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TheFatRat - The Calling

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TheFatRat - The Calling

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TheFatRat - The Calling
  • TheFatRat The Calling
    "I don't understand What they want from me They take my hands Washing them in dirty water Try to find what's right In a distant place So far away The silence fills my heart with empty space But now I'm"
  • The Calling London Calling
    "London calling to the faraway towns Now that war is declared-and battle come down London calling to the underworld Come out of the cupboard, all you boys and girls London calling, now don't look at"
  • The Adicts Calling Calling
    "Calling calling all the world Why do you have to be this way Calling calling all the world Why do you have to be afraid I know things are bad We can make them good You might think its crazy but I know"
  • Status Quo Calling
    "(Rossi / Frost) I've never been a loner Never been to California but I wanted to I thought it was dreams in my head I've never been a moaner But I'll get to Arizona if it kills me to I wish I could fly"
  • Geri Halliwell Calling
    "The sun is going down on meAs she surrenders to the seaSo steal the night and fly with meI'm calling, I'm calling The moon is high on me and youIs my message breaking through?Darkened skies that once were"
  • Linda McLean Calling
    "I've got Jesus in my pocket, he's all I own, can't carry much when you've got no home I've been living on these streets, the dust has filled my soul, I'm dry as Jesus, hanging on the cross Calling, 'Where"
  • Taproot Calling
    "Your face is burned inside my brainI lost my wayYour taste of stale flows through my veinsThe cost of hateCause you'll never understand meYou want me to stayYou're c-c-c-calling but I cant hear youI'm"
  • Shades Apart Calling
    "When the sun is almost out of view I see the old man climbing to his roof Leans against the sky into the painted distance Tries to hear it every night He wants to make it right Calling out of somewhere Voices"
  • Killing Joke Calling
    "I here I hear the calling Carry across the landscape I hear it echo from every city to every village upon the earth From every rooftop to every mountain Calling the faithful to find themselves A"
  • Leona Naess Calling
    "Roll the carpet and pour out the wine Treat me like its your first valentine Cuz hunny baby youve been on my mind Like all of us who have waited for a time I'm calling can you hear me The angels will"
  • Tiger Army Calling
    "I hear them calling to me from another world Look at the place you live they say Oh won't you join us in a world that's without pain? Leave behind your misery I cannot listen withought longing To let"
  • Remedy Calling
    "(Anderson/Meyer) Five miles deep underwater You hear their voices sing Surely that must be to every man A most fantastic thing BRIDGE Five miles deep underwater You hear them singin CHORUS Calling...calling"
  • Nakedheart Calling
    "Can you hear me are you listening will you think of me in the long run To leave the void only by choice to change to feel to be precise Will you leave me or be predestined for control Chorus: Oh we waste"
  • L' Calling
    "What has happened to you? What has changed you in this way? I cannot get through to you Doesnt matter what I say What happened to the child in you? To the darkness you disbanded? I try to listen to your"
  • Vader Calling
    "(It is a loose interpretation/re-working of "Preliminary Invocation" from Solomon's "Goetia") (which was compiled and translated by S. L. Mathers. For personal use only.) Thee I invoke, the Bornless one"
  • The Benjamin Gate The Calling
    "I see the fire in your eyes and I hope for the world that it never dies I felt the softness of your inner core all your intentions so pure and so raw CHORUS I hear you calling, don't look away We hear"
  • The Cyan Velvet Project The Calling
    "i cannot be so goddamn naive that everything's in control of some entity and i cannot hide away from the shame of all neglected responsibility how should i take away all this anger everything is this fucked"
  • Imperia The calling
    "It drives me to madnessStop screaming and shouting to me, to meI go mad, I go madDon't call me names anymoreI'll never forget themDon't be cold, don't be cold anymoreCause I can't take it...The calling"
  • Yes The Calling
    "(Rabin, Anderson, Squire) Feel the calling of a miracle In the presence of the word. Now we hold the right to rearrange How the stories can be heard. In the beginning is the future, And the future is"
  • Headhunter The Calling
    "Hear my calling! You have lost your luck, now it's too late to cry Time to accept it -- today is a good day to die Push it to the limit, warnings been ignored Here my last advice now you better feed the"

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