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The sas my faworyt victori

  • The Sweet Hello The Sas Goodbye - Roxette
    "Red like fire was the day I met you I tell you now, there are no regrets In this room there are many memories Some are good, some I try to forget I thought we were the chosen ones, who were supposed to"
  • My Indigo - My Indigo
    "I call what we have indigo Unclear what we are but what we know And though you never take my hand even when I rais your shiprack from the sand. And though you never count the cost, of the innocence you've"
  • My War - My Ruin
    "You're one of them You say that you're my friend But you're one of them You don't want to see me live You don't want me to give Cos you're one of them My war You're one of them You say that you're my"
  • My Hope The Destroyer - My Dying Bride
    "Weeping with you. Arms around them Flowing with you. Without your men Keeping with you. Feeling their shiver Drowning with you. Deep in this river Tired and lonely. Sitting and staring Weak and filthy."
  • The Wreckage Of My Flesh - My Dying Bride
    "Loathsome I've become. Acreature so undome. Wretched and broken. Cannot find my faith. Any God will do. Nothing said is new Nothing said is true. Fly away my hope. The embrace of shade holds me dear. Eats"
  • The Keys To My Organ - My American Heart
    "Do you know you're fake? Stop giving for the take. Bring love, bring change. Let's end your selfish games. Will you lose your touch? Will you be enough to take control? To take control, to take control. You"
  • The Snow In My Hand - My Dying Bride
    "I've seen them. So dark. Black. And yet fine. The flower they carry had once been mine. Get away from me, man of stories. Robe of lies. Stay far from me. I lie to myself (it's not hurting). I need"
  • My Way - Black My Heart
    "i think i might be beat i watch my blood hit the ground it's only been one round beat down broken you can break my bones but you'll never get a word outta me my life my way this is me fight for your life i"
  • My Sunshine - My Black Sky
    "I sought you all night 'cause i cant fight i looked my tears sink it's so hard to think that i could of keeped you i cant understand you you sliped out of my hand and now it's the end (chorus): ilove"
  • My Delight - Fear My Thoughts
    "By now it's been a long time Awaiting to separate you from your kind Not knowing why I made you mine All your fate is now in my hand No! I won't miss out on you now Await your certain end I totally adore"
  • My Beautiful Flower - My Ruin
    "your mouth blooms like a cut sweet and full of sin i prick myself on your thorns and i bleed within your leaves fade to brown and i watch you die in my torture garden under black sunshine my beautiful"
  • Sleeping My Day Away - Me & My
    "Mumbling goodmorning & raising my head A bad breath kiss to my pillow pet I take a look at the day turns & stay in bed Open my eyes when the day have died I turned the world and I slept allright Now"
  • Where Is My Love - My Indigo
    "My mama said he’d love me, right down to the bone My mama said he’d hold me, and never let me go but no more, no no more, no more Why am I here to protect you, here to defend you, I don’t know anymore no"
  • Horrible Pain (Within My Heart) - My Ruin
    "I invoke Him, and He comes to me, in my dreams Dressed in black He speaks in a language only I can understand His hands are warm, His breath is hot He is the horrible pain, within my heart My religion,"
  • Horrible Pain (In My Heart) - My Ruin
    "I invoke him... And he comes to me in my dreams dressed in black. He speak in a language only I can understand. His hands are warm, his breath is hot He is the horrible pain within my heart My religion,"
  • My Last Journey - Ablaze My Sorrow
    "Without noticing the pouring rain I sliced my wrist with my knife I couldn't ignore the endless pain The last thing in my dreary life "Dark clouds filled the open sky My heart was filled with hate I bent"
  • Fear My Thoughts - Fear My Thoughts
    "true to the metal -666- listen to the number of the beast true to the metal -666- Motorhead and fucking Judas Priest true to the metal -666- I tried to kill me many times but I true to the metal -666-"
  • My Darkest Hate - My Darkest Hate
    "i hate therefore i am i know the reason why you are the pain in my ass you're gonna have to die 100 words mean 100 lies there's nothing more to say that's only one good reason i want to crush and slay my"
  • In My Heart - My Favorite Highway
    "This life is so crazy so could you please remind me It's simple It's easy with you right here beside me Cause I don't even wanna try to get by without you that's the rason why i'm writing this song"
  • Outta My System - My Morning Jacket
    "Told me not to smoke drugs, but I wouldn't listen Never thought I'd get caught and wind up in prison Chalk it up to youth, but young age I ain't dissin' I guess I just had to get it outta my system Outta"

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