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Theory of a Deadman

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Theory of a Deadman

  • Deadman - The Dingees
    "Once a part of the ruling elite Now just second class All those things they promised me Now have come to pass I feel like I missed a train or watched it go right by Now I wish for one more chance one more"
  • Deadman - Expatriate
    "I'm a deadman on the wings of desire I know I'm alive, and I'm not a liar Poetic expressions in her face I'm feeling so romantic here in this place I could make a film about the love that I feel I could"
  • Deadman - Smash Into Pieces
    "There's a bullet with your name on For a heart that is hollow I'm gonna hunt you down to the edge of the world now I'm a storm on the horizon Shattering the silence You can run but you can't hide Cause"
  • Deadman - Big 10-4
    "These blood shot eyes, they don't compromise, And this dry cottonmouth, spits out words she can't figure out, And I'm drowning on my bed, and the phone falls out of reach, We'll I am like a dead man washed"
  • Project Deadman - Project Deadman
    "PDM See the difference between us and them is we keep it underground and wicked. Something ya'll don't know nuthin about. All these groups I hear claming underground. How much you pay that f**kin DJ"
  • Theory - Tracy Chapman
    "Its just a theory Theres a possibility I am wrong Its just a theory But I would stake my life Lay my money down That you were meant for me And for you Im the one Its just a theory A particular set of"
  • Deadman walking - UFO
    "The enemy is at the door The enemy within Dressed up in a stranger's clothes Smells of drinking bombay gin There's a dead man walking And his shadows growing long There's a dead man walking Taking it in"
  • Prayers Of A Deadman - Circle Of Dust
    "At night I just stare amid my self-destructive toys Shouting to the sky is anyone up there My eyes drip blood red a vow once made I've come to dread this shame This guilt I bear is killing me stone dead Dead"
  • Why Theory - Gang Of Four
    "people got their opinions where do they come from? each day seems like a natural fact and what we think changes how we act people got opinions where do they come from? distant blood of ruvvies won't discover"
  • Conspiracy Theory - War of Words
    "and what did i tell you about the opportunistic few don't confuse the ruse that the leaders have used just to sponsor the world's abuse go dig a little deeper and you'll find some truth under false pretense"
  • Saneless Theory - Benediction
    "Obscure opression, from within Controlled behaviour Mass supression in complex systems Dictate before the birth Chorus: Underlying confusion Life breaks free A mournful expansion Saneless theory Those"
  • Interrogation Theory - North Side Kings
    "Always look over your shoulder. This time I'm going for broke. Your actions destroyed their family. We'll see who's the butt of the joke. Don't you ever put down your guard. I am not that far. Interrogation"
  • Lyrical Theory - La Quan
    "As regarding rhythm to the pulse in the sequence of the musical phrase not in sequence of a metronome, kick your lyrical theory Mic-check, turn my microphone up When I speak throat muscles tone up Switch"
  • Conspiracy Theory - Scarface
    "The conspiracy theory... I knew this nigga who sittin, on the dock on the bay Had plans of gettin rich so he was plottin with Jay This motherfucker had the street game locked Had the blocks all sold"
  • Isolation Theory - After The Burial
    "So this is loneliness. I've grown too fond of this. Now i thirst for loveliness, to drink its beauty. i'll never fill my cup if i can't seem to free my frozen heart. Torturous veins tangle this body. A"
  • Displacement Theory - xLooking Forwardx
    "Holding on. Holding on to what I have of you. Sometime it seems it's all I ever have. It's true that a memory, a memory is keeping me alive. I'm not being possessive if I need you to survive. Displaced"
  • Game Theory - The Roots
    "(feat. Malik B) This is a game I'm your specimen You've got to let me know baby So I can go, I'd have to fake it I could not make it You could not take it Yeah, where I'ma start it at, look I'ma"
  • Health & Theory - Deadsy
    "The first thing's first, if you didn't know That thing in the hearse is a fucking joke The truth, the mind is well above There's a plan to kill a dove When it all appears to you, then we'll start to fade Throes"
  • Chaos Theory - Dead Milkmen
    "I am the king of the new white underclass I am the prince of the lazy and poor I am the one who sleeps the latest I am the one who won't do my chores I am the god of unemployment The Antichrist of the"
  • Boomerang theory - Gym Class Heroes
    "The other night I got arrested by the carma police, and beat down. And didn't bother waitin' for me recipt, lowered my feet and hit town. They say what goes around, comes around, and I have found that"

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