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Ther is nofing Holding me back

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Ther is nofing Holding me back

  • Holding Back - BANKS
    "Oh love Love is holding back I know I’ve done you wrong Did I say too much? Drown my sorrows, called you up When the truth is tough Honesty may not be enough Cuz love is holding back I know I’ve done"
  • Holding back - 88 Fingers Louie
    "I can't believe the things I've said Like all the times I'd hope that you were dead What's going on inside my head? To think of you is only making me red You shut me out and I can't believe it Was I so"
  • No Holding Back - Faspitch
    "Blue City don't be late, Everything's going our way today. I'm getting stoned on the first try, I'm getting stoned tonight. Blue lights, This cigarette is breaking me, breaking me But it still feels"
  • Holding Nothing Back - Tim Hughes
    "I am chosen, I am free I am Living for eternity Free now forever You picked me up, turned me around You set my feet on solid ground Yours now forever And nothing's gonna hold me back Nothing's gonna"
  • Holding Back - Dougie MacLean
    "It's in the darkness of believing It's in the shadows where we have to stand Beside the loving and the grieving O I'll never understand It's in the way it has to reach us It's in the restless of the shifting"
  • Holding back - Rosalie.
    "tell me if you need some time for this tell me you be right back for this I keep holing back for this I can’t forget her obviously I keep holing back for time we missed I’m recoiling every time when"
  • Holding - Sarah Masen
    "You're holding my life in your hands Shaping me into Your plans You're twisting and turning my heart 'til it's yearning for more Your ways are consuming my thoughts 'Til the world that's around me is lost It's"
  • Holding - Possum Dixon
    "Pull those curtains back, let's get some light in here I can't believe you're holding up this time of yearBut I can't seem to get you off of my mindI don't seem to get you.Well I just shake when I should"
  • Holding Back The Years - Angie Stone
    "Ooh, yeah, ooh, ooh Oh yeah, uh-huh Listen Holding back the years Thinking about the fear I've had so long Will somebody here listen Listen to the fear that's gone Strangled by the wishes I begged for Hoping"
  • Holding Me Back - Buddahead
    "I've been trying to walk out of my past. Left behind I'm always the last. I think it's time to let go of this fear And try to find a way out of here. I've got to clear out my head from this mess. It brings"
  • Holding Me Down - Toby Lightman
    "You're making this way to hard and pushing me way too far past my limit You know this is new to me but I never thought I would be the only one to give it Come on baby take what I'm giving, stop messing"
  • Holding On - Straylight Run
    "moving slow like the smoke from your cigarette every step closer's a step that we both will regret keeping a tally but who could keep track your overreacting is taking me back to a time when our lives"
  • Holding On - Stemm
    "Holding On..... I'll crack the sky with my screams. My frustration Breaking everything. I embraced you. And I erased you. Lies defaced you. I wanna get on with my life..... They'll take everything Falling"
  • Holding On - Slum Village
    "Elzhi> I know I might sound like I got a cold and I'm sneezing But I'm grown and i'm breathing Hear the tone in my speaking Both of my parents gone for a reason Daddy's wrong just for leaving Mother moved"
  • Holding On - Heather Small
    "Performed by Heather Small Written by Heather Small and Peter Vettese Produced by Peter Vettese Published by BMG Music / EMI Publishing Engineered by Mark Evans Mixed by Phil Bodger Guitars by Robbie McIntosh"
  • Holding Sand - Rival Schools
    "Sew a late seed And so inside A cast out, unwanted son A crawl to what you want Sit down, you fault, you run away from anyone And where you live, I feel most on A corner of space that you don run And guard"
  • Holding On - Judy Torres
    "I've been trying so hard just to understand That you've gone away and left me here all alone And now I'm hoping my feelings will stay the same What we feel will never die We'll keep this love alive"
  • Holding Pattern - System Syn
    "so you have faith in fairytales do you have faith in me but god's not status blind and our words were all allusions don't we understand and I told you that I knew that you knew you smiled at me I smiled"
  • Meet me in ther red room - Amiel
    "Meet you in the red room Close the door and dim the lights I will be yours truly if indeed the price is right So draw your sword, be my king Let your passions rise and sing Just show me the diamonds and"
  • No Holding Back - Rod Stewart
    "(R. Stewart, J. Creagan, K. Savigar) A friend of mine called up said "I finally had some luck Could I have a minute of your time I met a girl last night and try as I might I can't get her off of my mind She"

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