Hat, shades,Head in a daze.My brother Jake,Have you though aboutChangin' your ways?He goes outHe don't have no doubtHe don't have to knowWhat the world's about.My brother Jake,Head, down,It's"

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