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The weekend gray

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The weekend gray

  • Weekend - Michael Gray
    "I can't wait for the weekend to beginI'm workin all week long, i dream the days awayI wanna sing my song, so let the music playI have to get my kicks and fly tonightAnd when the clock strikes six on friday"
  • Gray - Fuel
    "Gray, gray, gray... She watched her father topple Mother says I should not be No fool, I am so smart Still confused I'm my on head Running from reality Shrinks well they smile at me Blue thoughts"
  • Gray - Burning Heads
    "Woke up this morning and I saw something strange I thought I was still dreaming and I didn't see it change Disunified nations, dancing to one song Army in the street, giving the right beat No books just"
  • Gray - Heartless Bastards
    "Sometimes I feel a little bit gray in the autumn Gray in the autumn But I'm looking at things in a new way sitting in my skin I'm getting up again I got these words on the tip of my tongue But they feel"
  • Gray - You Am I
    "Drunk at Cannon Falls. I never made the call I had your number It was chiselled on my hand and stained Fell asleep to the line Lyle sung "She's made up her mind" Now I'm the twenty first descendant of"
  • Gray - Charon
    "Frail as ice I shall rise for the repent you've been haunting forDevil's smile beneath the eyes I caressPierced to be nothing but me in the everlasting race of hateWe're blessed to breath yet I can't see"
  • The Weekend - Michael Gray
    "I can't wait for the weekend to begin (I... I... I... I... I...) I'm workin', all week long (I... I... I... I... I...) I dream the days away I wanna sing my song (I... I... I... I... I...) So let the"
  • Weekend - The Move
    "Friday night and everything's right on the weekend Crazy clothes and anything goes on the weekend John called in and Jim got Sue I made a date with a little ol' Jew Off he went to make a date on the weekend No"
  • Weekend - The Birthday Massacre
    "Lights out Boys sleepwalking on the weekend. Black out Two nights killing off a best friend Fall out like soldiers walking off to the deep end Hands out Don't stop marching til the hearts rend The time"
  • Weekend - Marquess
    "I call my baby on a Saturday night My girl, Ill take you on a midnight flight Hey mama, close the door But turn on the light Dont stay up for me Cause Im, Im taking a ride The funky drummers are slowly"
  • Weekend - Alvin Stardust
    "It's Friday night and ev'rything's right for the weekend. We propose that anything goes on a weekend. John called Ann and Jim got Sue and I made a date with little old you Off we went to make a big dent"
  • Weekend - Ladytron
    "When they come out to find you And they cannot describe you Someone somewhere has to buy you out of your weekend Friday is the fever And Monday the destroyer You are a permanent feature Perpetual"
  • Weekend - Blueface
    "Shout my nigga Syntho When you rich every day it's the weekend (Weekend) Bougie bitch put her feet in, bad bitches in the deep in (In the deep in) Party on the weekend (Party, party) Keep my bitch in"
  • Weekend - Kelis
    "(feat. Will.I.Am) (IT'S THE WEEKEND! IT'S THE WEEKEND! IT'S THE WEEKEND! AND THEM FREAKS ARE COMIN'! OH! THEM FREAKS ARE COMIN'!) This is my song, this is my life, baby it's on Somebody told me, the"
    "We’re high as a celling Coz this is a weekend One more tequila Lalalala Got lost in that feeling And all the I needed Is one more tequila Coz we daring it down Every nights To feel alright"
  • Weekend - Dr. Dog
    "The weekend is coming soon Well it's time to pick yourself up off the floor Well let's grab a case of lager and some old beat up shoes Head down to the river I'll strap on a canoe We've got every kind"
  • Weekend - Sodastream
    "Here in the later blue night constance came to get it stayed up and beaten till blind the rest of us let it continue tonight till the early grey light gone, gone again i left it with you she held the light"
  • Weekend - Earth And Fire
    "Sunday and it's so hard to say goodbye I don't know what to do passing the days without you Friday night when I see you again You'll make a fool out of me I don't wanna be your lover for the weekend Sometimes"
  • Weekend - Terence Trent D'Arby
    "Hurrah, the evening... It's about quarter to five I clean up my desk And I don't want to hear no jive My boss just asked me "How 'bout working' late?" I told him: "It's Friday... You know I've got a date." Six"
  • Weekend - Black Eyed Peas
    "I called Chad on Wednesday night So we could make plans for Thursday night He said "we could go hit the peapods" I was like yeah, that's my favorite spot Plus I like it there, cuz I got love on the list High"

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