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This feeling"s killing me

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This feeling"s killing me

  • Killing - Korn
    "Birds are circling above, they're called back to a waiting glove Oh, why don't they fly away? Surely they'd have guessed by now There is no gun to shoot them down And still they stay For what, please say Are"
  • Killing - Dreamaker
    "Two snakes will decide my fate Always near to my chest In the middle of this land In search of a name I'll not be alone I can find her dream If you never lose your hope Leave a chill, fly to fantasy And"
  • Killing Machine - Aiden
    ""Fuck me? Fuck you, fuck you and this whole city and everyone in it." Carved your name into my skin, in candlelight. Sew it up with hate. Carve, a message in my arm, in candlelight. Sew it up with hate. Found"
  • Killing Me - Lloyd
    "(Verse 1) Am I being pulled from across the room I can feel her watchin me But I'm playing cool, me and my dudes Tryin' not to spill my drink And she's showing me her tongue ring Dying to get my attention Just"
  • Killing Me - Little Dragon
    "Mood swing Have another drink What's that you said? I see inside of you Past the eyes and through Sticks and stones Lucky clover This carousels taking me home Back of a taxi blues Ten more blocks to cruise,"
  • Killing Me - John Newman
    "I know I said it, from the start There ain't no pressure, there will be months apart But I can feel it, it's kicking me My paranoia, is back again So you, you got to stop this, you got to stop this Cause"
  • Killing Me - Reveille
    "one by one by one- one at a time out of time, can't even afford to breath decimate my own mind- one intent, because it's now and forever- better hold your peace increase, decrease, decease, release your"
  • Killing me - LAB
    "My my what a treat you areYour magnetic attraction's energising me deadKeep keep spoiling meKeep on feeding my ego 'til I'm over the edgeMy favourite enemyI'm enjoying your lies so much it's killing meI,"
  • Killing Me - Element Eighty
    "If i break down what would it take for you to see That i have been left empty inside From the scars that i have made Cause you don't know what i've been through All of the time that i spent waiting for"
  • Killing Me - Dead Moon
    "Sinister love came knocking on my bedroom door I had this kind of thing happen once before Spent most of my life in recovery So tell me, tell me babe Why are you killing me Seen a lot of bad trips coming"
  • Killing Me - Skindred
    ""Boy you know, me ah fe go leave dat town yo you know! Ca' it too hot you know, it too hot man" I'm walking from the bottom and I'm stepping to the top I see these mental cases and it's just like watching"
  • Killing Me - Slovo
    "23 degrees off kilter Spinning with my cup of tea Grey skies, sleepy eyes as usual Morning paper says I'm free Late again no time to witness Spring flowers dance on this cold wind Peeling poster sex reminds"
  • Killing Me - Sugarcult
    "Yesterday I broke your heart in two Today I wanna waste my life with you But it's over, over I dont wanna touch anybody else But kissin you's a drug bad for my health And it's over, over, so over"
  • Killing Me - Cauterize
    "I wonder where you are. Please don't come around tonight cause I can't stand to see you and I don't want to fight. Gimme one more drink and I swear I think I'll be ready to make the same mistakes again"
  • Killing Me - Juliana Theory
    "watch your mouth hold your tounge boy because you're running out of breath running out of time before every careless word that you utter renders you utterly useless. now you're drowning in your own saliva trying"
  • Killing Me - Velvet Acid Christ
    "oh pain, inside, where you lock your dream away oh lay down, sleep in not a dream i fell, on a broken lost day i feel, i see on a broken past away alone, you never cared you never ever needed me alone,"
  • This is killing me - Slipknot
    "This is killing me to see you have no personality to realize that you don't seem to think i'd like it to stop now i don't know if you think that you're a big smart ass or if it's so painfully obvious that"
  • This Killing Emptiness - Ice Ages
    "(written by Grom) Come back you silent hour so we could die again by night that washed away the pain that comes here to remain By blood red dawn we'll leave this killing emptiness And ever to bring death"
  • Killing Me Killing You - Jerk
    "Why should I try? You'll make me just like you And I will deny The things you say are true Alive when I'm high This time I'll break on through I'll tell you a lie So you can hate me too Why Do ya think? Why Do"
  • Killing Me Killing You - Sentenced
    "Baby, have you seen, there is a snake in our paradise A serpent that's wriggling between us and freezing our feelings to ice And with each drop of blood we bleed because of this something so precious"

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