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The haka the all blackd

  • The Haka - The All Blacks
    "Leader KA MATE! KA MATE! We're going to die! We're going to die! We were at war Chorus KA ORA, KA ORA! We're going to"
  • Toast To Our Differences (feat. Shungudzo, Protoje & Hak Baker) - Rudimental
    "I wanna live in the ... as far i wonder where that is who makes the rules in the … I wander how it happens without cool kids presidents and thought case and elephants I wanna .. I wonder how that’s"
  • All the wine - The National
    "I'm put together beautifullyBig wet bottle in my fist, big wet rose in my teethI'm perfect piece of assLike every CalifornianSo tall I take over the street, with highbeams shining on my backA wingspan"
  • All The Things - The Byrds
    "(Roger McGuinn and Jacques Levy) See the sun how bright it is It never was before See the sun it shines right through My door but no ones's there I see warm smiles I never gave Reflecting in the air All"
  • All the love - The Moffatts
    "Broke my heartwhen you walked awayMiss you more than words can sayI stare at the walls erased by the painAnd all that she was a picture in a frameCome back is more than I could ask of youI could never"
  • All The Time - The Strokes
    "Those that try anything once Should we care about the only ones? All the time that I need is never quite enough All the time that I have is all that’s necessary You’re livin’ a lie, You’re livin’ a lie, You’re"
  • All The Way - The Ramones
    "Feedback blasting out my ears. Makes me So high. I love all the monitor men. But why are they alive. The van is making Me crazy. It's just like being in the navy. Doomsday, doomsda's coming- 1981. But"
  • All The Roses - The Haxans
    "I wrote a letter to your father he said “he ain’t no son of mine” (he) says you’re born a bad seed that’s why all his roses died you paint me flowers but your blood never dries so you stole me some roses but"
  • All The Answers - The Moffatts
    "You know, you know all the answers To my questions, I have asked I have touched you You're all around me You frustrate me Just delete me chorus Some people are afraid of you But I'm not (I'm not) I'm"
  • All The Wars - The Pineapple Thief
    "(Promo for the title track from 'All the Wars', The Pineapple Thief's new studio album on Kscope.) I am still frightening find out the way The promise, your promise form wishing the And all the wars"
  • All The Love - The Other Ones
    "(Oh) Are you? Are you now? Free of me Somehow Now we Where'd you go? Where the pain Just won't show CHORUS All the love we had (oo) All we ever had (oo, how I still do care) All the love we had (oo) All"
  • All The Time - The 7th Guest
    "He wakes up in the afternoon And there's no reason to get out of bed No reason to open his eyes And a fairy appears to him then "Wake up you lazy bum and go on a quest You have nothing left to lose So"
  • All The Memories - The Classic Crime
    "I can't stop killing the songs you like You look at me with eyes That could beat the sunrise in a contest No question Well, talk to all the others And bring me back to earth I'm thankful for your mother"
  • All The Wrong Reasons - All-4-One
    "All-4-One All-4-One...Has Left The Building All The Wrong Reasons Got this information I don want to act upon Taking advantage of the situation would be wrong All the wrong reasons I give myself away Every"
  • All The Way - Kicked In The Head
    "somehow this weight has pulled me down here. i miss your wisdom and advice. am i left spitting up this time again. how can i open all these eyes. so many questions left unanswered left me bleeding will"
  • All the rage - Blood on the dance floor
    "A verse is not written, it is bled Out've the poets of strict head Words drip the poem on the page Out've his grief, delight, and rage Like like like a trend, you'll just just fade away Your name name"
  • All The Same - Queens Of The Stone Age
    "I saw you in a way But thats another life Maybe theyre the same I wonder where you are Yesterday is gone But it aint far away I guess its far enough Im older in my head My innocents is gone I have the"
  • All The Rings 'round Saturn - All About Eve
    "All About Eve Miscellaneous All The Rings 'round Saturn For all the rings 'round saturn I wouldn't change the pattern of my life And if every star above me Told me that they loved me Then their love i"
  • The End Of All Things - Wired All Wrong
    "Count your stars in the sky Cross my heart, hope to die In the beginning of what we knew What was true And the girl was dancing Floating through the air Romancing Floating away, floating away Yeah, yeah,"
  • All The Lucky People - The Adicts
    "Goodness gracious Mrs Smith's a very lucky lady. Paints her toe nails rainbow colours and her hair is green. She won the lottery and shared her fortune with a sailor. They're so happy on their little"

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