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They watched

  • Watched You Fall - Meredith Brooks
    "You were my wild companion we were forever high high high we burned the night around us sleeping could wait until we die You were the scars of passion and since the crashing came You've broken every promise I"
  • Watched You Take - Gwilym Charles
    "I touch your face across the floor your blood is trying to keep me warm I watch you take off all your clothes they watch us through the window see me lying on your lips? weird shapes spilling from"
  • I Watched You Taking Off - Bright Eyes
    "meaning is sometimes hard to spot it begins with the flickering of cigarettes in the darkness of a dorm room somewhere in the suffocated mid-west and if this is real then i was mistaken and if there is"
  • I watched you take off - Bright Eyes
    "Meaning is sometimes hard to spotIt begins with the flickering of cigarettesIn the darkness of a dorm roomSsomewhere in the suffocated mid-westBut if this is real then I was mistakenAnd if there is truth"
  • I'm being watched by the cia - Anti-Flag
    "They said there's drug dealers selling on my street those fuckers capped = me three times in the feet i've got two slugs embedded in my chest two = hollow points from the nations best i'm being watched"
  • Walkerton, Workfare, And The Wusses Who Watched - Bombs Over Providence
    "Hey brother can you spare about a half a quart of rye? Ontario water's killed before and I fear I'm the next one on its mind. I'm damned to review front pages, late apologies that couldn't save us. Barely"
  • I'm being watched by the C.I.A. - Anti-Flag
    "Oh say can you see By the dawn's early light What so proudly we hail At the twilight's last gleaming I'M BEING WATCHED I'M BEING WATCHED I'M BEING WATCHED BY THE C.I.A. I'M BEING WATCHED I'M BEING WATCHED I'M"
  • I Watched - Parkway Drive
    "In an instant this world's hate engulfed all tenfold. Hate. I watched the birth of tomorrow's catch phrase. Terror. As the sky came crashing down. True terror now assumes a human form. Suspicious minds"
  • Being Watched - Faction
    "It's late at night The house is dark The t.v. glow won't let me sleep A noise is heard I'm filled with fright The doors are locked I'm sure I'm sure A feeling hits me What's going on Did that shadow move"
  • Should Have Watched - George Strait
    "I once had a love, A true and lasting love, But the fool in me, Came out one night. And with her loving eyes, She saw right through my lies. And she changed the night I stepped across the line. I should've"
  • While Shepherds Watched - York Minster Choir
    "While Shepherds watch their flocks by night All seated on the ground The angel of the Lord came down And glory shone arond Fear not, said he for mighty dread had seized their troubled mind Glad tidings"
  • Watched by an angel - Bob Carlisle
    "I've had it harder than some but I was never one for sympathy. Even when it seemed like my vision was gone, there was someone looking out for me. And when it's all been said and done, it's so clear that"
  • While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks - Connie Smith
    "While shepherds watched their flocks by night all seated on the ground The angel of the Lord came down and glory shone around and glory shone around Fear not said he for mighty dread had seized their troubled"
  • (We Watched) The Silver Rain - Burst
    "We used to care But things have changed Where joy should reign Painted lines on your face To grasp your gaze restrained So tranquil the outside rain Stillborn, my child Underneath the skull of night The"
  • Till They Came Home - Rhonda Vincent
    "times were hard but they were fun in 1941 the year that Jim and Catherine fell in love they were graduating college their heads were full of knowledge and visions of taking on the world but Uncle Sam"
  • They - King Missile
    "They can put a man on the moon They can make soap out of people And food out of wood They can build machines that do the jobs of Billions of human beings They can feed the entire world They can go zero"
  • They - Jem
    "Who made up the rules We follow them like fools Believe them to be true Don't care to think them through And I'm sorry So sorry I'm sorry It's like this I'm sorry So sorry I'm sorry We do this And it's"
  • They - Wyrd
    "Things are different at night They are waiting just out of sight Faces in the window of an empty house Whispers echoing through silent halls Alone Never alone Alone Never again Alone They'll never leave"
  • They - Entombed
    "Sudden low of an all time high willing to believe whatever gets me by So, I got with the winning team but nothing ever seem to be what is seems O yeah! Well I don't care! I'm just too busy getting from"
  • They - Charli Baltimore
    "* send corrections to the typist Yea Jealous niggaz and bitches Yea This for y'all Uh uh So many of us, envy us Enough to just make a fly bitch bust with disgust No homo, sick of how they"

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