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The far we will

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The far we will

  • How Far Will We Go - Kip Winger
    "First season alone Drinking dirty water Forced out of her home No rich man's daughter Now she braves the cold But fears the loneliness I don't blame her And I know this means nothing to ya And I know"
  • So Far We Are - French Kicks
    "When I find me alone for a while I don't mind When I feel I'm at home I can stand I can see so far When you find me at the main gate Alright, alright And you see me walk around that way All night, all"
  • We Will Fall - The Stooges
    "Oh gi ran ja ran ja ja ran.... Tonight I'll hold myself tight I won't fight, I won't fight Then I whisper to me Then I whisper to me Then I 'll lay right down and I 'll lay right down on my back"
  • Far - Diesel
  • Far - Udora
    "Cut my heartDrowned my fearsTorn that pageI just know I'm goneBlind to the touch of your eyesI meant to save the reasonWhen I had to say goodbye'Cause I followed the leading role of the deceivedI hoped"
  • Far Away - Across The Border
    "Faraway run, run Johnny, faraway faraway run, run Johnny, faraway but not today, not tomorrow or any other day will you find a solution if you only run away Now I wanna sing a song of a good old friend"
  • We Will Fall - Iggy Pop
    "Oh gi ran ja ran ja ja ran.... Tonight I'll hold myself tight I won't fight, I won't fight Then I whisper to me Then I whisper to me Then I 'll lay right down And I 'll lay right down On my back On my"
  • We All, Us Three, Will Ride - Will Oldham
    "In a small far room the bed is set With trinkets all surrounding Yet lone it rests, so dry it sets With souls aside abiding There moves legs warm and close inside No, no leg braces a hello And pictures"
  • Will - The Dresden Dolls
    "i won't try to explain what i cannot understand it's a bird it's a plane it's a one night stand if i only we could ride far enough i'd forget you altogether it's a bluff there is no way i could not remember don't"
  • Too far - Scorpions
    "I wanna read in your eyes That you mean yes when you say no I wanna take a step across that line Till you can feel my love You opened the door and it hits to the core Ain't got no pearls or diamond rings I"
  • Far Away - Cut Copy
    "One thing that I just can't conceive Is how to let you go. And if you will stay here with me Then we will always know. We will find out As we change about. Is this the last part? Here is when we shout: One"
  • Feels Far - Nikki Hassman
    "You must believe And wait patiently These are the words That you say to me Well, you say We are growing close You say close, but I say... Ooohhh, Ooohhh baby, feels far Ooohhh, Ooohhh baby, feels far Tell"
  • Far Away - Scorpions
    "(Rudolf Schenker, Michael Schenker, Klaus Meine) Take your hand and you take my hand Let's try to learn to fly Here what I say, here what I say Dream and close your eyes Too much hate Too much hate So"
  • Far Away - Crimson Glory
    "Sleep my lady Wake and do not shed a tear for me You knew someday that I would have to leave you Lonely highway Morning sun will find me far away You know that if I could I would stay with you I'm on my"
  • Far Away - Helloween
    "We are gifted to be scared We need stacks of weapons to survive Marching for religious reasons Marching on and on to save our lives When will it have an end How can we live in harmony How can I understand"
  • Far Away - Caffeine
    "Guess we're back, and this is how we'll start it Back on track and we will never lose it We won't wait, this is how it's gonna be So sit down, you weren't paying attention Feet on ground, this is our"
  • Far Behind - Eddie Vedder
    "Take leave in conscious mind Found myself to be so inclined Why sleep in discontent... For the price of companionship My shadow runs with me Underneath the big white sun My shadow comes with me as we"
  • Far Away - Power Quest
    "(Words and Music - Williams) Legend tells a secret, buried deep in time A may to free our people, to free them from these crimes Lost beneath fountain, across the distant sea We'll journey there together"
  • Far Along - Pushover
    "Do you bother To get it right when I screw up Or is it just fine I can't be both the Guys you wanted me to be Or should I grow up And should I say I'm wrong It all seems just fine When I move far along I"
  • Far Away - Folly
    "Die my heart, I'm here again. I've been alone again. And without you here, there's just so much to say. The loneliest of times may come when I talk to you but you're not there. There's no way out now,"

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