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Therion The Beauty In Black

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Therion The Beauty In Black

  • The beauty in black - Therion
    "Behind your sleeping mind The beauty in black The woman with a face as pale As her soul is black Painted with the shadows of the moon Cloaked with your deepest dreams Born out of the vessel of time The"
  • Omega Therion - Babylon Whores
    "For want of an angel For all the lead that you thought you turned gold There is something that you still want to know Il Penseroso led you astray To the woods and the wild The pathless way And"
  • Black Beauty - Beres Hammond
    "A man must be strong, to live long Shake the negative vibe, trying to stay alive But I never said it would be easy Living in a system that you can't win But by the time you know and slow Folks hardly wanna"
  • Black Beauty - Lana Del Rey
    "I paint my nails black, I dye my hair a darker shade of brown 'Cause you like your women Spanish, dark, strong and proud I paint the sky black You said if you could have your way You'd make a night time"
  • Beauty In Black - Coronatus
    "She is so beautiful - it hurts my eyes Looks like an angel - in disguise Hides her feelings - away from my eyes No on shall see her - when she cries And she cries, she cries Beauty in black - why can't"
  • Beauty - Motley Crue
    "Decked out like an hour glass Ammonia and a razor blade Things were just ok until she, fell in love with cocaine I will always love her She's my beauty They call her miss divine My black beauty She's open"
  • Beauty - Edan
    "[-VERSE 1-] Well it's the rap beautician The facts you listen I blast through rhythms like hash through your system True in love and wisdom Well off and witty Using God's sleeve to wipe the hell off the"
  • To Mega Therion - Sinister
    "Evocation of mass destruction Dimentions opened mayhem enshines Cathastrophes, natural terrors Total chaos The world welters in blood TO MEGA THERION 666 Rivers of blood overflown With human waste Rains"
  • Decade Of Therion - Behemoth
    "APO PANTOS KAKO DAIMONOS! APO PANTOS KAKO DAIMONOS! We transgress the context of commonplacenes We deny normality, trample morality We destroy angels with sound We destroy angels with silence Currents"
  • Black - Therion
    "The gloaming are falling, The fade into black The new age of darkness, The seeds in our minds The tribe of the force Now gather their hordes The Dragons child Is taking his form So let it be So let it"
  • To mega Therion - Therion
    "Powers of Thagirion Watch the Great Beast to be For To Mega Therion The Draconian melody The Dragon open the eye And reveal both truth and lie Spiritual supremacy Ride the Beast of ecstasy Spiritual supremacy"
  • Your Shapeless Beauty - Your Shapeless Beauty
    "Your Shapeless Beauty Under the dark sky of clouds Amongst the ancient trees of eternity I behold you, wrapped in the mist I can't see you dead at least... I'm calling your name through the stone of the"
  • Black Beauty White Heat - Die Krupps
    "Laughing in the eye of needful decisions Creating bad blood teaching segregation Kills the revelation of truth overall Breeding conflict in minds that are small Marching to the tune of separate divisions Leading"
  • Beauty - Einsturzende Neubauten
    "- You see half the moon... its crescent... and one of the planets... maybe Saturn... maybe Jupiter... in the early night sky over Berlin... through the windows of a taxicab, near Potsdamer Platz. You think:"
  • Beauty - Kalan Porter
    "All your beauty is hard to explain Dancing shadows and light on your face Every kiss in the world wouldn't make you feel better What a pity to paint in your lines Nothing's in me that's worth one more"
  • Beauty - Modern English
    "The first time that I saw you, There was sunshine in your eye, All the people stared in wonder, You sent shivers down my spine, With your skin so soft and tender, And your hair just like the sea, I lost"
  • Beauty - Refused
    "The need to dream Makes it easy to provide A package to fulfill life Your prefabricated beauty Tan, blank skin Your slim white torsos Plastic smiles Just the perfect fantasy Cling on to illusions of"
  • Beauty - Dru Hill
    "Sorry, didn't notice you there But then again you didn't notice me So we'll remain passers by Until the next time we speak I hope that I can make you mine 'For another man steals your heart And once"
  • Beauty - Tegan & Sara
    "Woke up with beauty in my bed And isn't it sad How we don't know it's beauty until it's dead And it's beauty that I knew so well But she wasn't doing too well Well I just wanna go some place Where no one"
  • Beauty - Bananafishbones
    "So you think life should be gay But You're wasting your times away Now you see me standing here and I say I'm down So you think it would be easy to play Have a little warm-up hear me today Drop your sorrow"

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