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Thirt shop macklemore and ryan lewis ft wanz

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Thirt shop macklemore and ryan lewis ft wanz

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Thirt shop macklemore and ryan lewis ft wanz
  • Fences Arrows (feat. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)
    "My old man he kicked me out He kicked me out When I told him I lived this way I lived this way, I lived this way I lived this way, I lived this way I lived this way, I lived this way He doesn't own me He"
  • MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS Thrift Shop (feat. Wanz)
    "I’m gonna pop some tags Only got $20 in my pocket I-I-I'm huntin' lookin' for a come-up This is fucking awesome Now, Walk into the club like what up I got a big cock I'm so pumped I bought some shit"
  • MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS Spoons (feat. Ryan Bedard)
    "And she's like, "Can you undo my bra strap?" I try to play it cool, in my head I'm like, "Aw, yeah!" Then she's like "I'm tired" and I'm like "Aw, man" I was 'bout to crush the Gucci like a tall can Cause"
  • MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS Kevin (ft. Leon Bridges)
    "I seen pain, I felt the losses Attended funerals and seen coffins 21 years old, an angel was lost here Wings clipped by the grip of 80 milligram sniffs of oxycontin Everyday through the nostrils Never"
  • Logic One Day (ft. Ryan Tedder)
    "and maybe one day I’ll be wiser cause maybe one day I’ll be further from here put all of my faith in tomorrow dark days keep me up all night only thing I know, it’s gonna be – alright you never wonder"
  • Rudimental These Days (ft. Jess Glynne, Macklemore & Dan Caplen)
    "i know you moved onto someone new hope life is beautiful you were the life oh me to find my truth I just wanna say, thank you leaving to find my soul told her I had to go and I know it ain’t pretty when"
  • MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS Can't Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton)
    "Return of the Mac, get em What it is? what it does? what it is? what it isn't? Lookin' for a better way to get up out of bed instead of getting on the internet and checking out who hit me, get up! Thrift"
  • The Chainsmokers All We Know (ft. Phoebe Ryan)
    "Fighting flames on fire Hang onto burning wires We don't care anymore Are we fading lovers? We keep wasting colors Maybe we should let this go? We're falling apart, still we hold together We've passed"
  • Jerry Lee Lewis Lewis boogie
    "My name is Jerry Lee Lewis from Louisiana I'm gonna do your little boogie on this yellow piano Do it mighty fine, I'm gonna make you shake I'll make you do it, I'll make you do it until you break It's"
  • The Killers Dirt Sledding (ft. Ryan Pardey, Richard Dreyfuss)
    "Hey kid I'm getting tired Of all this Running around I think I'm going down Don't you think it's time Time we reconciled Maybe we could Talk a while Santa had a change of heart /4x A change of heart /2x And"
  • Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso Calling (Lose My Mind) ft. Ryan Tedder
    "Can we freeze karma and surrender our rights and wrongs Can we just for a night let the stars decide where we belong Maybe heaven right now is a devil or angel away That won't change Together we vow that"
  • Sara Bareilles Gonna Get Over You ft. Ryan Tedder
    "Goodbye Should Be Saying That To You By Now, Shouldn’t I? Laying Down A Law That I Live By Well, Maybe Next Time I’ve Got A Thick Tongue Brimming With The Words That Go Unsung I Simmer Then I Burn For"
  • Blu Cantrell Make Me Wanna Scream (Ft. Ian Lewis)
    "Artist: Blu Cantrell Album: Bittersweet VERSE 1: What's done in the dark comes to light, for sho So the thing you did with her, I was gonna know You impressin these girls, showin' off your flow But"
    "All you have to do is: dance, dance, dance oo lay hey hey oo lay hey hey oo lay hey hey and we danced and we cried and we laughed and had a really really really good time take my hand lets have a blast and"
  • MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS White Walls (feat. ScHoolboy Q and Hollis)
    "I wanna be free, I wanna just live Inside my Cadillac, that is my shit And I throw it up (I throw that up) That's what it is (that's what it is) In my C A D D I L L A C bitch (biatch) Can't see me through"
  • Dennis DeYoung Southbound Ryan
    "I've been all around the world In nearly every city London, Paris, Amsterdam and Tokyo I've stood inside the Berlin Wall I've seen the Eiffel Tower One rainy night in Montreal I shouted Rock 'N' Roll I"
  • Jerry Jeff Walker Nolan Ryan
    "Well, our story starts in Texas, where he's tempered by the heat That skinny Alvin boy believes his fastball can't be heat So he brings it and he brings it and it passes every test They're talkin' he's"
  • Self Meg Ryan
    "I'm beginning to believe That I can never form my own opinions Secretly, I've decided to believe That I'm Polynesian originally I want the air set to 70 degrees I want pineapples and sugar as the major"
  • Enya Roma Ryan
    "Deep in my dreams, I saw you close by my side. And the words you said to me, made me reel down deep inside. My hand in your hand, so warm and so lovingly. Leaving all my dreams behind, wonder who my"
  • Quincy Punx Jerry Lewis
    "I wanna play the Jerry Lewis telethon And raise big bucks for MDA Cuz Jerry raises millions every year And we'll equally divide the pay I wanna play the Jerry Lewis telethon With great big famous"

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