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The script divided of america

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The script divided of america

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The script divided of america
  • Paradise Lost Divided
  • Snot Divided
    "You are divided For now (for now) You are divided For now (for now) You are divided I have a wish I want to learn I wish to see And I want to affirm That what I see in reflection day to day Isn't all I"
  • Incubus Divided
    "You are divided For now, For now You are divided For now, For now You are divided I have a wish, I want to learn I wish to see, and I want to affirm That what I see in reflection day to day Isn't all I"
  • Notarthomas Jamie Divided
    "------------------------ I'm not divided, I'm in control And I've decided to let it go And if it comes back, It was meant to be And if it don't, then maybe we can finally be free What's a transition (I'm"
  • James Lynn Strait Divided
    "Featuring brandon boyd of incubus Lyrics written by brandon boyd Music writen by mikey doling/tumor fahnestock Produced by mikey doling/tumor fahnestock and jim wirt Engineered by jim wirt Strings by jim"
  • Tiamat Divided
    "The marriage has come to my head The wedding trumpets are dead Replaced by a static noise So loud that I can't hear my own voice Will those signs lead me out of here Well, just take me somewhere To the"
  • Tara MacLean Divided
    "Check your weapons at the door You don't live here anymore but a heart can not repent when it doesn't know it's spent it's lifetime beating itself to death There you are, still as stone stretching skin"
  • Tara McLean Divided
    "Check your weapons at the door You don't live here anyore For a heart cannot repent When it doesn't know it's spent Its lifetime beating itself to death There you are as still as stone Stretching skin"
  • Candiria Divided
    "We stand divided The cypher of the sick If you look you'll find it Amplification of the voice may segregate Trivia's spray Emphasize the rules and meditate Look away A barrage of multi-compressed hate Observe"
  • Silent Civilian Divided
    "I'm not the one you'll deceive Choose what I want to perceive You lack the will and control Your church is destined to fall Force those to bow and accept Imposing fear to repent Divide a nation of one Ignore"
  • Jughead's Revenge Divided
    "Take a look at the marching line Which you have lead Have you had a talk with those ghosts That live in your head It's something that none of us can live without Like a noose around your throat You"
  • Warcloud America
    "(Holocaust) The maid was in the garden hanging out the clothes While I crept up and shot her dead in the nose Message in a bottle, violent as our records spin One stranded couple terrorized by backwoods"
  • Sceptic Unbeliever's Script
    "The voices from your mind appear to be Showing you a difference between The real truth and lie's reality Purest essence of surreality Forever trapped in most twisted thoughts Your vegetating mind has"
  • Spooks Other Script
    "Spooks Is on some other script That's why you be lovin' It My crew that's the butter clique be glad you discovered It Hip hop originals spook rock we runnin' this Playin' In the club It hits radio"
  • ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead So Divided
    "Hear the noise back in town Let's gather everyone And go see what they're up to now Driving in, Driving out From hotel to the bar All our friends are here But somehow we seem so divided We're the voice"
  • The Doobie Brothers Divided Highway
    "Simmons/Peterik/Fox Two lanes - twistin' down a dusty highway Two souls - on their way to where it leads Tail lights - fadin' on the far horizon But there's a detour on the road to destiny It goes up"
  • South Park Bigger, Longer, And Uncut Script
    "Bigger, longer, & uncut original script (only until movie scene ends-for now) (Stan:) There's a bunch of birds in the sky, and some deer just went running by, oh the snow's pure and white on the Earth"
  • Silent Voices Fate Divided
    "The Western sky is burning red The earth is on it's knees Shadows bound to the promised land With their mighty war machines Beneath the surface something lies inside through bitter eyes they watch No hope"
  • Sebadoh Happily Divided
    "Of these times, it's well we make the most Boredom fabricated as you're going down each others' throats And I'm so excited, happily divided Smashing all my windows Rocks falling in the yard Pretending"
  • Kristin Hoffmann Divided Heart
    "You, you touch me with With moments of delight Searching me For inner being light And I, I have seen your mind I, I know how to hide Divided heart I know you are watching me When I go down to the river"

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