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  • Theo B - Sunny Day Real Estate
    "What a dream you still love me whoa, is it my imagination? For we reached to one against all white left smoke in your eyes And they were offering me good advice Try to tie an arrow Way on top the statue"
  • Theo je t'ecris - Pierre Bachelet
    "Gauguin est parti aux les lointainesMoi je suis ici l'esprit en ghenneJ'aimerais tell'ment sortir de cet asileLe mdecin me dit que c'est difficileTho je t'crisDu fond de ma vieDeux sous pour le painTrois"
  • Theo And Weird Henry - John Mellencamp
    "Henry worked at Sears or somehwhere, Theo did, too. They both got themselves a van together; Nineteen seventy-two, Ford. Drove around all night long playing music very, very loud. Big noise, all the time; Little"
  • Theo Wir Fahrn Nach Lodz - Vicky Leandros
    "In Sibirien wo der Wind der Taiga singt war die Hochzeitsnacht. Katahrina war ein zartes Tubchen Igor war ein wilder Stier Jeder dachte oh das schwache Weibchen er macht bald ein Wrack aus ihr. Aber schon"
  • Under Control (ft. Theo Hutchcraft) - Alesso & Calvin Harris
    "I might be anyone A lone fool out in the sun Your heartbeat of solid gold I love you, you never know When the daylight comes you feel so cold, You know... I'm too afraid of my heart to let you go Waiting"
  • Come Stavamo Ieri (Theo Theardo Remix) - Marlene Kuntz
    "Quanto fa male ritornare al gelo dei sorrisi uccisi dalle nostre lacrime Quanto fa male devastare gli argini del nostro scorrere: la terra e' fradicia anche al sole oramai Quanto fa male lavorare al male"
  • Jamais - Allan Theo
    "Allan Theo Miscellaneous Jamais ===================== Allan Theo - Jamais ===================== Je sais la distance Qui relie nos diffrences. Je voudrais bannir tous nos silences. Un soupir peut dtruire en"
  • Comme Avant - Allan Theo
    "Allan Theo Miscellaneous Comme Avant ========================== Allan Theo - Comme Avant ========================== Jimagine un instant pouvoir dfier les temps affronter lirrel. jimagine un instant retrouver"
  • Parle-moi - Allan Theo
    "Allan Theo Miscellaneous Parle-moi ======================== Allan Theo - parle-moi ======================== je tai senti frmir sans dire un mot Tout en posant mes mains sur ton dos Jai limpression de vivre"
  • Come To Me - Allan Theo
    "Allan Theo Miscellaneous Come To Me ========================= Allan Theo - Come To Me ========================= tu hsites un peu trop pour donner chaud a mon cur qui tinvite vers dautres fuseaux. tu"
  • J'aurais Voulu Te Dire - Allan Theo
    "Allan Theo Miscellaneous J'aurais Voulu Te Dire ===================================== Allan Theo - J'aurais Voulu Te Dire ===================================== Jaurais voulu te dire encore je taime? Ces"
  • Lola - Allan Theo
    "Allan Theo Miscellaneous Lola =================== Allan Theo - Lola =================== On peut pas vraiment parler de bon-sens Davoir voulu partager avec toi Plus quune amourette de vacances. Mais comment"
  • U Can Turn It - Allan Theo
    "Allan Theo Miscellaneous U Can Turn It ============================ Allan Theo - U Can Turn It ============================ Une autre nuit sans prendre rendez-vous Et pourtant je gote ta peau. A nouveau"
  • Alone (No More) - Craving Theo
    "living by himself alone in this world left his home for the love of a girl he knew better than everyone around here he lives broken underground and he says . . . i don't care if you write me a letter i"
  • Hold Me Down - Craving Theo
    "Can you feel me in your memory ? Can you taste me my bitter lonely ? I'm drowning slowly in your memories Can you save me ? I'm dying slowly Hold me down Hold me down All you left here a shadow of"
  • Lie - Craving Theo
    "Walk with me down the path of my destruction Here I am alone waiting for you to come with me Are you afraid of what you might learn about the life you've destroyed not thinking of what might be WHY,"
  • Push Away - Craving Theo
    "You're going to want to hear this Simple thoughts from my head Little like a box of pictures not what they are, just what you said Take a look, don't decieve me Our time together drained the life from"
  • Sky - Craving Theo
    "I can sense this feeling coming over me Kind of scary, please tell me what it might be Starting to feel a little distant now Wonder why it's time to leave this place Reach out touch the sky Reach out"
  • Welcome You - Craving Theo
    "Inside this place of sorrow life begins to end Living in this place of horror time here relives I welcome you I welcome you Try to grasp what we have here, no-one will let you in In this space there is"
  • What Do You Want - Craving Theo
    "Broken Promises Affect All Of Those Around You Selfish Needs And Selfish Greed Pain Is Now What Surrounds You . . . All I Wanted, You're All I Wanted . . . What Do You Want, What Do You Want ? What"

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