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The trouble with us

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The trouble with us

  • The Trouble With Us - Marcus Marr & Chet Faker
    "You mumble under your breath, I doubt you know what she said Let's get this off your chest Right here, right now I'm tryina make this a mess, We're tryina run in the dark Won't make up reasons to destroy"
  • Trouble - Trouble
    "If your lookin for trouble you came to the right place if your lookin for trouble just look right in my face i was born standin up and talkin back my daddy was a green eyed mountain jack cuz im evil my"
  • Trouble - Iris DeMent
    "I went to church on Sunday, I swung my chariot lowReached up to kiss the deacon, he said "You'd better go"Trouble, I'm in trouble with himTrouble's where I'm goingTrouble's the only place I've ever beenLet's"
  • Trouble - Heaven 17
    "I'm in a place where nothing ever happens I'll try one day to walk away But for now I'll hand around I am a fool without exception I break every rule But I never break away (Trouble) - It's walking my"
  • Trouble - Norton
    "Well I got a buddy at the factory I know him and he knows me We were talking on the line today You wouldn't believe what he had to say I told him all about you He said man that's strange she's my girl"
  • Trouble - Chamillionaire
    "(Chamillionaire Chorus) Roll So Low, But Everywhere I Go They Say Ohh Noo (Oh No Nigga) Here Comes Trouble I Roll So Low, But Everywhere I Go They Say Ohh Noo (Oh No Nigga) Here Comes Trouble (Chamillionaire"
  • Trouble - Nevershoutnever
    "Im in trouble, Im an addict, Im addicted to this girl. Shes got my heart tied in a knot And my stomach in a whirl. But even worse, I cant stop calling her, Shes all I want and more. I mean, damn, whats"
  • Trouble - Nazareth
    "A ship comes in from Africa Carrying forbidden cargo Gonna bring somebody lots a trouble There's a family out in Ohio Gonna step on it and make it grow Gonna fool some people at the double Let it all go"
  • Trouble With Love - Any Trouble
    "You've got a fever in the soul nowhere to go Cheap haircut, nothing to show Dressed to kill, that's the trouble with love Crocodile tears on a strangers shoulder You've guessed his age but he thinks you're"
  • The Trouble With Lovers - Eurythmics
    "The trouble with lovers They don't know how to say no The trouble with lovers They don't know when to let go They drink too much coffee Smoke too many cigarettes Stay up all night to Watch Woody Allen Truth"
  • The trouble with normal - Bruce Cockburn
    "Strikes across the frontier and strikes for higher wage Planet lurches to the right as ideologies engage Suddenly it's repression, moratorium on rights What did they think the politics of panic would invite?"
  • Trouble - The Jayhawks
    "Trouble, that's what we had And everything that goes around Comes around in a bittersweet lament Well my heart's already broken down Looking for a sweeter sound Looking for a brighter day I'm face"
  • Trouble - Cage The Elephant
    "We’re at the table by the window with view Casting shadows, the Sun was pushing through Spoke a lot of words I don’t know if I spoke the truth Go so much to lose Got so much to prove God, don’t let me"
  • Don't Trouble Us - Sizzla
    "Oy! let it go! Yeah man,is music Hmm ha ha ha ha ! Yeah man Fire we ah use,bu'n up dem judge (That's right,that's right!) Yah! Yuh got to be lyrical,yuh see me ah sjow dem say (fuh real!) Don't"
  • Trouble - Pink (P!nk)
    "No attorneys to plead my case No opiates to send me into outer space And my fingers are bejeweled With diamonds and gold But that ain't gonna help me now I'm trouble Yeah trouble now I'm trouble y'all I"
  • Trouble - Pink (P!nk)
    "No attorneys To plead my case No opiates To send me into outta space And my fingers Are bejeweled With diamonds and gold But that ain't gonna help me now I'm trouble Yeah trouble now I'm trouble ya'll I"
  • Trouble - Britney Spears
    "You and I, left alone cannot be trusted There's a lust, we can't control Slowly undress, just to dress And unless I say goodnight I know we're only gonna go too far Please, I'm not quite ready for that"
  • Trouble - Amboog-A-Lard
    "Looking out my window, I see Hell. Looking out my window, I see you. Staring through my door, I see Hell. Burning in the flames, I see you. Trouble my mind. Trouble my soul. Trouble in the youth. Burning"
  • Trouble - 38 Special
    "I only know you by reputation It's time I found out face to face 'cause if your sugar, I'll fight temptation But if you're poison, I need a taste (1st Chorus) Girl, I heard you're Trouble with a capital"
  • Trouble - Shampoo
    "- Uh-Oh, We're In Trouble, Something's Come Along And It's Burst Our Bubble Uh-Oh, We're In Trouble, Gotta Get Home Quick March On The Double! We've Been Out All Night And We Haven't Been Home, We're"

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