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The red jumpsuit apparatus - Valentines day

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The red jumpsuit apparatus - Valentines day

  • Valentines - Ultimate Fakebook
    "Don't have to see to know, Don't have to feel the ledge to leap, Don't have to light the way, To stumble on and trip up solo. Don't have to fall so low, To know it's all out of your reach, Don't have"
  • Valentines Day - Urban Rock
    "Lovehearts exchanging with tongues passing movement Making the single ones eke Searching the streets for cupids spare arrow Because my future looks bleak Down-trodden luck in self centred answers When"
  • Valentines day - Alkaline Trio
    "Alkaline Trio Miscellaneous Valentines day So where'd you go How was you're vacation home? Well obviously you were busy Too busy for me So this how you leave me? I'm broken hearted on the floor My tears"
  • Jumpsuit - TWENTY ONE PILOTS
    "i can’t believe how much i hate pressures of a new place roll y way Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me i crumble underneath the weight pressures of a new place roll y way Jumpsuit,"
  • Luscious Apparatus - Recoil
    "LUSCIOUS APPARATUS (Wilder / Estep) Carla was on her break from the graveyard shift at the mayonnaise factory She sat at a teetering picnic table, there was a toxic orange moon and it was slightly cold Carla"
  • Happy Valentines Day - Outkast
    "My name is cupid valentino The modern day cupid And I just wanna say one thing Happy Valentines Day (Everyday the 14th!) I don't think ya'll heard me, I just wanna say Happy Valentines Day (Everyday the"
  • Blue Valentines - Tom Waits
    "She sends me blue valentines All the way from philadelphia To mark the anniversary Of someone that I used to be And it feels just like theres A warrant out for my arrest Got me checkin in my rearview mirror And"
  • No Valentines - Elton John
    "No more Valentine's Day No more Christmas cards I've thrown them all away No more sequined stars No birthday wishes No more surprises Who needs them anyway No reason to get excited Yes I gave you everything I"
  • Valentines '98 - Alisha's Attic
    "(Poole/Martin/Poole) I gave you sympathy I gave you apathy I gave you honesty I gave you all of me It's Valentine's Day And what did I buy you? I wrapped up all the love we had And threw it in your face Coz"
  • The Saint Valentines Day Massacre - My Awesome Mixtape
    "Shiny happy people love each other those blue and sad get close one to another in a sort of manic depressive way that makes my joy collapse in a way and makes my nerves shut up in a way "It's just a matter"
  • Advice For Valentines Day - Unknown Artist
    "Advice for Valentine's Day (Dave Diamond) Beware the sneaky Married Man, He will ensnare you if he can. Although with age and fat he creaks, Illicit love he vainly seeks. His wife, you'll often hear him"
  • Jumpsuit City - Fish
    "All the way from Bucharest your skin crawled on the way to Hollywood Through a whole in the wall You saw the free world trading in bones There's a guardian angel at the window Staring at the corner She's"
  • Valentines Broken Hearts - Zero To Hero
    "Why is this so hard I just can't go on And I'm going to end it all When I finish this song Cause I just want to love you Is that really so wrong But when I say those words You say so long Relationships"
  • Golgi apparatus - Phish
    "I look into the finance boxJust to check my statusI look into the microscopeSee golgi apparatusGolgi, oh, woe is meYou cant even see the seaGolgi, olgi, oh ooo olgiGolgiGolgiThey call him lysasomeCause"
  • Over The Top (Valentines Day Song) - Conor McLaughlin
    "Try to get your attention But, you just look the other way So I start dancing crazy on the dance floor Until you can't take anymore I'm over, I'm over Over the top with you girl And you're under, you're"
  • Represent - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "A kid came up to me now just the other day And asked me if I thought about what I would say If everything came crashing down on top of me How would I stay torn? Will you represent? Will you stand close? Will"
  • Waiting - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "Oh feeling sorrow for all the things you had to steal and borrow. Bring back the days we had before tomorrow relapse and then collapse into yourself once more. Waiting for this life to change seems like"
  • Face Down - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "Hey girl you know you drive me crazy One look puts the rhythm in my hand Still I'll never understand why you hang around I see what's going down Cover up with makeup in the mirror Tell yourself it's never"
  • Face Down (Acoustic) - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "Hey girl you know you drive me crazy. One look puts the rhythm in my hand. Still I'll never understand why you hang around, I see what's going down. Cover up with make-up in the mirror, Tell yourself"
  • Disconnected - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "You know that you are the center of my attention and you leave me no choice. Tripping on to the floor looking at my reflection as I follow the chord to your voice as it rings on through your voice"

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