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Theo real Booth babies rock

  • Babies - Ashford & Simpson
    "It happened innocently you gave your love to me. Who could blame us? That night I was so late coming in. Who could blame us? I couldn't explain exactly where I'd been. But your mama shouldn't have told"
  • Babies - Wu-Tang Clan
    "Light is shinin.. beauty sunshine Here comes one-time.. the ball was so fine Heat is blazin.. the kids were playin His partner was shady.. tryin to slave the babies Aiyyo they didn't know the cop was"
  • Lil Boosie Love - Lil Boosie
    "[2x] Lil'Boosie love, Lil'Boosie, Lil'Boosie love, I've been holdin it down so long, Lil'Boosie love (yeah baby) Now when you see me in my Benz put your L's up, dat mean you got love for me and you"
  • Phone Booth - Teairra Mar
    "Operator City and state please Detroit Michigan, I need to make a collect phone call Hello? What's the number please? 313-652-5501 And your name Teairra Please hold Damn ring, now my"
  • Theo B - Sunny Day Real Estate
    "What a dream you still love me whoa, is it my imagination? For we reached to one against all white left smoke in your eyes And they were offering me good advice Try to tie an arrow Way on top the statue"
  • Little Babies - Sleater-Kinney
    "Little Babies I'm the water i'm the dishes i'm the soap I will comfort make you clean help you cope when you're tired feeling helpless come inside I am the shelter and then when you're feeling better"
  • Little Babies - Sleater Kinney
    "i'm the water i'm the dishes i'm the soap i will comfort make you clean help you cope when you're tired feeling helpless come inside i am the shelter and then when you're feeling better i'll watch you"
  • Sky Babies - Wildhearts
    "back on my planet, they laugh at my jokes, and everyone drinks and everyone smokes no-one speaks 'less there's something to say, there's no posh words just telecommunique back on my planet you cannot"
  • For The Babies - Damian Marley "Jr. Gong"
    "(feat. Stephen Marley) This is real, this is real Now I see them giving the woman abortion to kill another baby Miscarriage and misfortune and premature crack baby Strength of Ras Tafari I'm hoping"
  • Real Niggaz - Planet Asia
    "(Asia) Yeah (Ghost) Yo, yo Asia, whattup God? (Asia) It's the God Wu-Tang shit (Ghost) Uh-huh, yeah baby, let's just murder this track (Ghost) That's my word (Asia) Yeah, Supa Dave West (Ghost) Uh-huh,"
  • Real Villains - Celph Titled
    "Celph Titled - Real Villains (Ft. Guttamouf, Lord Digga, & Majik Most) (Verse 1: Celph Titled) I got you asking, who the fuck would want beef with this strong fleet? Hungry to palm heat 'cause this year"
  • Im Sorry (Boosie Bad Ass) - Lil Boosie
    "Lil Boosie I'm Sorry (Boosie Bad Ass) Lyrics (Lil Boosie talkin) I ain't never wrote no song sayin I'm sorry man but I'm sorry (Verse 1) Now since birth I hurt ya I made you turn purple stole change"
  • Babies - Counting Crows
    "After you're gone, babies ride the soft machine threading the warm children down the space between into a slow heaven hanging by a thread leaving the still living for the walking dead It took so"
  • Babies - The Strokes
    "Well We Walked Around All Through That Day And We Couldnt Find Anything (Anything) Baby You Found It What You Wanted to Hear (Yeah) Baby Baby Baby Babies And Im Sorry About All That Stuff I Said You Think"
  • Babies - Jana Hunter
    "Forget the middle being what's played Gypsies have babies just the same You know my name, you just do That don't mean I told it to you Into my life, water came With it regret and shame Down to the banks,"
  • Babies - Het Goede Doel
    "Ik hou van vrouwen met zomersproeten En lange benen met kleine voeten Ik hou van meiden met zachte borsten En harde lippen maar zonder korsten Ik hou van feesten bij de buren Een beetje kijken, een tikkie"
  • Babies - Pulp
    "Well it happened years ago when you lived on Stanhope Road. We listened to your sister when she came home from school 'cos she was two years older and she had boys in her room. We listened outside and"
  • Telephone Rock - Sesame Street
    "(lead singer picks up phone in phone booth) Operator: Number please I'm saying hey operator, please give us a hand Ya gotta help us out 'cause we're the telephone band We're calling all people that"
  • Rock It - CoCo Lee
    "Do you wanna rock it baby? Do you wanna rock it baby? (Verse 1) The room is shaking,good vibration This music's in my soul. Unerdeath the strobe lights, I'm feeling hypnotized you've got me under control. (Pre-Chorus) DJ,"
  • The Campaign For Real Rock - Edwyn Collins
    "Don't try so hard to be different The cracks are beginning to show You drift like a cloud through the festival crowd In a frock coat from Saville Row You've just been an all-night party Where I have to"

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