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The right note

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The right note

  • Suicide Note - Scarface
    "You was playin when you was sayin you was ready, I'm knowin' you ain't mean it when you told me you was tired of life and just wanted to leave it you were drinkin, so I ain't really pay it no attention,"
  • Note - Useless ID
    "I Heard This Story You Were In It, Don't Know If It's True Lately Every Song I've Written Turned Out About You I'd Go All Over Town To Find You're Nowhere To Be Found And When I'm Done I'll End Up Sleeping"
  • Note - Abbie Gardner/Anthony Da Costa
    ""Think about it for a while, You'll thank me when you do." Yeah, that's what you told me When I was about to jump into you. And I'm miserable just the same, Except I'm with her instead. I'm wondering"
  • Note - Eksperimentoj
    "a thousand years from now will you know the word to help me keep in soul instead of silence pretending all my life signs of regret no one could see inside me eternaly anything you say anything you want"
  • The Sick Note - Dubliners
    "Dear Sir, I write this note to you to tell you of me plight and at the time of writing, I am not a pretty sight; my body is all black and blue, my face a deathly gray and I write this note to say why Paddy's"
  • Note 2 self - Twiztid
    "You know that you can't buy your way into heavenAll those things that you sayWith no feelings are you pretending to beWhen you try to be like them becoming less of you somehowAnd all the while in need"
  • The Note - Doug Supernaw
    "Writers: Buck Moore/Michelle Ray The note was short, but Lord so strong It simply said, "I can't go on And live a lie with someone I don't love" She couldn't tell me face to face Oh but how my world was"
  • The Note - Swingin' Utters
    "Finding fault is never easy least of all when it's always yours just a fragment of a broken will and a sentence from a note left on the floor. I never told you that i wouldn't leave you i only said i couldn't"
  • Little note - Kwan
    "You and me used to be magical little beings with no harm in a fairy tale For a while I have been silently falling down, leaving all our dreams and hopes behind There will be no goodbyes, this is the last"
  • Grandma's Note - Inside Out
    "I read a note my grandma wrote back in 1923 Grandpa kept it in his coat And he showed once to me He said now son you might not understand But a long long time ago Gandma's daddy didn't like me none But"
  • C-Note - Digger
    "Cold fronts go continental and the sunshine state's on fire. postcards along the east coast summer seems so far away. eighteen hour drives, my body is so restless. press your hands to the taxi window long"
  • Suicide Note - Johnette Napolitano
    "Every night You wrote another line With a bloody, borken, bottle And every day You wish it away Why don't you pull the pin On that grenade You cuddle I wanted to believe Bodies swinging from trees Struggling"
  • Suicide Note - Stone Sour
    "So close but so far away Never wanted this anyway If yesterday brings a better tomorrow I'm never gonna see the day And I, I am leaving home And if I never return You don't have to remember me My heart"
  • Suicide Note - Bracket
    "You are the other side of me Dying from my selfish disease I'd come undone to set you free And give you back integrity When I, can't find, peace of mind You won't find me searching desperately When I,"
  • Note To God - Jojo
    "If I wrote a note to God I would speak whats in my soul I'd ask for all the hate to be swept away, For love to overflow If I wrote a note to God I'd pour my heart out on each page I'd ask for war to end For"
  • Note To God - Charice
    "If I wrote a note to God I would speak what's in my soul I'd ask for all the hate to be swept away For love to overflow If I wrote a note to God I'd pour my heart out on each page I'd ask for war to end"
  • Johnny One Note - The Supremes
    "(Richard Rodgers/Lorentz Hart) Johnny could only sing one note And the note he sang was this: Ah Poor Johnny one note sang out with gusto And just overloaded the place Poor Johnny one note he yelled"
  • Note To Self - The Divine Comedy
    "Monday Restate my assumptions Heaven and hell Do not exist Tuesday Restate my assumptions If you die you do so At your own risk Into the heart of darkness Beyond the point of no return Wednesday"
  • Note To Self : Don't Feel Dead - Staring Back
    "Still feeling confusion, but I have decided you're not good enough You have expired I can see the tired in your eyes So back up because you've failed to be What you said to be I don't need you (need to"
  • My Love Note Has Gone Flat - Leathermouth
    "My eyes are burning red And thoughts of murder run through my head Oh my eyes are bloodshot red Put a bullet right through my head I am my own bomb, I am my own slave I hate my life now, and all of this"

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