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There she was

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There she was

  • Boom There She Was! - Scritti Politti
    "The Tupamaros got a platinum card (all right) I got a heart of gold and it's time to get hard (and I like it) A Moto Guzzi I gotta way to get rich (all right) I gotta library and a seven day itch (and"
  • She Was - Chesnutt Mark
    "Chesnutt Mark Miscellaneous She Was She started her new life ten dollars in debt That's all it took to get started back then A trip to the courthouse across that state line No-one could stop her She's"
  • She Was - Rhett Akins
    ""SHE WAS" RHETT AKINS Tuff Guy On The Outside Always Been The Story Of My Life Noone ever Got The Best Of Me Thought I Was In Control Of My Destiney But On The Inside I Was Gun Shy Never Could Look"
  • There She Goes - Chris Isaak
    "There she goes, there she goes. All dressed up and walking, you found somebody new. I don't want nobody, I was happy with you. There she goes. I never said I love you, but you know that I do. I can't"
  • There She Goes - Babyshambles
    "I, I do declare, I was surprised to see you stay Only to be betrayed By the one you gave all your love and trust to And tell me how could I let go? Since I caught a glimpse of your immense soul You were"
  • There She Goes - John Prine
    "Hey, there she goes well I though she'd never leave heaven knows well it sure gives me the creeps you know I went and loved that woman to the power of height we both got jivin' fever screwed our heads"
  • There It Was - Gomez
    "There it was Something beautiful There it was Something wonderful Someone lying on my pillow Someone knocking at my door Here she comes Here she comes There it was Something beautiful There"
  • Was There Life - Pete Townshend
    "HOGARTH Was there life before this love Was there love before this girl I can see Was there ever love for her before me And if I look will she Look back at me Is fantasy Enough? Was there heat before"
  • She Was Dynamite - Jack Jersey
    "It was a cool night And the moon was bright She smiled at me and I felt allright She was dynamite That Lady of the night. How she was standing there With her long black hair Waiting for the man she wanted"
  • And She Was - Talking Heads
    "And she was lying in the grass And she could hear the highway breathing And she could see a nearby factory She's making sure she is not dreaming See the lights of a neighbor's house Now she's starting"
  • She Was Great - Beatsteaks
    "a lot of tears a lot of hate there it goes all the magic but that's alright And it's her on the phone pretending everything is just tragic i've been counting the years trying to fake my way all around"
  • There - Admiral Twin
    "I first met my girlfriend in the park one April day she was sitting underneath my favorite tree I had to say "you can't sit there" She laughed at me you know I couldn't help but like her told her so and"
  • There - Chiodos
    "(Woo!) She loves me, she loves me not. My love was my decay. She loves me, she loves me not. He repeated to himself over and over. These petals decide what's next for you and I... Never resting time,"
  • There She Goes Again - Push Play
    "From the chapel to the parking lot All the Scriptures that she had forgot Memories so overwrought De murder Adieu for tonight Never been such a delight To make a human sacrifice Can meet in the alleyway You've"
  • She - Abney Park
    "She has always watched over me She takes good care of me She is such an integral part of me That I forgot who I was And I forgot she was there For me We have traveled this world for years We have"
  • She - Jen Foster
    "I have heard it said so many times, "Love is blind" So why are you staring? You say that love is all we need, well Does that apply to me? 'Cause I have found someone That I think is beautiful And I have"
  • She - Major Deluxe
    "Sometimes if I do the knife between the fingers Strange ideas come in that moment I've so often tried to make them scared for her I can easy feel their angst all around R. / But my wife, she is a hero R."
  • She - Prominent
    "She- Blowing up my celly She's- always trina' tell me She 's - Always in my face She claims that I drive her crazy She's - got an attitude Still- Girl I'm digging' you Still- I just play it cool She claims"
  • She - Fractured
    "Everytime you speak my name my ears will ring drive me insane all I ever wanted it's all you ever gave to me Everytime you reach out to me, embrace the love you cannot see emptiness you feed on me from"
  • There She Goes (Ft. Pitbull) - Taio Cruz
    "There She Goes Looking Like A Star With Her Body Shaped Like A Rock Guitar There She Goes... Like A Shooting Star Make You Wanna Play Makes All The Boys Them Say Redone, Taio Cruz Mr. Worldwide Yeah,"

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