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The ship is slowly sinkikg. They think I'm crazy


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The ship is slowly sinkikg. They think I'm crazy

  • Think I'm Crazy - Chamillionaire
    "(feat. Natalie) I want to know who you are but you still look very nice So will you talk to me? Should I tell you a story? Should I tell you a treat? They think I'm crazy, They don't understand how"
  • Slowly - Tricky
    "I fly away I fly away I'm up high I fly away I fly away Some people act funny When they talk to me It makes me feel uncomfortable I'm in trouble I fly away I fly away I'm up high I'm flyin' I'm dyin' Can't"
  • Slowly - RBD
    "I am-losing my head and all of control illusinating that im somewhere im not underneath a shadow of a castle in which theres only me and you in a party that doesnt want to end im seduced by the music and"
  • Ship - Slick Rick
    ""Yes, yes the original" "Ricky, you the nigga don't forget it" "Ok, ok, ok, ok" Well as you know, thousand tear off they blouse Bear rounds, have a spouse, try 'member who house And big hitter in"
  • Slowly - Sasha
    "So many faces Passin' me by Each of them nameless And hollow inside Tell me, do you feel the same? Could we live the dream they all run to? Believe me, THE chasin' is in vain The faster you ARE RUNNIN',"
  • Slowly - Rustic Overtones
    "The distance that distance can make these voices keep talking away I confess about this I'm not sane but these edges don't seem quite as frayed That night I cried next to you I didn't mean to make you"
  • Slowly - Syleena Johnson
    "When he first walked thru the door i had this feeling that i never felt before, he was the finest thing i ever seen. he had me trembling just cause he smiled at me, then he kissed me softly on my cheek,"
  • Slowly, Slowly - Magnapop
    "I feel coarse and strain interrupt my mind again I am being clear I'm sad to say I'm living here I do it all the time I do it all the time it tries to interrupt me interrupt my mind in a quiet room you"
  • Ship ahoy - Sinead O'Connor
    "A thousand cultures stolen ships that came sailing Sighted from the shoreline people stood waiting But armies came invading and raiding to conquer Understood nothing of a land that stood longer But might"
  • Abandon Ship - Busta Rhymes
    "(feat. Rampage the Last Boy Scout) UHHHH!! You don't know what we doin right here! One two three we gon' turn it out And make you rock to the beat and then scream and shout We gonna hit you with"
  • You Think I'm Pretty? - He Is Legend
    "There is no window in this room Not that I really miss the view It's just that I may soon forget the way the grass looks when it's wet It seems so sad to call this home However, I have had time to think"
  • Crazy - Sadus
    "You think you see You think you see right through me Distorted eyes see what they like You think you see You think you see right through me Distorted minds sees what it likes Mind is crazy Cant cope inside"
  • Crazy - Nelly Furtado
    "un, deux, trois, quatre I remember when.. remember when I lost my mind There was something so pleasant about that phase Even your emotions had an echo in so much space... space, space, space When you're"
  • Crazy - Leki
    "(INTRO) Yo, breakin' out of something you don't like it ain't always easy ok But nothing and i mean nothing in this world is impossible so you gotta do what you feel you gotta do ok i mean your life is"
  • Crazy - Remy Ma
    "Crazy (Crazy) Some times I'm crazy baby Crazy (Crazy) Ooh ooh It's crazy I be thinkin people tryna play me Latly I know I be flippin on a daily basis I hate waitin, I'm impatient Bitch don't ask me"
  • Crazy - All
    "Do one to others before they get a chance to do onto you Worldwide genocide violence side with this news Misguided muscle of the military Chaos catastrophe keeping the peace There's a missile out there"
  • Crazy - Kenny Rogers
    "Girl, there are no words to say What I feel in my heart You, you're on my mind night and day And it hurts me when we're apart When you're not here by my side There is nothing in this world for me I guess"
  • Crazy - Kevin Federline
    "K-Federline, Bosko We got 'em on this one due And they say I'm crazy For loving you For feeling you And maybe I'm a little crazy But they don't know All the things you do When the pen hits the pad It's"
  • Crazy - TLC
    "(as performed on the 1999-2000 fanmail tour) Ladies and gentlemen Introducing crazy-sexy-cool Crazy What is crazy Something we find profound One having flaws or cracks untied Found mentally unbalanced"
  • Crazy - Lil' Bow Wow
    "(Chorus) I'm crazy, how I dress and keep it fresh, so many steps, ahead of ya'll, cuz I'm before my time, I'm crazy, how I do it, when I do it, I can do it dats why da girls da girls they love me I'm"

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