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The noisettes

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The noisettes

  • Mind The Gap - Noisettes
    "Please give up this space To someone worthy Of course we are not worthy To rest our bones Ignore the human race At your peril Although magazine values Are all around I see tired and deflated faces What"
  • Don't Upset The Rhythm - Noisettes
    "Chorus: Don't upset the rhythm though Don't upset the rhythm Don't upset the rhythm though Don't upset the rhythm Verse 1: The time is right Th' sun is sleeping in the sky Free old mine You never know"
  • Sister Rosetta (Capture The Spirit) - Noisettes
    "She's a caged animal London by night Crashing lights and cymbals Queens of twilight And if I was you I'd use the loo Before the long drive We complement each other Just like Satan and Christ Baby, when"
  • The Count Of Monte Christo - Noisettes
    "So the Count of Monte Christo Threw the cape over his head Gave me a penny for my thoughts But wouldn't get no change, just Old aged rhythmns They were singing in his brain for A mechanical crusade tried"
  • Winner - Noisettes
    "The eagle has landed The butterfly is out of her cocoon It ain’t like I planned it But lately I’m shining like the moon I tell you something about turning doors Too many questions will kill the surprise After"
  • Hierarchy - Noisettes
    "Where did my brave side go? T'was beaten by thieves Who snatched with no hands Said they promised to Take us to enchanted lands And I hope you understand Like falling leaves From the sky we'd never touch"
  • Bridge To Canada - Noisettes
    "How love can conquer The most reluctant souls I'll take my chances If you give back what you stole Let me give you a spade To dig your merry hole I dig your smile too And you dig my poker face I couldn't"
  • Horses (Charlie Francis Version) - Noisettes
    "I see horses now, take me with you As the night crawls near, move closer dear Is this dream or fake got me trough it Your my ocean of wishes Ocean of wishes no, no, no I see horses take me with you As"
  • Scratch Your Name - Noisettes
    "Inside spotlight Fire is burning in my eyes 2025 There'll be fantasy costumes for your sign We had a deal We had a sign We had a feel that was broken I'm not fooling around, fooling around Over hills"
  • Nothing To Dread - Noisettes
    "Don't be scared no, no We ain't prepared no, no Dreamt of ventures and Woke up to the sound of the trenches you dig in my mind Ah, you've got a lot to learn What's a kingdom To the man who has sold off"
  • I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) - Noisettes
    "Clock strikes upon the hour and the sun begins to fade Still enough time to figure out how to chase my blues away I've done alright up till now it's the light of day that shows me how And when the night"
  • Angry Angels - Noisettes
  • Don't Give Up - Noisettes
    "Sometimes they'll want to cut you down Better scratch that itch, 'cause the time is now They tell you that you got to have a heart of steel If you want to keep up, can you afford to feel? When the system's"
  • Speedhorn - Noisettes
    "I was standing on the corner of my dream Faces getting hotter Temperature is rising up inside of my soul Like a madman's daughter. The time is right and so am I Come and fly into the night sky brother,"
  • Burn - Noisettes
    "So you're in a fix Bones brittle as sticks Who had your fire at? Thus you've been bad When you're in the mood, in the mood You're about to bust your fuse Who tore your wires out Yes you've been burned,"
  • Signs - Noisettes
    "Where were they I do not know Where are we now and does it show We grow big small but sometimes we stay the same Love is all I have to give I was not born alone Those little things, those precious things"
  • Monte Christo - Noisettes
    "I saw the count of monte christo, threw the cape over his head. He gave me a penny for my thoughts but wouldn't get no change. Just old age rythms, they were singing in his brain for, a mechanical crusade tried"
  • Never Fall In Love Again - Noisettes
    "I will never fall in love again This time I speak the truth A broken heart is hard to bear So I will conclude Since I can't have you I will never fall in love again I wrote this song and I'm a man That"
  • Cannot Even (Break Free) - Noisettes
    "You are alone, that's that Nobody's home inside your head You cannot even speak Think everybody thinks you're a freak And you wish you could be On a magic carpet Yes you wish you could be Ever so transported"
  • For All We Know - Noisettes
    "For all we know we may never meet again Before you go make this moment sweet again We won't say "Good night" until the last minute I'll hold out my hand and my heart will be in it For all we know this"

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