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The mesiah will come again

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The mesiah will come again

  • The Messiah Will Come Again - Roy Buchanan
    "just a smile, just a glance the prince of darkness he just walked past there's been a lot of evil there've been a lot of sayin' but this time I'm gonna tell it my way: There was a town Strange, lonely"
  • Love Will Come Again - Talisman
    "There's someone cryin alone again Involuntary tears fall, sans the reason The final hour just keeps reviving No hope 2 warm your heart from the freezin' The old cliche passed from time 2 time Acknowledge"
  • Yesterday Will Come Again Tonight - Loretta Lynn
    "(Glenn Ray - Jeremiah Stone) I make my way through every day just because it's there I've learned to live without your love but I can't learn not to care And all the hurt I left for you won't make my"
  • Come Again - Staind
    "What the fuck You push yourself on me You Force yourself on me You Free yourself through me You'd better save yourself from me Every time you want me to be Something I could never be You'll have to wait"
  • Come Again - General Public
    "there's been so much eye for an eye now i can't tell which cheek to turn look how we double deal just to keep the pack at bay ah now i'm asking the whys & whens he's coming back for a second term and i'm"
  • Come Again - Saigon
    "(Verse 1) Nukka Saigon where'd you get that FLOW You better get in there and get that DOUGH All over the world, god, it's kids that KNOW You remember in South click we did that SHOW Only had one mic"
  • He Will Come - Rhodes Happy
    "(4:07) Percussion and Keys: H. Rhodes, Kevin Bartlett Guitar: Chuck D'Aloia She walked into the room His wine spilled upon the floor Something 'bout the way she dreamed Made his ship come ashore Her eyes"
  • Don't Come Again - Fiddler's Green
    "The first place that I saw my love, it was at a ball I looked at her, I gazed at her, far above them all But aye she looked on me with scorn and disdain And the bonny wee lassie's answer was to no come"
  • Will They Come - Tiamat
    "Will they come And alight the skies anew? The night is young And so are you Is it true what they say Behind this walls? Tonight We'll see for real Do these mornings ever come? Will we ever see this days"
  • Tomorrow Will Come - Trish Thuy Trang
    "*Chorus* As time goes by everyday of my life How I long for yesterday Slowly years have gone and come And I know that you'll wait for me till the end Looking back on days of the past that we had so long"
  • Time Will Come - Shaaman
    "Times are coming back When nights are getting longer And I can read the promise In your mind To yourself again, that you will Play the strong one But you burn inside, bleed inside - And you remain the"
  • Come Alive Again - Brother Cane
    "(Johnson, Frederiksen) If there was a time, to take my hands And cover my eyes Now, I won't pretend, that I feel nothing Sorry again I reach for another rhyme, I had my reasons To keep it inside And gone,"
  • The Sun Will Come - Unified Theory
    "You scream a lot, even when I close the door You glare in hope that this won't help to end it all End it all The sun will come, Peeling back the veil The sun will come And pull me out of hell The stream"
  • The day will soon come - Anjulie
    "lalalalala lalalalala x4 Well I dont know just how to tell you this in a telephone call from so far that Im never coming back say you dont understand one day youll understand why, Im never coming back some"
  • The Day Will Come Soon Come - Anjulie
    "lalalalala lalalalala x4 Well I dont know just how to tell you this in a telephone call from so far that Im never coming back say you dont understand one day you'll understand why, Im never coming back some"
  • Come Again - Thornley
    "As a child I found myself alone Always walking in defense Here they come again All I want to do was just get home But I'm pinned to the fence But here they come again I walked home all alone All this and"
  • Come Again - Beenie Man
    "Dong! Dong! Ziggy! Anyway! Zong diggy diggy dong dong diggy siggy dong dong diggy diggy dong dong dong dong Zong diggy diggy dong dong diggy siggy dong dong diggy diggy dong dong dong dong Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!"
  • Come again - Venice
    "I was a loner cruisin with the windI wasn't looking when you pulled me inI had to leave you, like i always didYou knew damn well i'd come againNow i'm falling, where i've never beenMy resistance is wearing"
  • Come Again - Dallas Crane
    "No I don't know your name I don't mind if you feel the same Come again you know you're welcome anytime I couldn't find a better woman if I tried Fools gold fools me no more It's all mime that I've seen"
  • Come Again - Sting
    "(John Dowland) Come again! sweet love doth now invite Thy graces that refrain To do me due delight, To see, to hear, to touch, to kiss, to die, With thee again in sweetest sympathy. Come again! that"

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