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The weekend ernet it

  • Weekend - The Birthday Massacre
    "Lights out Boys sleepwalking on the weekend. Black out Two nights killing off a best friend Fall out like soldiers walking off to the deep end Hands out Don't stop marching til the hearts rend The time"
  • Weekend - Alvin Stardust
    "It's Friday night and ev'rything's right for the weekend. We propose that anything goes on a weekend. John called Ann and Jim got Sue and I made a date with little old you Off we went to make a big dent"
  • Weekend - Michael Gray
    "I can't wait for the weekend to beginI'm workin all week long, i dream the days awayI wanna sing my song, so let the music playI have to get my kicks and fly tonightAnd when the clock strikes six on friday"
  • Weekend - Kelis
    "(feat. Will.I.Am) (IT'S THE WEEKEND! IT'S THE WEEKEND! IT'S THE WEEKEND! AND THEM FREAKS ARE COMIN'! OH! THEM FREAKS ARE COMIN'!) This is my song, this is my life, baby it's on Somebody told me, the"
    "We’re high as a celling Coz this is a weekend One more tequila Lalalala Got lost in that feeling And all the I needed Is one more tequila Coz we daring it down Every nights To feel alright"
  • Weekend - Sodastream
    "Here in the later blue night constance came to get it stayed up and beaten till blind the rest of us let it continue tonight till the early grey light gone, gone again i left it with you she held the light"
  • Weekend - Dr. Dog
    "The weekend is coming soon Well it's time to pick yourself up off the floor Well let's grab a case of lager and some old beat up shoes Head down to the river I'll strap on a canoe We've got every kind"
  • Weekend - Terence Trent D'Arby
    "Hurrah, the evening... It's about quarter to five I clean up my desk And I don't want to hear no jive My boss just asked me "How 'bout working' late?" I told him: "It's Friday... You know I've got a date." Six"
  • Weekend - Black Eyed Peas
    "I called Chad on Wednesday night So we could make plans for Thursday night He said "we could go hit the peapods" I was like yeah, that's my favorite spot Plus I like it there, cuz I got love on the list High"
  • Weekend - Daz Dillinger
    "(feat. Johnta Austin) Tell your friends, to get with my friends And we can be friends, and do it all weekend Smoke blunts, get drunk, do it all weekend From Thursday to Friday to Saturday to Sunday "
  • Weekend - Cam'ron
    "Uh, Killa Harlem World, '89, black Jordans they were mine Hund'-eighth, Toy Dork is the only one ever pay me mine Baby my lady fine (fine) you ever date a dime (dime) Before your favorite rhymes, had gator"
  • Weekend - Kenny Lattimore
    "It's the weekend hopin we can chill again sort of like we use to cos you know its over due maybe we can if you ain't got other plans I know something we could do girl you know its overdue Last time I"
  • Weekend - Black Box Recorder
    "Laying on the floor, with my best friendLate at night, early morningCareful not to touch, we've drunk enoughJust another weekend fallingFriday night, Saturday morningFriday night, Saturday morningFriday"
  • Weekend! - Scooter
    "This one is going out to everybody in the place! Sounds of the track attacker! Go ahead! Yes! Here comes the chick's terminator! In control! Aaaggrhh! 'pon the mic I'm the teacher! Spead my words like"
  • Weekend - Scooter
    "This one is going out to everybody in the place! Sounds of the track attacker! Go ahead! Yes! Here comes the chicks Terminator! In Control! Aaaggrhh! 'Pon the mic I'm the teacher! Spead my words"
  • The Weekend - Michael Gray
    "I can't wait for the weekend to begin (I... I... I... I... I...) I'm workin', all week long (I... I... I... I... I...) I dream the days away I wanna sing my song (I... I... I... I... I...) So let the"
  • The Weekend - Bridge Brooklyn
    "I'm in the zone don't feel like stayin' home cuz for now i don't wanna be alone im feelin like it's my day there's no better time to party than a friday pick out my clothes call my friends pop some dro,"
  • The weekend - Redman
    "Def Squad Yo real Let's make it happen I hear voices sayin that's Erick Sermon Verse 1: Erick Sermon I'm in the 500, sittin on twenties Pumpin Junior M.A.F.I.A., and B.I.G. gettin money I'm hollywood swingin"
  • Wild Weekend - Bill Anderson
    "(Bill Anderson) Got the alarm clock set for seven Got the taxi called for nine Plane takes off at eleven and I gotta be there on time. Told the boss I was going to my mother's Told mama I was gonna see"
  • One Weekend - Dr. Feelgood
    "Styrofoam You don't have to say you're gonna love me Until the end (just one more weekend now) We can take a strumming and after We can still be friends (just one more weekend now) I've had my share of"

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