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The tech thieves fake

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The tech thieves fake

  • Tech - Tidfall
    "The first breath they breathe So innocent with first glimpse The re-circulation of mankind In the unknowing mind A fate filled with fragments of a never-ending dream Reborn programmed into a new industrial"
  • Thieves - Limp Bizkit
    "Oh, in the name of the lord! Hey! Thieves, thieves and liars! Murderers! Hypocrites and bastards! Time to get off your fucking feet! woo! Hey, thanks for nothing! Morals in the dust! Two faced Bastards"
  • Thieves - Ministry
    "Thieves, thieves and liars, murderers Hypocrites and bastards in laughter (get up!) (get up! get on your feet!) Hey thanks for nothing! Morals in the dust Two-faced bastards and sycophants No trust (We"
  • Sinister Tech - Tech N9ne
    "You're the one nigga Who's a dumb nigga And a bum nigga You're a slum nigga Better run nigga When I come nigga With a gun nigga You're a bitch Buck you Never trust you Never loved you Never was you Imma"
  • Thick As Thieves - Dashboard Confessional
    "Would it kill you to breathe easy? Only seventeen miles lay Between you and me I could make it if I had to I don't break easily You've got my counsel, thick as thieves If there's a crime we'll keep it"
  • Einstein Tech N9ne - Tech N9ne
    "Einstein...TECH N9NE Einstein...TECH N9NE What, 2-thou style Midwest Side TECH N9NE, the anthem nigga Like this, what If you got scratch nigga Get the fuck up Throw your hands up If you hella fucked"
  • Fake - The Brand New Heavies
    "Fake! Fake! Fake! Why are you such a Fake! Fake! Fake! Why are you such a Fake! Fake! Fake! Thought you had me 'round your finger Now my phones off the receiver Apparently you don't know or do care to"
  • Fake - The Frames
    "You're telling me I should forget you But why? And you're talking like I never knew you But thats a lie And you're playing out your game again Why are you never on my side? And you're telling me I should"
  • Disco Tech - Carole King
    "If you want to get a real education Come to the friendliest school in the nation Rhythm is our way of communication You won't ever want to take a vacation You can meet the Dean of Boogaloo He's gonna"
  • Fake - Motley Crue
    "Fake, fake, fake Fake, fake ,fake Spent a million dollars on amphetamines Crashed a lot of cars Fucked all the stupid stars in Hollywood Because I could, because we could So you loved to hate us in your"
  • Disco Tech - Hyper Crush
    "What's up baby? They call me Donny. See me on stage I rock the party. Yup, I got the flow. I got two hoes and they're ready to go. Hoooo! Hey, Steve. You mean Donny. That's my name don't wear it out. If"
  • High- Tech - Jahcoozi
    "feat. M. Sayyid The hustle brings out drama but you must evolve Sunrise to Sunset while the world revolves We just stay high tech and its problem solved rejust the mindset All the hate disolves."
  • Fake - Herman Brood
    "To be a blind boy such a fine thing all the women gettin' faceless to be a blind man such a fine thing when all the music's gettin' spaceless & when she comes she comes to stay don't let ambition lead"
  • Fake - Alexander O'Neal
    "Your name was Patty but now it's Kay Girl you seem to change it every day. Your hair was long but now it's short You say: I got it cut but I don't see no hair upon the floor. Whenever I go out with you"
  • Fake - Alexander Oneal
    "Your name was Patty but now it's Kay Girl you seem to change it every day. Your hair was long but now it's short You say: I got it cut but I don't see no hair upon the floor. Whenever I go out with you"
  • Fake - Guano Apes
    "We won’t get away, We are left with hungry eyes And everybody wants the same. I’m in love with the world and Sometimes I can see a blink of paradise. Until we do it again We’re into the fake As long as"
  • Fake - Kittie
    "In this world we shallow fearMy world is nowhere nearI am fake and so is BritneyWe hate Britney cause she is a fakeFake is the way that Spears is She has no talent and the guys hate her tooRide the wagon"
  • Fake - YUM
    "what do i have to do to be as fake as you to be as fake as you what do i have to say to be your friend today to be your friend, today found you on another trip when everything goes by while the"
  • Fake - Amadeus
    "Life goes on as the wind blows it's ways I watch my life at window of my house I only see What's gone What have been... All of me. Is this a lie Is all this fake You took my love You took my life away Is"
  • Fake - Le Maximum Kouette
    "I won't let anyone kill my desire, sexuality still must be a fire I'm talking about fake, I'm yelling no fake With the lady where do you go ? I'ts always the same bitchy story , I lie to you, you lie"

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