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The pack a.d

  • The Pack - Meliah Rage
    "As this day of hell comes to an end Hear the pack emerse, from their den See them moving towards your mighty prey See the closing in, your final day They can sense your fear, deep inside You're their prey"
  • Back pack - The Rocket Summer
    "For about four years Ive hated this town Theres so much I just want to get out Since graduation was long ago Please somebody get me out of this hole Cause I dont want to get stuck in here When I am thirty-four"
  • Patriotic Pack - Across The Border
    ""My friend" come to the end, fuck off I'm sick of your words and the way you shout loud "I'm proud, I'm proud" proud to be a German and proud to be white but your eyes aren't blue, what a shame, oh look"
  • Rat Pack - Sick Of It All
    "You wanna jump me in the pack Rat Pack, rat pack My crew has got my back Rat pack, rat pack Been through this shit before Rat pack, rat pack Now you've got a fucking war Rat pack, rat pack I got my pride,"
  • Six Pack - Black Flag
    "''I got a six pack and nothing to do I got a six pack and I don't need you'' $35 and a six pack to my name SIX PACK! Spent the rest on beer so who's to blame SIX PACK! They say I'm fucked up all the time SIX"
  • Go Pack - Sunspot
    "In the frozen trunda of Titletown, we don't even miss kickoff for Mass, Winning is the only thing we know, and we'll play every game like it's our last. When we see the green and gold, We say Go Pack! When"
  • 6-pack - Dead Man Ray
    "1 number 1 is a speed limit when youre driving a trotinette 2 number 2 is the birthday cake that set your playhouse on fire 3 number 3 is your mother naked asking for a coconut 4 number 4 is a low resolution"
  • Fashion Pack - Lear Amanda
    "It was night and suddenly I felt like dancing I took a cab to show me to the disco scene He said: o.k., you wanna see those crazy. people Hastling at the door to get into Studio 54 Well, I was in and everybody"
  • Fashion Pack - Amanda Lear
    "It was night and suddenly I felt like dancing I took a cab to show me to the disco scene he said: o.k. you wanna see those crazy people hastling at the door to get into Studio 54. Well I was in and everybody"
  • Jet pack - Eve
    "Youre the one stepping on the back of my shoes Youre the one using me as a muse Youre the one with the jet pack strapped to your back ready to go Its you and her and nobody else the lights are low and"
  • Pack Up - Eliza Doolittle
    "I get tired And upset And I'm trying to care a little less When I google I only get depressed I wast taught to dodge those issues I was told Don't worry There's no doubt There's always something to cry"
  • Rat Pack - Helltrain
    "Fuck off, what do you want? Like a fistfull of metal we hunt We're the bastards of your dreams - A mean machine, we always come clean A mean pack of sinners, no saints - Sons of Satan and black is our"
  • Pack Up - Lyrics Born
    "From the gate what you know about rapping motherfucker You can't even hold the microphone without it feedbacking Since the days of speed rapping I've been snapping cats spinal bones (em)barras them in"
  • Wolf Pack - La'Chat
    "(DJ Paul) Talking AUUUUUU!! Wolfpack, GET DOWN BITCH! GET ON THE MUTHA F**KIN GROUND HOE! HYPNOTIZE GOT DAMN POSSE IN YO HOUSE BITCH! Gangsta Boo,Crunchy Blac,Lord Infamous,DJ Paul,Juicy J,La Chat and"
  • Cigarette Pack - Bad Acid Trip
    "We are your sex toys Plastic cunts and rubber dongs Helping your imagination to grow nice and strong Give you a ticket to the possibilities Cuz society would rather you hide your fantasies We are your"
  • Pack The Pipe - The Pharcyde
    "(I dedicate this to buddah...this is our song dedicated to smokin' weed, 'cause we smoke lots of mad weed all the time...mad mad Tre, Tre since we smoke a lot of mad got what you want"
  • Leading The Pack - Krokus
    "We've got a damned good reason for livin' A damned good reason to be We bring you back wild nights of pleasure We'd like to set your souls free The bus is back on the road again And we don't spare no gas We're"
  • Flat-Pack Philosophy - The Buzzcocks
    "I'm cracking up can't take the strain From heaven to hell and back again And so each night I say a prayer Someone to love someone to care Hold on Why am I here ? What are we living for ? All of my hopes,"
  • Star A.D. - Faith No More
    "Star A.D. See tomorrow dreamin' You don't need your freedom Star A.D. A little joke that's understood It's all over the world A little joke that's understood It's all over and over and over! And dying"
  • Star A.D - Faith No More
    "Star A.D. See tomorrow dreamin' You don't need your freeom Star A.D. A little joke that's understood All over the world A little joke that's understood It's all over and over and over and over And dying"

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