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The weekend reminder

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The weekend reminder

  • Reminder - The Weeknd
    "Z okazji 27 urodzin, 16 lutego 2017 roku, The Weeknd udostępnił teledysk do utworu "Reminder"."
  • Reminder - Slow Gherkin
    "I think I've fallen and landed on my head That which was clear to me is now faded with my conciousness You say my head is swelled enough Get up and jump from higher up My head split open Contents have"
  • Reminder - Donots
    "And as everybody dies a little each day just to kill some pain and as everybody tries to change his ways just to stay the same i dedicate these lines to you reminder if everything gets out of hand reminder"
  • Reminder - Mumford & Sons
    "Don't let me darken your door It's not what I came here for No, it's not what I came here for And I won't hear you cry when I'm gone I won't know if I'm doing you wrong I never know if I'm doing you wrong A"
  • Reminder - Philiae
    "REMINDER Hey you/ today we die And the world around turns black Hey you / today you cry About yesterdays; they never come back Hey you / behind the lie Do you remember what Waters said? Hey hey you Don't"
  • Reminder - Moderat
    "I steal from the beggars empty plate And give to the fat man I dance in the halls of the nearly insane Pray to God That is vacant again Dark is the shadow filled with prejudice, no pride Worn out and"
  • Reminder - ThanatoSchizO
    "(Lyrics by Eduardo) In the nails with which you crucified me, I no longer hang a thing. Alone... It would be better, if you had changed into the bronze mirror That encloses my blurred reflection in a"
  • Reminder - Charles Hamilton
    "I only sobered up 'cause I can't fuckin' afford it But, believe I'd be a junkie if heroine was affordable I'm high on life, 'cause there ain't much more to do But, life's buzz is a light buzz There's gotta"
  • Reminder - Kisschasy
    "The alphabet from a to z, runs through my head to make stories. Like a letter wrote it stings like a cigarette burn. Some things change and some things don't. They're watered seeds that help us grow, its"
  • A Reminder - The Perishers
    "We met at a place where people go to get laid But where no one would ever expect to get paid Once we were just like them I hope well never be again A Reminder Let this be a Reminder Of the nights when"
  • My Reminder - The Beautiful Mistake
    "The years have gone by fast, oh how we have grown The times weren't always easy, but hearts and minds revive Now thoughts of you consume me, and I wanted you to know You're the brightest shining star I've"
  • Permanent reminder - Jimmy Buffett
    "She was no marine back from the Philippines She was their pride and job, their incarnation. Her parents viewed the chief With shock and disbelief Looking for some other explanation. The Indian, her back"
  • Daily Reminder - Busta Rhymes
    "Day in. day out. (out) Day in. day out. (out) Day in. day out. (out) Day in. day out. (out) Verse 1:dinco d They got my brother locked down in connecticut. Confederate "d we can better it. But yo, I'm"
  • Cruel Reminder - Heatmiser
    "dead stop on the curb with eyes in back of my head curbside inside around parking ?? got a sore throat keeping you down a sick desire been creeping around got a gallon of blood squeezing thru my chest and"
  • Gentle Reminder - Bucklew Wendy
    "I want to make it all better I'm wishing my hands could heal I say, "I'm right here for you" When I know I'm still someplace else Still someplace else outside Your will winded left speechless Palms out"
  • A Reminder - Radiohead
    "If I get old I will not give in But if I do Remind me of this Remind me that Once I was free Once I was cool Once I was me And if I sat down and crossed my arms Hold me until this song Knock me out Smash"
  • A Reminder - Radio Head
    "If I get old, I will not give in But if I do, remind me of this Remind me that Once I was free Once I was cool Once I was me And if I sit down and cross my arms Hold me up to this song Knock me out,"
  • Weekend - The Move
    "Friday night and everything's right on the weekend Crazy clothes and anything goes on the weekend John called in and Jim got Sue I made a date with a little ol' Jew Off he went to make a date on the weekend No"
  • Weekend - The Birthday Massacre
    "Lights out Boys sleepwalking on the weekend. Black out Two nights killing off a best friend Fall out like soldiers walking off to the deep end Hands out Don't stop marching til the hearts rend The time"
  • Weekend - Marquess
    "I call my baby on a Saturday night My girl, Ill take you on a midnight flight Hey mama, close the door But turn on the light Dont stay up for me Cause Im, Im taking a ride The funky drummers are slowly"

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