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These streets

  • These Streets - Paolo Nutini
    "Cross the border into the big bad World Where it takes you 'bout an hour just to cross the road, Just to stumble across another poor old soul from The dreary old lanes to the high-street madness. I fight"
  • These Streets - South Park Mexican
    "(feat. Carolyn Rodriguez, Rasheed) Sunshine in the wind with the bald fade gotta keep my dream down cus them laws hate out roof deuce chunking 45. dunkin H town is just like Compton kick doors telescope"
  • These Streets - Tanya Stephens
    "Yuh know, I can still rememba when it was just mi and yuh Suddenly, it turn yuh and yuh crew Fi get everyting bout yuh boo I wish yuh woulda treat mi like yuh glock I woulda love it if yuh keep mi pon"
  • These Streets - Too Sorry For Apologies
    "Verse 1 Can you breathe the air that's telling me that it's winter? Can you feel the fingertips of sky showing me I can't forget her? Do you try to get up when I'm gone, do you feel like everything's wrong You're"
  • These Streets - Jimmy Robbins
    "Verse 1 can you breathe the air that's telling me that it's winter can you feel the finger tips of sky showing me i can't forget her do you try to get up when i'm gone, do you feel like everything"
  • In these streets - Ashanti
    "How could I ever wanna lose your love?Why would I ever wanna lose your trust?Cause there ain't nothin' in these streets for meOh, no baby, baby I guess it's safe to say that you're my everythingCause when"
  • These City Streets - Freestyle
    ""these city streets got a nigga packin heat for bustaz no time to reli on these bitches cause theres riches to make some niggaz is fake but we separate them from the real and still maintain the squrill"
  • These Valley Streets - Jughead's Revenge
    "Among the sleepless nights that ended all so far behind live the memories of a place that I would always find people tell me things have changed along these valley streets but I don't think it's so its"
  • Walk These Streets - Warren G
    "(Warren G) I make music for block pushers and go-getters From gators, to house slippers, and Mo' sippers The old, and new school, the hard hitters And fuck whoever that don't roll with us This here is"
  • These Quiet Streets - Jeff Anderson
    "I know the reason youre calling but it takes all I am to believe. These streets are quiet, so quiet that I cant hear anything but I still hear everything. Please tell me why, why, why me? I have nothing"
  • Streets - Savatage
    "As darkness falls so hard The children play Somewhere Out there Alone and out of place Streets of illusion Sooth the shattered fate I've been a runner I've been a sinner I've been inside my head I sit"
  • Streets - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "(feat. The Game and Now I sound so raw, cos im down by law, tryna play me cos im rapping I will break yo jaw, catch a nigga in these streets make you take clothes off, leave you dead butt"
  • Streets - Bone Thugs n Harmony
    "(feat. The Game, Will.I.Am) Now I sound so raw, cos im down by law, tryna play me cos im rapping I will break yo jaw, catch anigga in these streets make you take clothes off, leave you dead butt naked,"
  • Before these crowded streets - Dave Matthews Band
    "Spoon Spoon in Spoon Stirring my coffee I thought of you And turned to the gate On my way came up with the answers I scratched my head And the answers were gone >From hand to hand Wrist to the elbow Red"
  • To Them These Streets Belong - Rise Against
    "so look in my eyes, what will you leave behind once you've gone? (so precious) you got what you came for now I think it's time to move on (when will you say) but these ghosts come alive like water and"
  • These streets keep me rollin - Master P
    "Chorus: x4 (Master P) These streets keep me rollin' Can't stop cause these presidents I'm holdin' (Master P) You see I'm a killer by heart A G by nature You see these ho's a love you And these niggas a"
  • These Streets Are Callin' Me - Woodie
    "My momma always told me it was gonna be days like this (like this) (Woodie) I live a lifestyle, covered up by dark clouds Dealin' with these suckas, but they only see the bar clouds Still I keep a strap"
  • Empty Streets - Starsailor
    "I fell into Paris Seek out my temptress So I've been told In the bar by the theatre I'm finding my answer Cleansing my soul Newspaper covers my feet Rinsed out here, these empty streets Everybody that"
  • City Streets - Jersey
    "I've been around and I've seen the worlds collide From the east coast to California I'm tryin' to live this dream and the streets won't take my name And I'll take life by the throat, f**k you! You might"
  • Red Streets - The Brat Attack
    "Killed on the streets - police brutality My community, as the enemy State genocide - police chiefs lies Tonight I am not gonna die They hate me, for who I am The red of my skin Just crack my skull,"

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